Frank Grillo is an action star

Frank Grillo is back in The Purge 3

Frank Grillo took on the role of sergeant in The Purge 2, much to the delight of the fans. Now he is about to sign a new contract in order to be part of the third part of the popular series.

The Purge and its sequel The Purge 2 - Anarchy have grossed over 135 million with a combined budget of 12 million US dollars. This is a cost-benefit ratio that makes every film producer's heart beat faster, and so it is not particularly surprising that at the moment nobody is thinking about declaring the series over. The Purge 3 is on its way and production is already in full swing. The director and writer of the first two parts, James DeMonaco, is also back in the third part, and as Variety reports, Frank Grillo, a familiar face in front of the camera, will return to be part of the annual purges.

Frank Grillo is about to sign his deal with Blumhouse, Universal and Platinum Dunes. The 52-year-old action star appeared for the first time in the second part in the role of the vengeful sergeant and was thus significantly involved in the success of the film, because the fans were extremely impressed by his badass character. It is not yet known in which direction the third part will develop. Allegedly the film is supposed to be a kind of prequel and deal with the very first "cleansing". Which way The Purge 3 will take stylistically is still completely unclear. After the first part was a more or less classic Home Invasion film with horror and action film elements, the sequel took on a completely different note and became an exploitation-like, badass thriller. So maybe James DeMonaco is now planning a change of course again.

We will find out by next summer at the latest. The Purge 3, produced by Michael Bay among others, will start filming in September and is due to be released in the USA on July 1, 2016. The Purge 3 will start in Germany on June 30, 2016.

Are you excited about Frank Grillo's return to The Purge 3?