What's your favorite guild in Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • And can you play a game on two Steam accounts?

    Well, because I got it wrong g *, I just find it very strange that you have to register in order to be able to play a game that you have bought ... Because I can play online right away ... What people can't come up with ... but at least it doesn't sound like pulling money out of their pockets ...
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  • No, you don't have to be online. You have to activate it via Steam - that means log in once and register your code and then you can always start it in offline mode. But all of this is only possible through one account. That means you need a key from one game per account.

    It is even possible with different games that you can even play on several PCs via one account and via LAN. An example. I or my mother have a laptop, I have a PC. So every now and then I like to play a LAN game with my nephews. If I use both offline mode or only one of them offline, the other online (you can only be logged in once), you can still play Lan games together ^^
  • Have already seen a couple of Let's Plays, the game is actually okay when you look at it.

    PS: The Legend of Elder: Skyrim Sword xD
  • However, you can of course use one account on several different PCs and install games for it. As long as you don't want to make money with it, it's legal. So if you have a buddy from Rostock, for example, but you don't want to send the game to him, you can simply give him your name and password. Then he can download Steam, log into your account, download the registered games from the Internet and play them. Then he sees e.g. what he likes. That's the advantage of Steam - you no longer need a DVD to install a game.

    Another advantage is that you can download outdated games very cheaply, although you could hardly pay for them as a "material product" due to collectors. In addition, there are very attractive promotions with discounts etc. from time to time.
  • I also don't understand why everyone is always upset about Steam. I now get most of my games from there ...

    And now a little review from me:

    Overall, I'm really excited about the game. The graphics, the gameplay, the atmosphere, everything is just right and great fun.

    When I first forged, I was blown away. I thought it was great that they replaced the old forging from Oblivion (ONLY repair armor) with real forging. Also that you can upgrade your forged equipment - wonderful. Everything else is also right. Lock-clicking has become much more "realistic", the menu control is also great and much better structured than before and I particularly like the fact that you are now so far as to not have a "bad" picture of your item in front of you, but a complete 3D model, although that with the armor, of course, never gives the overall impression;)

    The atmosphere:
    When you stand on a mountain and let your gaze wander into the distance, you think "wow". When you ride your horse through Skyrim's tundric plains or cross winding mountain passes, you think "wow". If you stroll leisurely through a city, stop by the market square and listen to one or the other conversation, you think "wow". The entire design is perfect and it is the first game in which I don't feel as if the NPC are just preprogrammed figures that have been put into a special play cell, but as if they really live and live in the respective city. In the barrows of the north you really have the feeling of wandering through an ancient ruin and not just through a slapped dungeon. In short - very well done.

    Basically I'm not that much of a graphics fanatic, but if I compare the old graphics from Oblivion with those from Skyrim, then I'm amazed. Above all, they have improved the facial design a lot. Who remembers: In Oblivion, it was difficult to make a face really pretty, most of them, especially the NPCs, were really ugly. But of course the graphics have not only been improved there. The whole landscape, all textures, every little detail are beautiful and it invites you to roam the landscape just to admire the successful graphics.

    In terms of the story, I don't think I have to say anything. Bethesda has always been known for writing good stories, and this time again. This is especially true not only for the main quest, but also for the numerous side missions, which range from small "Hole A and get it to B" to full-blown conspiracies, love stories alla "Romeo & Juliet" to really great Easter eggs.
    Perhaps I should mention that as a side note: The developers have built in a lot of Easter eggs, all of which catch my humor exactly :) I'll just give two tips so as not to reveal too much:
    "So young and already with the stormtroopers?" (Star Wars) and also Hangover get a homage: D

    Conclusion: In my opinion, an all-round successful game with really only very small niggling points, which is especially fun in the long term. I've had 36 hours of play so far and I doubt I've seen 25% of the game.
    5/5 points for this masterpiece :)
  • @Mereko: I don't want to destroy your hype, but it's not that pro either. A GotY contender and has improved a lot compared to Oblivion, but still has many shortcomings.

