Which browser has the largest market share

Evaluation: Internet Explorer continues to be more popular than Firefox

Browser usage pie chart: IE7 leads.

The biggest changes are in the German market. Here, 34 percent of users navigate the net most frequently with "Internet Explorer 7" (IE7) - and the trend is rising. Its predecessor, "Internet Explorer 6" (IE6), is only used by around 28 percent of Internet surfers. This puts the IE6 in third place. With around 31 percent market share, “Firefox 2” takes second place and overtakes IE6 for the first time.

A similar trend is evident across Europe. The IE7 achieved a market share of around 45 percent in February, making it top of the European ranking. IE6 falls further behind in the European average, but is still the second most frequently used Internet access program at just under 31 percent. Firefox 2 comes third with 17 percent. The market share of the other alternative browsers together is less than ten percentage points.

According to in-house statistics, visitors to Computerbild.de most often use Internet Explorer at around 55 percent. Firefox took second place with almost 40 percent. In third place followed far behind with 3.5 percent of the browser "Opera". (gh)

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