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What happens in the editorial conference stays in the editorial conference. Of course, this rule doesn't exist. But there are certainly topics that do not make it onto the website at the end of each editorial planning round. Because there are always too many topics for far too few editors. And because we too are sometimes at a loss when faced with issues that have something to do with cars or mobility, but steadfastly refuse to fit into any drawer. Something like that has remained lying so far. Sometimes for good, sometimes not so good reasons. Still, it's a shame, we think. And that's why we set up this new drawer. It has plenty of space for the big and small specials. Coming from now on every Friday New. Have fun with it!

You have probably noticed, we keep hanging around on Chinese trading platforms like Alibaba and Wish for this format. Why? Well, where else do you have the opportunity to buy a real submarine? The HH-1 from Zhejiang Henghai Technology Co., Ltd. offers space for up to eight passengers, creates a diving depth of 30 meters according to the company and can stay under water for up to eight hours. Apart from the right water, you don't need that little budget to have fun: if you exhaust all the customization options, you have to transfer almost 1.3 million euros to China before the HH-1 comes to Europe in an overseas container two years later.

Do you like to stay afloat and don't have a million left? We'd be happy with a week trip on the luxury icebreaker yacht Ragnar. It actually "only" costs a little more than 500,000 euros.

And then you stumble across this really absurdly ugly banana car and after the first research you realize: Shit, it's already from 2011. So gone with it? Nope. Too bad. After all, the motorized fruit made it into the Guinness Book of Records, where it still holds the record as the longest banana car in the world (seven meters). Admittedly, not a very competitive segment. But technically quite demanding. Under the yellow skin is an older Ford F-150, whose V8 still pushes the thing to 130 km / h. Its owner wanted to sell the good piece one day for around 19,000 euros. A lot of money for so few vitamins.

Subject Ford F-150: The electric version "Lightning" is now also available at a competitive price. Time will tell whether it is suitable for a banana conversion.

Somewhere in Lithuania: after a violent storm, the street is flooded and separates an elderly lady from her Opel Zafira, which is no longer entirely fresh. And just today, instead of rubber boots, the good woman has put on the chic white kicks for a shopping spree in the city. Unimaginable to paddle through the brown broth with it. So turn back? Doesn't even come in the bag! A few meters further on, a gentleman disguised as a driver recognizes the seriousness of the situation, drives the tail lift of his truck up to the curb and uses it to build a walkway for grandma to her Zafira. Lived chivalry! Where can you find that? For example on LinkedIn.

Practical truck? We have more. A mobile bowling alley, for example. In a US truck. Very cool, right?

There is a reason why hardly any child benefits from the toy train that the Christ Child brought. Because, of course, dad first has to test whether the gift is worth something. Iron Law. And why should it be any different with these small electric cars for children? Unfortunately, it is not known whether the English Youtuber James (aka Stitch76) has children. If so, they definitely don't have much fun with the small electric Porsche in their home fleet. James rebuilt it a "bit". Lighting, a slightly more powerful electric motor and a couple of minimalist seat belts. What you just need to get a road approval for the load in England. He has it now. Although the fun of converting was probably a lot more fun than driving on the road. Because the little Porsche still has no suspension and at just over 35 km / h doesn't exactly make the asphalt glow!

Real Porsche with no speed limit? Then we would have the first super test with the new Porsche 911 GT3, for example.

Another iron law: You can't argue about taste. But sometimes there is no other way. Or can you think of anything comforting while looking at that pitiful Mazda Miata? No? Neither do us. His seller affectionately calls the little Japanese with the badly nailed pre-war radiator "Art Deco Roadster" and wants $ 6,900 on the US classifieds exchange Craigslist for the exclusive one-off. Maybe the battered Miata is lucky and there is no buyer. Then he stops where he is. And grass is growing rapidly over the matter.

Incidentally, you can convert a Mazda MX-5 into a rat-sharp Alfetta Tipo 158. Do not you believe? Then take a look here: kit turns Japan roadster into an Alfa racer

Because a hacker attack paralyzed an important gasoline pipeline in the USA, thousands of gas stations in the east of the country ran out of fuel. Bad enough. In this context, however, we were puzzled by warnings from the US authorities that motorists should not put any supplies in plastic bags! Kidding, right? Gasoline in bags? Who comes up with such ideas? An alarming number of people. Says Google. And not just in the USA. We even found a case from Ireland on Youtube. Madness.

