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Via Google Book Search

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Search through the full text of the books
Find the perfect book that suits you and discover new ones that pique your interest.

The book search works like a web search. Just try Google Book Search or If we find a book that matches your search terms, a link to that book will appear in your search results.

Search online books
If the copyright has expired or the publisher has given us permission, a preview of the book will be shown. In some cases, you can even look at all of the text. If the book is in the public domain, it can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file. You can find more information about the different views here.
More information - quick and easy
We have created reference pages for each book so that you can find all relevant information quickly and easily: book reviews, web references, maps and much more. You can find an example here.
Would you like to buy the book or borrow it from a library?
When you find a book you like, click the “Buy This Book” or “Borrow This Book” links to see where to buy or borrow it.
Where do the books come from?
We currently make books available to our readers in two different ways: through the affiliate program and the library program.

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