Can a blind person ride a bicycle

Can blind people ride bicycles?

Three black dots on a yellow background: This is a sign for blind people. (Photo: dpa)

Yes, you can do that on a tandem for two!

A yellow circle with three black dots: I'm sure you know this symbol. In this way, people show their environment that they see nothing or very little. In some cities there are also bicycles with this symbol on the road. It is attached to the luggage rack, for example.

One steers, both kick

Two people can sit on a tandem. This is why blind people can also pedal at the rear. (Photo: dpa)

But being blind and riding a bike - how is that possible? The answer is very simple: two people can sit on the bicycles. Such bikes are called tandems. A blind and a sighted person can ride together on a tandem. Both pedal, but only the one in front steers the bike.

"I enjoy the pace that you can really race and then struggle up a mountain again," says a woman who regularly rides a tandem. "Today I clearly felt the cobblestones, I found the air dusty."

Another cyclist says that he mainly perceives noises, smells and the wind. Thanks to the tandem for the blind, people can cycle through the area.

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