Evernote created the scannable app

Evernote's Scannable app: a full-fledged scanner replacement?

Even if I made my way to the paperless office, that is far from the case with my environment. A never-ending flood of paper documents reaches me every day.

In order to get these documents into my virtual memory Evernote, a lot has to be digitized. Mainly I use the absolutely recommendable Canon P-215 scanner.

It's good when you have a whole mountain to scan. Cumbersome for a quick scan in between. Evernote developed the Scannable app precisely for these quick scans.

The platform

The Scannable app is currently only available for iOS (iPhone / iPad). Rumor has it that a version for Android is in the works. The app is available free of charge in the app store.

The interface

The interface is exactly to my taste: tidy, clear and clean.

In the upper area you can see the camera with which you can aim at the document to be scanned. The previous scans are available below for further processing and distribution.

The highlight

The scan does not have to be triggered manually. The camera is programmed to automatically recognize documents.

Regardless of whether the document is straight, across or at an angle to the camera, Scannable recognizes it, sharpens it at lightning speed, scans and is ready for the next original.

And all of this without another tap of the finger. So up to 25 scans per minute can be done.

The result

The quality and sharpness of the scans are good and sufficient for text documents, business cards, etc. The app itself does not perform OCR text recognition, so the document must be uploaded to Evernote.

The settings

The setting options are very limited. It is interesting to have the option of automatically storing all scans in Evernote without any further action. Great for an Evernote power user like me.

The further processing

Evernote is clearly the focus here, somehow logical. But there are many other options for further processing.

The scan can be forwarded immediately by email or uploaded to one of the well-known cloud services.

Very nice feature: When scanning a business card, all relevant contact details are recognized and you can add the contact directly to your address book.


The Scannable app fully convinced me. In my opinion, it is unbeatable for fast scans. Of course there are scanner apps with more options and functions, but none of them are faster and easier to use.

Scannable won't be able to replace my Canon P-215, but thanks to Scannable I will use it much less often in the future.

What is your experience with Scannable? Do you use an alternative scanner app? I look forward to your suggestions in the comments.