Which memory does Nimbula support

Ex-Amazon employees found private cloud start-up

Two former employees of Amazon Web Services started a start-up called Nimbula. It offers a solution called Nimbula Director for managing private cloud infrastructures. "Nimbula" is the Latin word for "little cloud".

A private cloud is a cloud environment that customers host in their own data center. Amazon Web Services, for example, specializes in its counterpart - public cloud offerings that users access via the Internet. However, one of the capabilities of Nimbula Director is to switch to public cloud services when peak loads require it.

Nimbula CEO Chris Pinkham (Image: Nimbula)

The founders of Nimbula are CEO Chris Pinkham and Willem van Biljon, who acts as Vice President of the Product Division. Both contributed to the successful introduction of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud: Pinkham headed development, van Biljon the product division.

Nimbula has received $ 5.75 million in an initial financing round from Sequoia Capital and the EMC subsidiary VMware. Six international customers are already beta testing the Nimbula management solution. The aim is to make the product generally available in the second half of the year. According to their own statements, Pinkham and van Biljon founded the company in 2009.

While cloud computing is considered a major trend, many companies are hesitant to adopt it. They are afraid of losing control over their data - especially since many providers of standard cloud solutions do not feel responsible for the security of their data. A private cloud is usually not the size and performance of a public cloud, but implements cloud approaches without changing security measures.