What do horizontal waves on fingernails mean

Cross grooves: This can be behind wavy fingernails

Spoon nails, white spots, or all of them brittle nails - the list of factors of supposed imperfection in things Fingernails is long. Wavy fingernails or cross grooves are also part of it. These are grooves that run across the nail pass. But are these just an aesthetic flaw or maybe even a sign of health problems? These are possible causes:

Incorrect manicure often creates cross grooves in the fingernails

In fact there are some factors that Transverse grooves favor in the fingernails. The grooves extending over the fingernail can, for example, be damaged by an injury to the Nail root - as a result of a manicure, for example. That's still a pretty tolerable cause that deals with a neat one manicure especially can be fixed again very quickly.

These physical causes are behind transverse grooves

Much more worrying are the causes that lead to a physical imbalance Clues. Because you can actually read from your fingernails how your health is doing. This applies to both temporary illnesses and those that are a permanent problem. For example, a malfunction in the Gastrointestinal tract like the flu, cause cross grooves in the fingernails.

Even after taking Medication your fingernails can get wavy. Sometimes there are even serious illnesses such as depression, an inflamed liver or a Blood poisoning behind transverse grooves in the fingernails. An excess of environmental toxins can also promote the phenomenon.

Wavy fingernails as a result of deficiency symptoms

If your nails are grooved, there can be many causes. For example, several blatant diets in a row and a lack of trace elements, vitamins or minerals can cause horizontal grooves. A Dehydration is also a possible reason for wavy fingernails. For this reason, it is particularly important to drink a lot.

If the cross grooves in your nails become a permanent problem, don't hesitate and get one doctor to seek out. He can clarify the exact cause and certainly help you.