Why are telephones useful

Phones and cell phones for the hard of hearing

Various telephones and cell phones offer people with hearing loss additional setting options so that telephoning can function properly again. Gone are the unpleasant moments in which the caller is not understood and has to be asked repeatedly. However, phones for the hard of hearing offer some useful advantages.


  • extra large buttons for easier operation
  • the volume of the ringing can be adjusted according to the needs
  • optimal volume for understanding and speaking
  • the height and depth of the tones can also be regulated on some telephones
  • various light signals can alert you to an incoming call

In addition, numbers can be stored in such a way that they can be called by dialing a key number directly, thus offering quick operation and making it easier to find the right number in the address book. The small additional functions compared to a normal telephone or cell phone make everyday life easier and bring back a bit of independence and the possibility of communication for those affected, so that they can actively participate in everyday life again.

Regardless of whether you need telephones for the hard of hearing that transmit callers' voices directly to both hearing aids, those that emit light signals or models that can be set extra loud - you will find it at Amplifon.