Why do I easily hate someone

"Poking someone else" - where does that come from?

The origin of the phrase is controversial

The origin of this idiom is a bit controversial. It is also not unimportant to say that the idioms and proverbs cannot always be exactly clarified. They are often very old too. In this case, however, it is very likely that it has to do with similar idioms. You know the expressions "pick someone up" and "kid someone".

To fool someone like a child

I was wondering whether this might have something to do with the shepherd's shovel that the shepherd throws stones with when a sheep escapes. But it's a lot easier. When you kid a child, you do it lovingly. But when you do this to an adult, you treat them like a child. And so in the end you make fun of him, you don't take him for full - you can see it that way. And "kidding someone" actually means treating someone like a child. "Picking up someone" is similar: you have fun with them; you treat him as you shouldn't treat an adult.

Jumping death off the shovel

That with the shovel possibly comes from another expression, namely "hopping death off the shovel" or "jumping" - there are different variants. There you had the shovel and that someone was picked up in a very bad way and that jumping, which was a bit funny. And it is likely that these two variants linked to this "poking fun at someone".