What is POS in marketing or sales


The abbreviation POS Marketing describes marketing at the point of sale, at the point of sale. In POS marketing, methods and measures are used that are intended to promote the sale of products, strengthen brand loyalty and loyalty to the store. What these measures look like in detail depends on the respective product and the sales outlet.

A POS can be a drinks machine, for online shops the Internet platform and for a food manufacturer the retail trade.

POS marketing is most commonly used in supermarkets. Marketing at the POS is becoming more and more important and is constantly changing due to the use of different communication tools. High wastage, which one has to take into account with many other advertising measures, should be avoided through direct marketing at the POS.

The potential buyer is addressed individually, their attention is increasingly drawn to the product to be advertised and, ideally, purchasing power is increased as a result.

At first glance, the measures do not seem to be very diverse. You may think of floor stickers, posters, a special packaging design or displays. But when you make your next purchase, just pay attention to the methods used by the manufacturers, which are intended to encourage you as a customer to buy.

Shelf stoppers, ceiling hangers, advertising in shopping baskets, coupons, product samples, announcements or even advertising broadcasts (instore TV) that explain a product and its application are used. The list goes on, as new instruments are constantly being developed. There are even screens in the shopping cart that show the product being advertised when the customer is standing with the cart.

POS marketing measures are increasingly being used, especially for new products. Especially in the market launch phase, direct contact with the goods has a decisive influence on the customer when making a purchase decision.

Although POS marketing is so important for sales promotion, it is still neglected in Germany. This is possibly due to the high costs involved in using direct marketing at the POS, as we have a very high density of branches in this country. However, the efficiency and the increase in sales can be measured and various statistics already show that a significant increase in sales can be achieved through the use of effective marketing measures at the point of sale.