Why are electrical switches made of Bakelite

Classic: switches made of bakelite, porcelain and duroplast

Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft produces switch systems from the previously common materials porcelain as well as the original plastics Bakelite and Duroplast. For a long time, these materials were considered ideal components for electrotechnical products because of their high strength and temperature resistance. In areas where reliability and longevity are important (e.g. industry and shipbuilding), such quality switches are still used today. They consist of a high-quality inner housing made of ceramic, which is combined with the appropriately manufactured switch buttons and covers. The electrical connections themselves are screwed during assembly in order to achieve a higher degree of stability. In addition to the classic rotary, rocker, toggle and pushbutton switches, all required socket variants are offered in the same design (data sockets, telephone sockets, antenna sockets). With the modern reproduction of the switches, all current technical standards as well as safety and norms were ensured. The so-called “surface-mounted switches” are new. The inner workings of the switches are mounted and wired directly on the subsurface. The housing, which is open at the back, is simply slipped over and screwed. These switches are particularly suitable where flush-mounted installations are not possible.

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