Whether in the plastic bag or in the tank: We still have statistics about the times of the day you should definitely not refuel!

The competition at the garden fence is definitely a global phenomenon! Whether in Castrop-Rauxel or South Carolina: If the neighbor upgrades with garden furniture, luxury barbecue or exotic plants, things can quickly escalate. The ultimate discipline: lawn mowers. Happy if you still have to choose the right drive (2- or 4-stroke), the right brand or the ideal robotic lawnmower. Youtuber "Ginger Billy" said goodbye to that long ago. In order to clear up the fronts once and for all when it comes to lawn mowers, the busy hobbyist has tinkered with the ultimate mower. Its ingredients: a disused Ford Festiva and the mower of a ride-on lawnmower that replaces the Festiva rear axle. Why was that necessary? The man simply didn't feel like getting sunburned while mowing without a roof.

Yes, the GingerBilly mower is too lame for us. Therefore we like to refer to the Honda Mean Mower MK2, which holds the current speed record for lawn mowers!

When, instead of 1,500 tea lights, a wall unit, a sofa and new balcony furniture end up in the shopping trolley during a trip to the trusted furniture store, things are usually extremely tight in the family combination. In the parking lot at the latest, it will potentially become relevant for divorce. All kindergarten against the young American who is celebrated by the users on the social news aggregator Reddit. He has bought an all-terrain ATV and is now trying to transport his purchases home. Usually you need a trailer for this. He does not. Because: He has a Nissan 350Z with a hardtop, a couple of lashing straps and a couple of boxes to protect the paint. How did the ATV get on the roof? No idea. Will something work? Unfortunately, it has not been passed down. But we have a suspicion!

Too much luggage in cars that are too small? We still have a lot to offer: Completely overloaded cars!

And then there was the Englishman Gareth Wild, who let himself be challenged to a very special experiment from the parking lot in Bromley in South East London. His idea: park once in each of the 211 parking spaces. Successively. Sounds easier than it actually is. Because there is always something going on in a supermarket parking lot. And the next parking bay isn't free when it's her turn. That's why the resourceful Gareth worked out and implemented a plan using a satellite map and Excel spreadsheet. It only took six years. Oh yes, for the counters: the car park has more than 211 spaces. But because Gareth is pretty law abiding, he left out family and handicapped parking spaces!

Autonomous parking. Would have helped Gareth too. But for now it's only available at Stuttgart Airport!

Even if the political tone has changed dramatically since Donald Trump was voted out of office, that does not mean that Joe Biden's US administration does not attach great importance to stimulating all domestic production. The Biden team would think it would be great if, for example, Hyundai were to set up a local Ioniq-5 production facility in Alabama. Depending on the size of the funding pots, people will usually agree on such questions - or not. In the case of the Ioniq 5 production, however, there is now Corona is game. Or the corona vaccine, which is still scarce globally. In South Korea, high hopes are being placed on being supplied with surplus vaccine from the USA as quickly as possible and, according to a report in the daily Korea JoongAng Daily, would be quite ready to politically support the establishment of a local Ioniq-5 production against this background . We'll see at the end of May whether it actually happens that way. Then the two heads of state meet.

Incidentally, the Ioniq 5 will come to us from June 2021 without a vaccine deal. And we've already driven it.

Because the average car hater finds it incredibly difficult to sprinkle sugar in the tank of an electric car, alternatives are needed. Minced meat, for example. Neatly stuffed into the openings of the plugs of a charging station, the stuff inevitably leads to the failure of the sensitive charging technology. This is neither art nor fun. But pure vandalism. 15 percent of all malfunctions at charging stations can now be traced back to vandalism or external influences, reports the Stadtwerke München (SWM), from which the photo of the charging station sabotaged with minced meat comes. So: stay away from the charging stations. And much more sensible uses can be found for surplus minced meat!

