Where is the VW plant in Mexico

Looking to Mexico: The system is ramping up again, layer by layer

Cerrado. Closed - This was true for many companies in Mexico until recently. The country's economy was almost completely shut down by May. Regardless of whether it was the automotive industry or the construction sector: non-systemically important sectors were not allowed to work during the partial lockdown.

While in some countries there is already talk of the second wave, Mexico is still in the middle of the first wave, "which is far from broken," said Johannes Hauser in a video at the beginning of July. He is the managing director of the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the meantime, almost 500,000 people in Mexico have been infected with Covid-19, and almost 30,000 have died from it.

Audi has been producing again since the end of June

The concern is that the fragile health system will be overwhelmed and that the negative development cannot be stopped, he explains. And not only that. Corona also leads to economic damage, for example in the auto industry. Alongside China, Mexico is an important country for the industry. Many car manufacturers and suppliers have production there. So also Audi, BMW and Volkswagen. The German manufacturers are now at least partially allowed to produce again.

At Audi, however, the plant in Mexico was idle longer than the European production facilities. The reason was the health situation on site, an Audi spokeswoman told PRODUCTION. In mid-June, the company started training for employees in preparation. Since June 22nd, production has been “under strict adherence to the protective measures” again. Layer by layer will slowly be started up again.

Since this week, three shifts have been active again - each with a longer time interruption so that the employees of the different shifts do not meet and disinfect all areas. Other measures include temperature measurements, mask requirements and hygiene measures both in the factory and in the buses that people use to get to work.