Why do they make citadels

The citadel

The citadel and its fortifications, considered impregnable, have seen many changes over the centuries.

Take a free walking tour of the citadel

Go over the cobblestones through the tunnel and over the drawbridge to the Cour d’Honneur (courtyard of honor). If you feel like it, you can take a gourmet break in the café-restaurant. Traditional Franche-Comté cuisine is served there for lunch, a real pleasure.

Continue your sightseeing on the terrace with a panoramic view: Experience an all-round view of Belfort! You can expect a breathtaking view of the entire fortress, the city, the landscapes and the fortresses of the surrounding area.Hike through the vaulted cellar “Grand Souterrain”, a medieval moat that was roofed over by Vauban in 1749. Travel through the centuries as you step into these underground passages that could house more than 1,000 men during major battles. This place was heated with 6 large ovens and is beautifully lit today which makes for a certain magic.

In the eastern part you will find the Martin tank, a replica of the Le Cornouailles tank in which Lieutenant Martin died on November 21, 1944 during the liberation of Belfort.

The rich historical heritage

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The history museum

Where the old pink sandstone barracks used to be, the Belforts History Museum is now located on the hill of the citadel. A journey through different epochs awaits you here. You will discover historical, archaeological and ethnographic collections. You can also admire the room dedicated to Bartholdi's works and marvel at his work. This is an ideal destination to get to know the secrets of Belforts!

The Lion of Belfort

The lion is the symbol of the city of Belfort. All Belfort residents are proud of this colossus made of pink sandstone. The Citadel and the Lion of Belfort were voted the French's favorite monument in 2020. To fully appreciate the view of this majestic monument, visit the Terrace of the Lion, which is open all year round!


Discover the citadel with augmented reality

An unprecedented experience: a visit to augmented reality!

The citadel becomes modern! Visit them with your smartphone. Immerse yourself in the history of Belfort and watch replicas, films and interviews. Make your visit to the citadel a unique experience!

The citadel is accessible at all times, reveals its secrets to you all year round and is a place that even hosts various events. Every summer the citadel pops up with a historical festival Festival d’Histoire Vivante into the past. This is your chance to meet actors in period costume!