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Weapons Background Checks: How to run a weapons check report

Guns are an extremely emotional issue in the United States. On the one hand, weapons are an essential tool and a basic right to ward off tyranny and oppression. Guns, on the other hand, are a common cause of injury, national shame, and death. And then there is everyone in the middle who thinks a mixture of these opinions is true. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any consensus among lawmakers on regulating the sale and use of firearms on the horizon.

With federal and state laws in turmoil and often conflicting with one another, it can be difficult to know who owns a gun and who doesn't (or at least what type of gun they are legally allowed to own). Even so, this is a hot question in many situations. You may be concerned about someone in your neighborhood who has molested you, your family, or your friends. Perhaps there is someone in your office or school whose behavior you are concerned about.

Whatever the reason, there is an easy way to find the truth: Do a background check. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to do a background check on weapons, then we will recommend the best background check websites to do one.

Why do a background check on weapons?

Background checks are part of the national weapons licensing system. When someone applies for permission to own a firearm, the FBI does a background check to make sure they are eligible to own a firearm. This test covers, for example, whether a person has had a history of violence, criminal record or mental health problems.

While some kind of background check is certainly better than none, the FBI's background check is far from 100% effective. Their system clearly indicates that a person can be dangerous when handing over a weapon. However, it does not pick up on the large number of indicators that can suggest that someone is a threat without prior recording.

The most recent example of this is Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old who killed 17 children at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida this February. Cruz passed the FBI background check and was allowed to own the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle he used for the shooting. This was despite numerous online postings and behavioral traits that indicated that he was a potential threat.

It is hard for anyone to know that Cruz was licensed to own such a weapon, and many Americans may have concerns about other people in their communities. But it's not just the FBI who can do background checks. Background check websites allow anyone to do a background check on someone they have a concern about. It can be an important tool in extracting a whole range of information about a potential threat.

What weapon-related information can you get from a background check?

search Over 1 billion Public records
Perform a comprehensive background check on ...

There are a number of pieces of information available aA background check can reveal whether there are guns in possession or if there is a risk of someone being around with a gun. Of course, some things that the FBI can access are not available to the general public, such as: B. Medical records, but most of the relevant information they would see is openly available. That means you can run a weapons background check to reveal data like the following:

Criminal record

A background check can reveal details of a criminal record of the individual. This means that a background check will reveal whether there has been a history of gun offenses or violent crimes. Many providers will also disclose court records. This means that you can also see the details of crimes that someone has been charged with, even if they were ultimately not convicted.

Weapons licenses

A background check can also tell you what licenses a person owns. This includes gun licenses. It is therefore possible to do a background check to find out if someone has a gun license and what guns they are allowed to own. Additional information about the license, e.g. B. Additional training or license violations should also be available.

Military records

A background check reveals the full record of everyone who has served in the armed forces. In this way you can determine if a person has been trained to handle firearms professionally and what level of experience they have with using them in combat. Other military factors of concern may include reasons why someone left the armed forces and whether they suffered PTSD or other complications as a result of active service.

Personal information

The motivations for many of the worst guns-related atrocities in the US are personal, so looking into a person's personal situation can be helpful in determining what the risk might be. A background check can't tell you everything here, but it can tell you if someone has recently been through a divorce or bereavement, which can lead to incorrect behavior.

Financial information

Money worries can also play a role in some gunscrime. By doing a review, you can determine if you have had financial problems, lost a business or property, been declared bankrupt, and more.

Online and social media data

This information can be critical in gaining insight into a subject's mental well-being and behavior. It's one thing the FBI doesn't look at, and in the case of Nikolas Cruz, it turned out to be costly. A background check can tell you where a person has social media accounts, such as what groups they belong to, what interests they have, and what kind of comments they make online. This information can be invaluable in determining whether or not someone is a potential threat.

What is the company to do a gun inspection?

There is no lack of choice. The background check market is awash with all types of businesses. Everyone will claim to be the best, but the reality is that there is a huge difference between the levels of service offered.

On a topic as important as this, it's important to choose a website that you can trust to provide quick and accurate information. Based on our own experience and user feedback, we've compiled a list of critical criteria you can use to separate the wheat from the chaff:

  • Thorough Research - With a subject as sensitive as gun violence, you want to make sure you have as complete a picture of your addiction topic as possible. The best companies offer comprehensive and in-depth research services.
  • Accurate reports - Just as important as the depth of information is the accuracy. Are you sure you want to make a decision based on an incorrect report? Go to a background check website with a proven track record.
  • Fast results - Background checks of weapons are often urgent with so many users looking for quick results. Website response times can vary, but the best websites can give you basic results in minutes and detailed reports in just a few days.
  • Search customization - What you know about your subject may not be entirely too much, but that doesn't mean you don't want results. The best websites tend to produce useful results based on a minimal amount of starting information.
  • Usable Dashboard - You can use the dashboard to manage your search queries and results. Therefore it has to be user-friendly and clear.
  • Mobile Apps - More and more people are connecting to the Internet, dedicated iOS and Android apps, especially via their mobile device, are becoming less and less of a luxury and more and more of a necessity. The best websites manage software for one or both platforms.
  • Good customer support - If you run into a problem in your search or have questions about the information you found, you want to know that reliable and accessible customer service is available.

