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No autumn without pears

Pear varieties

Abbé Fétel (Abate Fetel): White, juicy and very sweet pulp with a pleasantly mild, fruity aroma. Harvest from September.

Alexander Lucas: white, gritty and crumbly; juicy pulp; Taste sweet and sour and not particularly aromatic. Is often used for compotes. Harvest from November.

Yellow Möstler: firm, spicy, with a lot of acidity and tart, must and schnapps at the end of September.

Mollebusch: very hard shell, taste is pleasantly sweet with a good aroma. Fruits are ripe for harvest from the end of September and can be kept for around four weeks.

Countess of Paris: Yellowish white juicy flesh, predominantly sweet, hardly sour taste. Harvest from October, 3-4 weeks later ready to eat.

Green Pichel Pear: high sugar, acid and tannin content, results in good single-variety must, rather crisp in taste, October.

Good Luise: fine-celled, juicy, sweet, melts on the tongue; strong and aromatic pear taste. Are very suitable for drying. Harvest from September.

Emperor Alexander (Bosc's bottle pear): Fine-grained, whitish-yellow pulp with a juicy and sweet, pleasantly aromatic and mild taste. Harvest from October.

Bacon pear: popular cider pear, lots of sugar, little acid and tannin when fully ripe, October.

Williams Bon Chrétien (Bartlett, Williams Christ): Yellowish-whitish, very juicy and soft pulp with a fine, sweet, typical Williams taste. Harvest in August.

Tips for harvest and storage

  • Ripe pears spoil relatively quickly. Pome fruit is best picked on sunny days after the dew has dried.
  • Store only picked fruit - windfalls usually have bruises or injuries, where the fruit begins to rot earlier. So it is better to use windfalls immediately.
  • Before storing in the basement, the room and shelves should be cleaned thoroughly. Soapy water or warm vinegar water are ideal for this.
  • If possible, the camp should be laid out separately according to the variety and ripening period. Early varieties produce the ripening gas ethylene and thereby also accelerate the aging of winter apples.
  • Do not store fruit and vegetables together. Ethylene also ages vegetables prematurely.
  • An exchange of air should be able to take place in the storage room. Fresh air prevents mold and rot.
  • The stored goods should be checked once a week. Throw away any rotten / moldy fruit found or cut out the rotten areas generously and process them.
  • Do not leave the rubbish bin with rotten fruit in the storage room
  • Pears ripen quickly and are therefore in good hands in the cellar.

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