Should I take the GATE exam

Who am I working for? Who will hire me?

You work directly for the service provider who is responsible for the area of ​​passenger / personnel controls at the respective airport.

What is the role of GATE Training GmbH?

The GATE Training GmbH is, among other things, as a certified training provider nationwide for customers in the area of ​​aviation security responsible for the

  • Recruiting and applicant management, as well
  • Training to become an aviation security assistant (Section 5 Aviation Security Act) and control officer for personnel and objects carried (Section 8 Aviation Security Act)

Who can become an aviation security assistant / controller?

Anyone who has the personal reliability, physical fitness and mental resilience as well as the general requirement profile of the legislator and service provider.

What does "good knowledge of German" mean?

You must have spoken and written knowledge of German to the extent that you are able to formulate sentences - which are understandable and comprehensible.

Do I have to be able to speak and write English?

It is an advantage to have knowledge to be able to have a small talk with the passenger. We will refresh your subject-specific knowledge during the training!

Do I have to go to school in Germany?

You must have at least a secondary school leaving certificate. Applicants with a foreign school leaving certificate must have it recognized or translated (EU) by a school authority in the respective federal state.

Do I have to have completed my training in Germany?

It is an advantage to be able to prove that you have completed vocational training. Applicants with a migration background must be in possession of a valid work permit and, in addition to their school leaving certificate, also have their completed training recognized or translated (EU) in Germany.

Can I start working right away?

Before starting work, you must go through a training course that is prescribed by law. This takes about three months and consists of basic training and specialist training and concludes with an official examination. As soon as you have passed your exam to become an aviation security assistant / inspector, you will begin your employment that is subject to social security contributions.

What is being checked?

You will find out the contents of the exam at the beginning of your training. You can find out more about our quality of training and our pass rate at

Why do I need a driver's license?

First and foremost, you must ensure that the airport can be reached at any time of the day or night. A driving license may be required in the context of an activity according to § 8 Aviation Security Act.

Is my CV sufficient as an application?

It is best to send you and your complete application documents so that we can make a valid statement about your possible suitability:

  • School leaving certificate
  • Training examination certificate showing that you have passed and completed your training, employer references from previous full-time jobs.

For applicants with a migration background, your school leaving certificate and training certificate must be officially recognized.

Do I have to have worked in the security industry before?

Prior knowledge and professional experience in the security industry are not required.

Do I need a § 34a certificate for the job?

Previous knowledge of the security trade is not required.

What tasks does this workplace / activity include?

As Aviation security assistant According to § 5, you are responsible for passenger controls, hand and baggage checks as well as x-ray image evaluation and compliance with EU-relevant safety standards.

As Control power According to § 8 you are responsible for personnel and goods controls, hand and luggage controls, vehicle controls, x-ray image evaluation and compliance with EU-relevant safety standards.

How long does the education last?

The training measure lasts about three months and consists of basic and specialist training and concludes with an official examination.

Can I do the job as a sideline?

This activity is carried out in shifts and in this case requires the consent of the employer.

What are the shift times?

The shift times vary from employer to employer. As a rule, it is a 3-shift system.

Do I have opportunities for advancement?

This possibility exists and is dependent on the employer’s needs.

What does the training cost? Who pays the costs?

The decision about financial support (education voucher) for this training lies with the person responsible for you at the employment agency or the job center and is an optional decision. The advisor is therefore not obliged to issue you with the education voucher.

What is my salary

The employer remuneration is regulated nationwide by collective bargaining agreements and the remuneration differs significantly from the classic security industry. Additional benefits provided by the employer depend on the location.