Is a 20 5cm hand very big

Determine glove size

Are you unsure which glove size is right for you? No problem, the following table shows the relationship between shoe size and required glove size.


Ladies gloves sizes

Hand circumference in cm17,5192021,522,5 
Glove size6 1/277 1/288 1/2 
Shoe size36 - 3737 - 3839 - 4040 - 4141 - 42 

Men's gloves sizes

Hand circumference in cm18,51920,52223,525
Glove size7 1/288 1/299 1/210
Shoe size4041 42434445


Note: Size 8 women and size 8 men are different in finger length and diameter, as well as hand length.


You can also measure your glove size, determine the hand circumference as shown in the picture with a tape measure:



Right-handers measure on the right, left-handers on the left, the thumb is not included, then check the table and you have the correct glove size.