But even without vandalism, there are problems with electric cars here and there: What to do if the plug jams?

Anyone who occasionally switches from a classic car to a large SUV or a panel van knows the question: Can I get into the underground car park with it? Most of the time it works, even if it always feels scary to gondola just below the ceiling installations. What it looks like when it goes wrong, shows the video that the two US morning show radio talkers Walton and Johnson published on Twitter. The moving rental car that can be seen on it first gets stuck and then spectacularly clears part of the sprinkler system. A fact that does not lead the two young men behind the wheel to abandon their attempt to park. Too bad.

Do you know you with trucks? Then you probably also know why some trailers have a cat flap at the back, right?

... is a story full of misunderstandings. I believe. Because: At first (amateurish) glance, no one believes the average ruminant would have excellent aerodynamics, right? Compared to a Jeep Wrangler, such a cow does quite well in terms of streamlinedness. At least a couple of positive-nuts say on Reddit. And because you can quickly find like-minded people in a social news aggregator like Reddit, there are not only aerodynamic insights into cows and SUVs, but also about lobsters (the animal!) And corgis (greetings to the royal family ).

But seriously now: Sophisticated aerodynamics are extremely important, especially for electric cars. And that's exactly why we wrote this down here! It's also available as a podcast, of course.

Skiers know the idea: You stand with a horde of wintry hooded people in front of the cabin of a cable car, wait to be pushed into the ski area tightly (please hide all types of Corona restrictions) and throw one or the other skeptical look at the terrifying thin girder steel cables. And does that really last? Clear. Why am I so sure about that? Because I've seen how they transport heavy equipment to high-alpine construction sites in Switzerland, for example. Neatly dismantled by helicopter? Nothing. By cable car. Hook it and you're done. This works up to a weight of 30 tons and therefore also with whole dump trucks. Unbelievable?

I have no idea whether the new Liebherr electric excavators can also be hooked on to the cable car. Nevertheless, they are impressive.

When it comes to design, Daimler chief designer Gorden Wagener leaves nothing to chance. Every bead, every light strip and every body fold has its purpose and has to follow the appropriate design idea. We know, know and appreciate. The fact that they are not so strict about this in China can be admired, for example, at the huge online shop Alibaba.com. There is a large selection of electrically powered mini SUVs that, for a few thousand dollars, imitate pretty much everything a European car designer has ever thought up. In China itself, the small cars, affectionately known as "aunty cars", are very popular because they can be driven cheaply and without a real driver's license. Behind it is actually always the same company that puts the different radiator designs on the same car. Gaia Electric even exports these things (then defused to logos protected in Europe) all over the world. As a "heavy road quad", the parts could theoretically also be approved for us. By the way, if you order several at the same time, the overseas container will be delivered to your front door.

Geely, for example, with the new premium brand Zeekr, shows that they can of course also build ambitious electric cars in China.

Who does not know it: You sit in the car for a long distance and in a quiet moment think to yourself "Now a foot massage!". No? Well, it could be. At least General Motors sees a potential business area and has developed and patented a corresponding system. Of course, the driver doesn’t benefit from this, because his feet should concentrate on the pedals if possible. But the passengers in GM models can let their feet be pampered by compressed air-operated elements. Technically speaking, the foot massage hardware hardly differs from the known massage seats. But we also don't know whether GM will actually pack pneumatic wellness in a series model. After all, a corresponding patent is by no means a sufficient indicator on its own. Measured against the pressure level that massage seats are able to build up, the passengers would all have to take off their shoes in order to feel anything at all. And depending on the vehicle crew, this could make a longer distance even more uncomfortable than not having a foot massage.

One could, of course, try to explain why car fans all over the world keep having fun letting the tires of their cars go up in smoke. Such burnout orgies are loud, not at all good for the environment and not very beneficial in terms of durability. It is done anyway. Because not every fun can be explained. A fundamental problem of such events: As a spectator, you often only get a very short amount of it. Because at some point it's so smoky that you can't see anything anymore. The drone professionals from Queensland Aerial have the solution: They film the smoke from the air using an infrared camera. That doesn't make all the burnout driving more sensible. But it is actually pretty to look at. Or?

