What is the Pyramid Web Framework

Python is our programming language of choice and is enjoying increasing popularity. First at Google and NASA, now Python from Bamberg.

SAP is the world market leader, but operation is often too complex. We offer a solution for intuitive and individual interfaces (also mobile).

Web framework, one of the predecessors of Pyramid, has been used many times and is still stable.

We have been using the flexible web framework since the first release.

When it comes to the right task, Django is almost unbeatable. The wide distribution speaks for itself.

We already use mongoDB successfully several times. However, certain rules should be observed.

We have been dealing with AngularJS since 2012, especially the range of functions is much more complete than with other JS frameworks. Overall, we feel very comfortable with AngularJS and plan to use it more often in the future.

PostgreSQL has a clear advantage over MySQL and doesn't have to hide from expensive enterprise database systems.

We were able to gain experience with knockout in a very extensive project and know the advantages and disadvantages of the JS framework.

At first it took some getting used to, Backbone was one of the first MVC JS frameworks with which we created single-page apps.

With the current requirements, jQuery quickly reaches its limits and loses the overview, but is still the first choice for DOM manipulation.

If used correctly, PHP can also be secure and structured.

We develop exclusively in HTML5 and deal with new releases such as getUserMedia again and again.

For easier and modern CSS handling, we prefer Sass to less.

We host our git repositories at Bitbucket. The development workflow then includes feature branches and pull requests with code review.

With Jenkins we operate our own continuous integration server that carries out our unit and functional tests written in nosetest and webtest.