Why do people get Prince Albert piercings

29 Important information about penis piercing

Ejaculating, peeing, and condoms will never be the same again

Sure, nipple piercings are about as shocking as earrings today, but there are still some piercings that remain a taboo for the average person, the penis piercing. When it comes to penis piercings, there is a lot of fascinating information out there that you may not be familiar with. Fortunately, Robert J. Cornell, MD, a practicing urologist in Houston, Alex Shteynshlyuger, MD, director of urology at New York Urology Specialists, TJ Cantwell, owners of Studio 28 Tattoos in New York City, and Saylor and Vicki Rose explain , Piercer at Studio 28, everything you ever wondered about penis piercings.

Prince Albert piercings can last a very long time

Vicki says she saw some piercings older than 38 years. “Similar to earlobe piercings, once customers choose penis piercing, they can have it for their entire life,” she says.

Wearing tighter underwear after a penis piercing is a good idea

Vicki recommends anything but boxer shorts, as tighter clothing will help hold the bandage in place so there is minimal movement.

The longer you can wait to masturbate after a freshly pierced penis, the better

Accidentally bumping into the piercing while masturbating can interfere with healing and cause it to take longer. Vicki says if you can manage to wait a month, that's best.

Erections could be more painful

I mean, if there is tons of blood rushing into an area with an erection, an open wound there might not feel great at first. "The penis is already a very vascular area so bleeding can occur and is normal," says Vicki.

You may need to wear a diaper or other type of bandage for a few days

Vicki suggests diapers for clients with heavy bleeding. Otherwise, gauze or hygiene pads can serve as an initial bandage to catch heavy bleeding. Vicki also uses gauze with a nitrile glove around the area and medical tape to control any bleeding for the first few days. Basically anything to make sure you don't bleed through your clothes.

They may not be as uncommon as you think they are

In New York City, where Vicki works, she says Prince Albert piercings are very popular. But, she notes, it could also be because there are a lot of people and fewer piercers doing genital piercings in a populous city like New York. Vicki adds that most days she will help someone with a penis or vulva piercing.

The apadravya (which runs through the tip of the penis) could actually cause erectile dysfunction

Cornell explains that the piercing "could create a shunt in which arterial blood leaks back from the cavernous chambers of the penis through the blood at the tip of the penis." To make matters worse, this complication may not be repairable. However, he does point out that Prince Albert and frenulum piercings are not expected to cause this problem, so if you are concerned you still have two options to choose from.

The most common piercings are the prinz-albert and frenulumpiercing

Saylor says there are many male genital piercings out there and new piercings are constantly being invented, but these two piercings are the most common. The frenulum piercing is a small curved rod that runs horizontally through the bottom of the penis. The Prince Albert piercing “is a ring that goes through the urethra from the lower tip of the penis” and an inverted Prince Albert piercing passes through the upper tip of the penis.

The most painful penis piercing is the apadravya

The apadravya is a vertical, straight rod that is passed from top to bottom through the urethra through the tip of the penis. Saylor says it's also one of the least common types of male genital piercings.

Many men get penis piercings with their partners

Saylor says he has a lot of clients who come with their significant other to get a piercing, and some couples even come to him and both have a genital piercing done together to make the experience a bonding moment. It's not "holding hands in adjacent tubs like a Cialis ad," but bonding is bonding I think.

There is no magical G-spot inside the penis that a piercing would hit

“It doesn't seem like typical piercings produce any appreciable sensitivity or pleasure in the guy. Most men get the piercings for aesthetic reasons and to increase female pleasure, ”says Dr. Shteynshlyuger. So while some guys might anecdotally say that it increases sensitivity, there's no hard science to back it up.

If the only reason someone is considering a penis piercing is to please their partner in bed, don't do it, says Dr. Shteynshlyuger

“The quality of the erection - its stiffness, hardness and endurance - is much more important for good sex than a piercing on the penis. Piercings can't compensate for erections that aren't hard enough or that don't last long enough. But guys should also remember that it is much more important to listen to your partner and to go “down” with enthusiasm, BUT I TREAD.

You should only be pierced using implant quality materials

According to Cantwell, you should be wary of body jewelry that uses nickel or other metals as you may be allergic.

Anyone considering a penis piercing should discuss it with the piercer to find out which style is best for their specific anatomy

Cantwell says that the style of jewelry used on a piercing varies from piercing to piercing and from person to person. The best way to make an informed decision is to meet and discuss with a professional piercer. There is no simple answer on the internet that can replace an IRL consultation. “Unfortunately, the style of jewelry that is different really differs from case to case, what can and cannot be done…. That is why in our business we always have a consultation with the customer to determine what best suits his needs and desires. Every business should do this with its customers.

Know how to find a reputable piercer

Cantwell says that finding a reputable piercer can be difficult because a lot of people talk about good game, but there are certain red flags to look out for to know if it's not legitimate. “You should only work with implant quality materials. Even at the counter, the jewelry should never be touched with bare hands. If a store took the jewelry out of the box to show to a customer, it would not be proper handling of the jewelry as it will eventually be pushed through someone else's body. A reputable piercer should also provide verbal and written instructions to their clients for the maintenance of a new piercing. Cantwell says his studio recommends using a sterile wound wash twice a day to remove any buildup or discharge from around the piercing.