Based on these criteria, we selected the four Top Background Checking Sites on the market. If you're looking for information on someone's history with guns, violence, or crime, any service is a good chance to get valuable insight into your search topic.

1. Has been checked

If you're looking for sensitive information, you'll be hard pressed to find a better background checking website than BeenVerified. Whichever of the two pricing tiers you choose, you can be sure that your final search report will be complete, concise, and accurate. A simple search covers criminal records, financial reports, social media presence, and a wealth of other personal information. If you want to check someone's background with guns, you'll want to upgrade to the premium service. This extends your search straight to gun licenses and permits, and reveals any debt and court judgments as well. Physical records can even be accessed by a runner sent to the archive rooms by BeenVerified.

Your search will culminate in a final report; which is (quite successfully) designed to seamlessly guide the reader's eye through the plethora of results. In addition to providing you with valuable insight, this document provides the rifle background check as well. After all, BeenVerified has a proven track record of the relative accuracy and completeness of its results. Android and iOS users can be very happy here, as there are dedicated mobile apps for both platforms in addition to the clear online dashboard. After all, customer support can be reached at longer times by email or phone.

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2. TruthFinder

The need to do a background check of the weapon frequently, TruthFinder is able to quickly provide the results you want. While the premium service actually restores records of gun licenses, all you can do is retrieve that information The a person can carry a gun, rather that What they could do with it. TruthFinder zooms out to get the bigger picture of a person's online presence. The activities in social media from previous years as well as deep web archives (without index) are examined. Along with the other biographical details, it will give you a clearer idea of ​​how dangerous your search topic may or may not be.

TruthFinder is of course suitable for any type of review. Even their basic service offers an insight into criminal records, financial reports, contact details and more. All users get the same seamless user interface with a streamlined online dashboard and an Android app to manage your searches on the go. If you ever run into trouble, customer support is just a phone call away at any time of the day.

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3. Immediate CheckMate

Instant CheckMate is another site that offers a bespoke weapon background check service. Your comprehensive research service is available in two stages. At the basic price you receive information on criminal records, marriage and divorce records, information about relatives, address history and social media data. For things like gun licenses, financial history, and driving records, you have to pay a little more for their premium service. Taken together, these records should create a compelling picture of your search item.

While CheckMate sifts through a huge array, the final reports always succeed in conveying the most relevant information in an easy-to-understand manner. The management of your search queries and their results is done conveniently via the elegant online dashboard (or the Android app). Customer support is responsive and hardworking. In addition, it is available around the clock. If you are looking for speed, accuracy, and depth in background checking of your weapon, Instant CheckMate is a great choice.

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4. Intelius

Last but not least on our list of recommendations is Intelius. Checking a person's background with guns goes beyond gun licenses, which take into account a whole constellation of data points, including criminal records, sex offender registrations, financial data, property data, and education. Intelius gathers the most important data into a single comprehensive report and ensures that it is read logically and clearly so that you can interpret your results immediately.

With over 50 million successful background checks, Intelius is clearly targeting its fans. It also makes sense because the customer experience has clearly received a lot of consideration and thought. This can be seen in the clear layout of the online dashboard, which makes managing your search queries a breeze, as well as in the two official Intelius apps, which are available for both Android and iOS devices. Customer service is best provided through the online troubleshooting tool. However, support is available by email or phone.

Can I use free background checking services?

As you read our recommendations, you may be wondering, which is why we have excluded free background checking services. This is because free websites tend to waste your time or, in the worst case, put your security at risk. At one end of that spectrum, you might get search results little better than a cursory Google search while being blinded by ads throughout the process. Additionally, little or no effort is typically made to ensure the quality or accuracy of the results produced by free websites. Whether you're looking for lost family members or old friends, or checking a more serious problem like someone's gun history, you don't want to wonder if you have the right information.

Free background checking websites can add up to much greater risks than just providing inaccurate information. The growing popularity of background checking has made the industry a target for hackers. Unscrupulous individuals or companies often offer free services to trick customers into collecting your data or even transferring malware to your device instead of finding the information they need.

In our experience, free background checking websites are usually really not worth the risk. The best subscription sites cost no more than a few dollars a month and are great value for money when it comes to service and depth of information.


Performing a background check on the weapon can be a great accomplishment when dealing with a subject. The final research report gives a deeper insight into the likelihood that this person owns a firearm and may even shed some light on how they would behave with that armament. Of course, not all background checking services are created equal. Some are amazing value for money, while others pose a threat to your safety.

Our four recommended websites have a proven record of helping their customers find the information they need. With your subscription, not only do you get detailed information, but you can also rest assured that the results are as accurate and relevant as possible.

Have you ever done a gun checkup? Someone? What kind of information did you find out? Was there anything that particularly shocked you? We always welcome feedback from all of our readers. Why not let us know your thoughts using the comments box below?

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