Drifting without smoke? Is also possible. If you want to break a record with a Porsche Taycan. Go then!

Yes, with these pictures your heart stops for a moment. Somebody pours petrol over their SUV in peace and quiet and is obviously of the opinion that this is a great idea in terms of cleaning technology. Petrol is a great aid for all kinds of stains. But for the whole car? Nobody can be that crazy, please. And the way it looks, it really didn't happen that way. What the lady is pouring over her car is almost certainly pure water and the pump nozzle is simply fiddled with a water hose. A "nice" gag from a TikTok user.

Without any drama: Our tips for spring cleaning on your car

This idiosyncratic painted Ford Explorer haunts the net these days. The auction platform Mecums has the treasure on offer and expects to be able to achieve up to $ 20,000 for the Ford Explorer from 2013. Why could that be a good deal? Because there is probably no random Explorer for sale, but a so-called Police Interceptor. In other words: a former police vehicle. At least that is what the oversized ramming bar at the front suggests. Then why is it pink, please? It's hard to tell from a distance. My tip: The US police repeatedly take part in charity campaigns and redesign vehicles for them. It is quite possible that this Explorer was in use as part of the so-called "Pinktober", with which the danger of breast cancer is being raised around the world.

Of course, the Explorer is also available as a real police vehicle: Ford Police Interceptor 2019

Apart from the fact that the bile comes up just looking at the fur coat, at this point the question may be allowed, why on earth we are showing this photo. Oh well. We see an airplane handbag. And as is well known, an airplane like this also has wheels. Is that enough? Of course not. In other words: do you really have to understand why designer Virgil Abloh for the luxury fashion label Louis Vuitton has come up with a man's handbag in the shape of an airplane that costs 39,000 dollars? We might still have understood a sports car. But an airplane? This is impractical just because of the wings. Keyword hand luggage. It is possible that LV fans will only travel by private jet anyway. Then the rest of the world will at least be spared the bad fur coat.

Oh, Virgil Abloh. There was something. Exactly. He has already worked for Mercedes and conjured up the "Project Off-Road Vehicle" together with Mercedes chief designer Gordon Wagoner.

It was clear that the super freighter "Ever Given" stuck in the Suez Canal would find imitators: Here a truck on a highway in Taiwan has so artfully positioned itself sideways that the onward journey for the following traffic was delayed for an indefinite period of time. Particularly spicy: the green container also belongs to the Evergreen shipping company. However, blaming the major shipping company from Taiwan for this mess would not be fair. Evergreen does not take on the transport of its containers on land itself.

Are you tired of stuck large equipment? Then we would have a diesel locomotive converted into a 12x12 truck. From Russia. However, no longer drives.

What would a fine carpenter actually do if the profession existed? Well, probably something like Simas Snežko. The rather talented teenager builds pretty impressive stuff out of wood and uses it to populate his YouTube channel. Why impressive? Because, for example, a fully functional car comes out of it, which, apart from the cordless screwdriver drive, is really made entirely of wood, including gearbox, gearshift and V8. Construction time: six months.

Do you find wood exciting? No problem. How about the Rolls-Royce Phantom with a wooden structure?

Do you also find it incredibly exciting to find out how to turn a LearJet into a party limousine? Not? Well. So we agree. Which doesn't mean that there are people who do that anyway. The result of this project is called "Limo-Jet" and is currently for sale again. Why again? Because the wing-amputee former skywalker with creepy interior fittings has not really taken off since he was born in 2006. Although that is not really surprising, what do you want to do with a "vehicle" that is 12.80 meters long and 2.44 meters wide and therefore doesn't really cut a good figure anywhere.

Not entirely unreasonable either, but definitely more appealing: an aircraft turbine in a sports car. Like in this Corvette C3.

No matter how much you like to live mobile, at some point every camper has the feeling that a little more space in the mobile home of choice wouldn't be that bad. Then in case of doubt you just need a larger caravan. Or the next bigger motorhome. Or the longer camping body for the pick-up. It's just stupid if the coal isn't enough for the correspondingly larger pick-up. Then you need a lot of courage. And a yellow strap that holds the load together. At least until the whole construction gives way and folds backwards. By the way, the users on Reddit swear that the ambitious package in Florida is still going through the area.

