What are day and night blinds

Installation of day-night blinds

With day blinds, we can choose one of three construction and assembly solutions:

  • Day Night- Blinds placed in the cassette - A special cassette and flat guides enable the blind to be guided
    directly on the glass, which gives a discreet and elegant visual effect. The cassette lid is glued directly onto the window frame. Side guides hold the material and do not allow the material to be moved away from the window surface. The assembly method of this type also limits the build-up of debris on the material. This solution is particularly suitable for people who value the high aesthetic standard of the room.
  • Classic Tag / Night blinds (hanging freely) - this type of blind is mounted on a wall or ceiling; In special cases, they can be mounted on window frames with the help of durable brackets. The system is mainly recommended for large window areas. With a classic installation, one should consider the difficulties in opening / closing the windows.
  • Mini roller blind day / night - Roller blinds are mounted directly on the window frame with a strong tape or non-invasive hook. This type of blind is equipped with a lead cord that keeps the material close to the glass, which helps avoid unsightly and uncomfortable hanging of the blind after opening / closing the window. The small size allows them to be used on smaller window areas, e.g. in bathrooms. Mini-Blind is a very good combination of quality and aesthetics at an affordable price.

The window area, the type of room or the aesthetic effect we want to achieve can decide on the application of a particular mounting solution. In any solution, accurate measurements of the window area it will be mounted on are important.