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The new generation of motors for maximum driving pleasure

Whether city, trekking, mountain bike or special bike - the new e-machine from Pendix can be mounted on almost any frame model and can be combined with a Pendix battery of your choice. This turns your favorite bike into a powerful eBike in no time.

NEW! Pendix eDrive - more power, more functionality, more driving fun

With a torque of 65 Nm, the new eDrive generation is more powerful than its predecessor and incredibly smart. The further developed motor software, in conjunction with our Pendix.bike PRO app, results in an innovation that is impressive. From now on you can decide for yourself whether you want full motor support or whether you need the maximum range for your tour. This new function called "Driving Profiles" allows you to make individual settings, just as you want support for you and your tour.

Quietly. Quieter. The gearless mid-engine from Pendix

Don't let the inconspicuousness of our powerhouse fool you. The entire construction reflects the development competence of our engineers. The motor is just under 3 cm deep and has a diameter of less than 30 cm. The entire smart technology is housed in this space and through the Metal case protected from external environmental influences. The Pendix eDrive comes completely without gear so there are no mechanical wear parts. Where there is no wear and tear, there is no need for maintenance, so you get an engine that maintenance free is. The gearless design also has two other advantages. For one, he is absolutely noiseless. On the other hand, you hardly feel any pedaling resistance when switched off. So decide for yourself when you need the support and continue to use your bike as a bike.

  1. Noiseless and maintenance-free system
  2. Optimal mounting position on the bike Mid-engine
  3. Water and dust resistant after IP65
  4. Hardly noticeable Pedaling resistance when the engine is switched off or the battery is empty
  5. Can be combined with all Shifting and braking systems

Tests prove the weatherability of our drive

Technical data eMachine


gearless mid-engine


250 W nominal

Max. Support

25 km / h

Drive stages


Torque (max) *

65 Nm

Motor dimensions (W x H x D)

292 x 206 x 50 mm

Supported wheel sizes


Frame sizes

all with customary installation space

Bottom bracket

BSA 68/73 mm


depending, among other things, on total weight, riding style, topography, cadence and type of bike

Retrofitting with the new Pendix eDrive

Whether city, trekking, mountain bike or cargo bike - the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost any frame model and is available
Give your bike extra momentum. Find the right eDrive for you with the help of our Configurator.

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Upgrade your favorite bike in next to no time or equip your new dream bike with additional ePower. You can get the new Pendix eDrive from one of the numerous Pendix dealers Buy it in your area and have it installed or you can order directly from us at Online shop and has the drive delivered to you or a dealer.

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