Strange campers? We have enough. The Life Home V90 Villa Edition from SAIC Maxus, for example. With an integrated lift.

Lucas di Grassi drives a car relatively quickly and has specialized in Formula E for a number of years. The racing series is intended to charge the topic of electromobility emotionally to help the technology achieve a breakthrough. Again. Again? Yes, again. Because: everything was already there. Before the breakthrough of the internal combustion engine, electric cars were anything but exotic. The photo that Lucas di Grassi posted on his Twitter channel shows various electric delivery vans being charged in a depot. Whether the photo actually dates from 1907 or was not taken ten years later is not important. Much more exciting is the fact that electric cars were a matter of course around the 1920s. Market share: at least 40%. And even then it was about the same questions as today: range, charging at home, the right cell chemistry and of course the question of how to keep an electric car warm in winter without killing the range. Do you find it exciting? Then take a look at this electric car magazine from 1917.

Word has probably got around by now that police officers have to be prepared for anything. The officer, who was called to a fire in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on March 10, 2021, should still dedicate a few additional lines in his diary to that day. The police officer had been called to a fire in a building by emergency call, had just left his patrol car and was on the phone with the operations management when the scene of the incident literally drove over his feet: A burning van rushed past him down the slope. He had previously caught fire during repair work on a house and set parts of the roof on fire. Hence the emergency call. Then the burning load made you independent and rushed down the slope. The result: one mission for the fire brigade became two. First the charred house had to be extinguished, and then the rest of the neighborhood through which the burning van had hit the firebreak.

Is that all too precarious for you? No problem. Here we have the cutest police car in the world: Subaru 360 Police Car

I have no idea when I took the wrong cinematic turn, but I love bad sci-fi movies from the 90s. And that's exactly why there is no question why this used car has to show up here! Allegedly an original vehicle from the 1995 film Judge Dredd. Exactly, the one starring Sylvester Stallone. Under the fiberglass is a rather plain Land Rover 101FC, a kind of English Unimog. Sometime since 1995 the paintwork and the interior got lost, in between the judge transporter was probably also in use for JBL at the CES 2003. There is also no odometer (anymore) and whether the part still drives? No idea. The seller still wants $ 25,000 for it. I think it's easily worth it. Just stupid my garage is full. Oh yes: there was a remake in 2012. Hands off! Much too realistic!

Should Sly Stallone get the idea again to starve himself into a Judge Dredd costume, he would get another company car anyway. The Buran 4x4, for example!

My colleague Patrick Lang wrote down that such a jammed super freighter in the Suez Canal is also a stupid thing for the automotive industry. The 400-meter giant is still stuck and blocking one of the most important waterways in the world. Let's put it this way: Nobody wants to be in the skin of the captain at the moment, even if the good man may not be able to help with the accident. But he probably doesn't care a lot by now, because it has become known what he was doing with his 400-meter boat before he took the wrong turn in the Suez Canal. A video recorded by the VesselFinder company, which records ships' electronic trackers, shows the ship's movements as the captain waited for the signal to enter the canal. The time-lapse shows a clear picture: The captain painted an even longer penis into the sea with the 400-meter-long "Ever Given".

Fancy a street legal box? No? Alright And what about an artistically valuable cardboard box that is street legal? Neither? Too bad. Then someone else has to buy the "consumer car" by industrial designer Joey Ruiter, which is currently being auctioned at Cars and Bids. Technically, there is a Ford Festiva under the "reduced design". So you shouldn't expect miracles in terms of driving dynamics. Until 2002, the Festiva was a really pitiable, boring small car that was offered in Japan, South America and Australia. In 2019, Joey Ruiter obviously couldn't stand the sight of the little Ford and replaced the common body with a black sculpture that actually looks like a box. The "Consumer Car" was shown for the first time in 2019 as part of an exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The only extravagance: The front consists of a mirror surface that is backlit by countless LEDs at night.

Do you feel like a little more extravagance? How about this electrified Range Rover Classic, for example?