What are real portals for job search

Job Search: How to Find Hidden Jobs

1. Overview of the industry
Get an overview of the industry in which you want to be active. Then make a list of the companies you want to contact.

2. Clean preliminary research
Use all channels to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the company of your choice. Find out more about this via the Internet, publications, the media, former or current employees, suppliers and customers. Clarify the following questions:

  • Does the company want unsolicited applications?
  • What is the company's strategic direction?
  • What is your mission statement?
  • How were the annual reports?
  • What services and products does the company offer?
  • What is your position in the market?
  • Are there any current events around the company? New projects? Expansions? Branches? Mergers?
  • Has the company won any awards lately?
  • What are the company culture and conditions of employment like?

3. Find the right contact person
It is important that your application reaches someone who knows what to do with it.

  • Find out with a phone call who decides about new hires in the company.
  • The company website also provides information about functions. In the case of SMEs, the management usually makes the decision, in large companies the human resources department (HR).
  • If you are unsure: Send your application to the highest possible hierarchy level.

4. Prepare a letter of motivation
The letter of motivation is marketing in its own right. Compose it based on your preliminary research. It should be short and precise. At the end, emphasize that you will also be interested in a position in the company in the medium term. Work out the following points:

  • What is my personal motivation to work for this company?
  • Why does it have to be this company?
  • What can I offer the company based on my previous experience?
  • What are my special skills and knowledge?

5. Prepare the dossier
Opinions vary as to whether you should send the entire dossier or just a letter of motivation and a résumé with an unsolicited application.

  • Act by feeling. If you have a special certificate, award or a good master’s thesis that the company might be interested in, please enclose the document.
  • Find out on the homepage whether the company would like applications by post or e-mail.

6. Keep in touch
Once you've established a good relationship with your dream company, it's worth cultivating.

  • Ask about a month after sending your application.
  • For this interview, think about how you will present yourself. Explain that you have applied and are very interested in the company in the medium term. Ask questions about upcoming changes (expansions, new projects).
  • Call yourself back after six months by email or post and ask the company to keep your dossier pending.
  • Apply again if there are changes in the company or if a position is advertised.