What are skin tags made of?

What are ALWAYS pads made of?

First and second top layer
The soft first and second cover layers are made of synthetic materials; similar to those that are also used in lingerie and underwear. These synthetic materials are used to quickly direct liquid into the absorbent core and keep your skin comfortably dry.

For correct insertion in the underwear, there is a print on the second layer, which does not come into contact with the skin. We use skin-friendly dyes for this print.

Absorbent core
The flexible core consists of particularly absorbent cellulose, "cellulose" in technical terms. This material is used in a much thinner form for very different things such as tea bags and everyday clothing. This absorbent material has proven its worth in sanitary napkins since 1920. The flexible core is surrounded by a thin synthetic layer that connects it with absorbent gel beads. These pearls ensure that liquids are absorbed even better.

ONM / fragrances
Our odor neutralization technology ("Odor Neutralizing Technology" or ONM for short) works thanks to an exclusive material that contains selected components with a gentle perfume scent. This is used at the bottom of the layer with the absorbent core, covers odors and securely locks them in.

The materials used have been dermatologically tested and even meet the strict safety requirements of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) for consumer articles.

Fragrance free pads are also available.

Soil layer
The moisture-proof bottom layer made of synthetic materials ensures that no liquid leaks out.

The adhesives ensure that the bandage stays in place in the underwear.