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The acronym RTFM is listed in our table in the English category.

Meaning (german)

Read the damn manual Read the manual, damn it!

Meaning (english)

Read The F ** king Manual

What are acronyms

The spelling of acronyms usually consists of a string of capital letters. Often, however, a spelling has developed over time that is similar to that of normal nouns (e.g. radar, laser, AIDS, NATO, Unicef). Since acronyms, unlike abbreviations, are written without a terminating point, in such cases it is not possible to tell from the pronunciation or the typeface that it is a made-up word. The reader can usually recognize the acronym from the context of the sentence.

What are acronyms used for?

Acronyms are often used on the Internet to express an action or a mood. LOL (Laughing Out Loud) is the term used when a chatter has to laugh. ROFL (Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing) is another step up, in which case the chatter can barely hold his own with laughter. Like these two examples, most chat acronyms are borrowed from the English language. Another commonly used acronym is AFK (Away From Keyboard). AKF is used to indicate that you are not at the computer. AFK is often used in chat rooms after one's own nickname to show longer absences. Acronyms commonly used on forums are "IMHO" (In My Humble Opinion) and "AFAIK" (As Far As I Know). The acronym RTFM means: Read the damn manual Read the manual, damn it!
The main use is in English.