What are the basics for the home garden

Natural niche garden: Tips for gardening close to nature

With the rising temperatures, the new gardening year begins for gardening enthusiasts. The first preparations for a successful gardening year are now being made.

In the brochure “Natural niche garden - ecological gardening made easy”, the most important basics for natural gardening are explained in an easily understandable way. Beneficial organisms that help to keep the plants healthy are presented and. The most common pests and diseases are described and preventive measures and alternative control methods without chemical pesticides are described.

A prerequisite for a near-natural garden is that certain requirements are met. These are above all:

- keep the soil healthy - correct fertilization, primarily with compost - crop rotation and mixed culture in the vegetable garden - select fruit trees and shrubs adapted to the location - plant ornamental plants that suit the location - recognize pests and diseases and take targeted preventive measures or keep beneficials at bay - Promote beneficial organisms and take preventive measures - Do not use synthetic pesticides.

The brochure contains many tips and suggestions on all of these topics. Gardening should be fun and the garden should be a natural recreation area for children and adults. In such a natural refuge, many animal species that have already become rare find a habitat.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL ADVICE: https://www.umweltberatung.at/natur-niche-hausgarten