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Java usage in Android: Google wins litigation against Oracle

The online giant Google has fended off a billion-dollar lawsuit by the software company Oracle for alleged copyright infringement in the Android smartphone system before the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in Washington on Monday that Google had not committed any violations of the law and thus overruled a judgment from the lower court.

This is a big victory for Google and its parent company Alphabet. Oracle had demanded around nine billion dollars in compensation.

Controversial point of interfaces

Google had used approximately 11,000 lines of Java programming language software code for Android. Oracle, which bought Java in 2010 when it acquired Sun Microsystems, sued Google that same year. The judge responsible had initially decided that the Java interfaces could not be protected by copyright.

However, this ruling was overturned on appeal, whereupon Google appealed to the Supreme Court in January 2020. Lawyers and open source developers had eagerly awaited the vote of the Supreme Court, because a victory would have had far-reaching consequences for Oracle's copyright and API licensing. The judges of the Supreme Court now decided with six to two votes in favor of Google.


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