Who made the first cheeseburger

Who invented the hamburger?

Does the hamburger actually come from Hamburg?

The question of who REALLY invented the hamburger cannot be answered any more than the question of who came first: the chicken or the egg? However, there are many theories about its origins - that's why we're now taking you on a journey through time and shedding light on the myth of the “Hamburger”.

Where does the hamburger come from?

We actually start in Hamburg, because it was from here that the first emigrants used to travel to America on overseas ships. The food on the trip had to be as cheap as possible, so you simply put a meatball on a wheat roll and added some gravy: the “round piece warm” was born.

Several Americans call themselves the inventor of the hamburger

From now on it gets tricky, because some gentlemen from America claim the title “inventor of the hamburger” for themselves: Cherlie Nagreen, for example, is said to have been one of the first to sell burger-like rolls with minced meat patties in his restaurant in the 19th century . It's even been made by law in the state of Wisconsin. Oklahoma has a similar law, but it allows Oscar Weber Bilby to be the inventor of the hamburger.

Hamburgers at the 1904 World's Fair

What is certain is that the Texan Fletcher Davis sold the “Hamburg” at the 1904 World Exhibition in Saint Louis, a burger patty made from minced steak with cucumber, mustard and onions. But this time between two halves of bread! In order to avoid misunderstandings, the prefix “Ham” has been deleted over time. In English, “ham” means ham - and that is not on the classic hamburger.

There we have it, the burger! Strictly speaking, its roots are in Germany, but the Americans have developed it to what it is today: A popular fast food dish that is now available in many different variations, for example as a cheeseburger, which brings up the next question poses: Who just put the cheese on the burger?


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