Penis piercings can cost up to 120 euros

Remember, you get what you pay for. "If you can get a piercing for $ 20, it's not quality," Cantwell explains. “To perform sterile procedures with implantable metals, a minimum price [for a normal piercing] would be in the range of € 60 to € 90, including jewelry. Genital piercing customers would expect a price of over € 120. Also make sure that all materials used for the piercing are individually wrapped, sterilized and opened before the piercinger. Make sure the piercer uses one needle per hole. Disgusting, but important! "The needles should also be used individually for each piercing, so if you get two piercings, the piercer should use two brand new needles for you".

A Prince Albert piercing goes through the urethra, which can make healing particularly difficult

Since the new piercing comes in contact with urine and mixed with blood from the start, this can make tracking down an infection particularly difficult. Dr. Shteynshlyuger says that for the first 7 to 10 days after a piercing, even experienced urologists may have to decide whether a small amount of discharge is minor bleeding or a sign of infection. It is also possible that there may be "whitish, fibrous discharge that looks like pus" from the piercing, but it doesn't necessarily have to be an infection.

Some bleeding is not uncommon

As Dr. Shteynshlyuger explains, the penis is basically a large blood vessel, so when a piercing goes through the glans or shaft, a small amount of bleeding is not uncommon.

Guys might bleed more heavily in the morning after their piercing

Saylor says there should be minimal bleeding during the procedure and for the first 72 hours of healing, with bleeding mostly attributable to morning erections.

Any person considering a penis piercing should know the signs of infection before undergoing the piercing

According to Dr. Shteynshlyuger fever, chills, increasing pain and swelling justify an immediate visit to the urologist. “Typically, the pain, bleeding, swelling and discharge should decrease day by day after the penis has been pierced or has other surgery. If the pain, discharge, redness, or swelling starts to increase, this is a warning sign.

Certain factors can put someone at higher risk of infection

Dr. Shteynshlyuger says that a penis piercing could be more prone to bacterial and fungal infections (watch out for whitish discharge or reddish skin discoloration) if the person isn't circumcised, has diabetes, or has a weakened immune system.

You have to wait six to eight weeks before you can have sex

The healing time for a penis piercing is at least four months, but Saylor says you should wait at least six to eight weeks before having sex

Ejaculating will be ... different

Dr. Shteynshlyuger says piercings like the Prince Albert piercing or the Prince Albert reverse piercing, which go through the urethral canal (the opening of the urethra on the penis), will alter the force and trajectory of ejaculation so that the semen doesn't so powerfully “flies out”, but exits from the side or drips off instead. So it's safe to say that after the piercing, the sex will be very different in at least one way.

A person with a penis piercing may need to sit down to pee

"Usually men sit down to urinate [after getting a piercing that goes through the urethra], otherwise the urine can splash in different directions," says Dr. Shteynshlyuger. Adds Saylor, “There can be some leakage when urinating, but people are learning how to work with their jewelry to compensate for this.

Complications from a penis piercing can lead to erectile problems

Dr. Shteynshlyuger says, "When someone gets a penile infection, it can sometimes get severe enough - especially if it's not treated early - that it causes penile scars and erectile problems. Especially when the piercing goes through the penis shaft and not just through the skin ”.

Penile piercings can put someone at a higher risk of infection than an earring, for example, because of the moisture in this area

Dr. Shteynshlyuger says using a prophylactic antibiotic and proper sterile technique can reduce the risk of infection to less than 1 to 2 percent, but mixing the urine with the new piercing increases the risk. While urine usually emerges sterile from the body, “there are bacteria at the tip of the penis where the urine is no longer sterile”. Urine drops that spread to the tip of the penis, in underwear and on piercings accumulate infections from the surrounding area rather quickly ”.

Someone who has a piercing piercing could be at higher risk of sexually transmitted infections and urinary tract infections

Dr. Shteynshlyuger says that while there are no definitive studies of the risk of sexually transmitted infections and urinary tract infections and penile piercings, "common sense and understanding of microbiology show that the risk in men and their partners is due to the presence of a metallic foreign body ( Piercing) and an additional exposed surface (pierced hole) can be increased ”. He explains that bacteria like to cling to metal objects, and the area where the piercing penetrates the skin and the inside of the skin tract, if not cleaned well, could be a place for bacteria to hide. Eventually, open wounds are more likely to become infected, whether it's a normal skin infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

A penis piercing can bring new challenges with condoms

While not every genital piercing would get in the way of a condom, Dr. Shteynshlyuger says some piercings that go through the tip of the penis, like a Prince Albert, can break condoms easily. It is possible to put a condom over a piercing as long as the jewelry is not too large, but it can be difficult to put the condom on and keep it intact. Dr. Shteynshlyuger says that while there aren't great birth control options if you keep tearing a condom, someone with a genital piercing could use prophylactic medication to prevent HIV before exposure, but other infections could still spread. “Perhaps the best option is to have your partner fully tested before sex and hope that you and your partner are monogamous. Saylor also added that because of this problem, many people with genital piercings remove the jewelry before intercourse in order to wear condoms.

If someone decides to seal their penis piercing, they should see a urologist, not a plastic surgeon

The likelihood that a piercing will close on its own depends on several factors, including how long the opening has been there, how big the opening is, and where the piercing is. Piercings that have been open for less than three to six months are more likely to close on their own, whereas piercings that have been open for more than six months are less likely to close on their own, says Dr. Shteynshlyuger. However, if the piercing goes through your urethra (like a Prince Albert), you will need to operate on the penis and have the urethra reconstructed.