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Oboe new & used, oboe rent & hire purchase, agency and warranty workshop,
since 1998 the established specialist shop for oboes.
Our products and services:

OBOEN SELECTION: over 180 oboes ready for you to test.
- New and used oboes.
- Professional and student oboes.
- Oboe D'amore and English horn.

RENT OBOE: Rent an oboe for as little as € 19.90.
- Hire purchase - the smart and convenient way to get the oboe
risk free with 100% rental credit!

SERVICE: Oboe direct purchase.
- Oboe trade-in - Oboe commission sale.
- free advice from prof. Orchestra musicians and music school teachers.
- If you wish, we will be happy to play the oboes for you.

WORKSHOP: Repair shop for oboes only.
- General overhaul, partial overhaul, adjustment, guarantee service.
- Appraisals, damage assessment and damage calculation.

EQUIPMENT: Handcrafted pipes and pipe construction accessories.
- Maintenance and oboe accessories.
- Oboe literature and sheet music.
- Gift vouchers.

ACTION: Your broken, old, worn oboe bag from another manufacturer,
on your next visit free Exchange for a new lined cover with side pocket + shoulder strap.
Instead of only € 0.00 (1 bag / oboist).

NEW: All models from the new oboe manufacturer: Atelier S. BULGHERONI.
Now also test the new “Aida” model.
NEW: Andreas Mendel., “Technical Basics of the Oboe” Master Edition.
CURRENT: General agency G.BULGHERONI Profi-Line oboe "MUSA",

The OBOEN-BÖRSE is looking forward to your visit.

"... the OBOEN-BÖRSE offers the largest selection of excellent oboes and great service ..."
Yun-Hee Kwak, soloist and lecturer
“… Even when I bought it new, my oboe didn't work as well as it did after your overhaul. Did a great job! ... "
W. Miller, former solo oboist at the Frankfurt Opera
“… Thank you very much for your help and commitment in buying my new oboe! a wonderful instrument! ... "
V. Stolzenberger, solo oboist Saarland. broadcast
"... the OBOEN-BÖRSE has excellent oboes and also a comprehensive, competent and friendly service ..."
J. Evers, principal oboist at Bayerischer Rundfunk
"... thanks to the large selection of professional oboes that hardly anyone else offers and inexpensive financing options ... happy with my new oboe ..."
B. Forster, solo oboist at the Landestheater Coburg