    About the story: I see it differently, and not just me. Bethesda doesn't stand for grandiose stories, they have proven that several times, for example bioware is always a step ahead. The story itself is original and yet a bit fresh (even if the dragon is now standard). Except for the first mission, the staging is really bad. I also have to counter the humor, yes there are such funny moments, but I know other RPGs (venetica, Two Worlds 2, Divinity 2) that are much better at it.

    Gameplay: Well, by and large I have to agree with you. Oblivion has always been about openness and that you can do a lot and is one of the few RPGs that really applies to that. Even so, it has a few weaknesses, even in gameplay. The combat system is - I don't want to drag it down that bad, but really yawning compared to other genre representatives. Well, not that bad, but if I look at Dark Messiah's combat system, which is basically based on the TES series, it was much more extensive and interesting. Here you can easily see - the combat system was, as always, only a means to an end ...

    Atmosphere: The great strength of the game in addition to the open gameplay is also the great weakness. Unlike other RPGs, you leave a lot to the player, so Bethesda can make things a little easy for themselves and, for example, don't even have to stage a great story. If the player allows it, he can be devoured by the game world and thus he perceives it himself and in his own way. Some questions, for example - which from a purely technical point of view would be really story relevant, are not even addressed in a great way and staged accordingly. The player has to come across these questions himself, which in my opinion is neither a pro nor a con, but is simply a double-edged sword! But it is far from PERFECT!

    Life in the cities has improved drastically, but it is still not absolute top, as one would expect, they have only increased the measurement rate. Too often I find NPCs when I meet them several times, which follow the usual course of the game, what looks great at first glance and in the overall impression can be a bit annoying when you look closely.

    As far as the landscape is concerned, except for the annoying facts that are always important, a mountain stands in the way and you have to climb outside instead of over it, one of the best aspects is the atmosphere of the landscape. You just really have the feeling that you are running around in Skyrim and so on

    Graphics: Can actually really agree with you here. Compared to Oblivion, what has changed is not only the effects but the overall design. What surprised me, I don't like the Nordic Viking-like style at all, but Skyrim did it well, which I don't love now, but can live with it. The city design is now also largely different, so, as in contrast to Oblivion, you don't always have the feeling that you are always running around in the same city with different house arrangements etc. Nevertheless, there are other games even in the RPG area that, in my opinion, had the better graphics / animations.

    What I think is a shame that you do not go into what I think is the most important point, the point where Bethesda has really outdone itself.
    You can still criticize the Synchro because it is still not what you should expect, especially when you think of RPGs like Divinity 2, Two Worlds 2 or especially Venetica, which in my opinion is the best example of German Synchs concerns. Nevertheless, it is not as cruel as in Oblivion, there are fewer repetitive voice actors.

    No - what knocked me off my feet this time, and what I was far from expecting is the soundtrack. While you can still remember Oblivion, where this cheesy quiet music was played, and hours until you finished muke, Bethesda has really created a masterpiece here. These quiet pieces are still there, don't worry, but there are now many more in number and each one is recorded at the right moment. So every now and then it just had such epic moments when you stand on the mountain and watch the sunrise and then the soft sound comes in! Epic. And even more epic when you stroll into a village and suddenly a dragon attacks and then the epic battle melodies come.

    My overall conclusion so far:
    GotY contender through and through, anyway when I look at the competition. Like The Witcher 2 - which was really cinematic, but still sprayed serious humor and the graphics were also great. In addition, the gameplay was a little more exciting. Or Dark Souls, the game where you are constantly going crazy because of the level of difficulty and this gloomy atmosphere.

    Nevertheless, you should watch Skyrim 100% IF the story is not that important to you. If you are not overwhelmed or crushed by the wide range of freedom that is enormous, and if you can empathize with an open game. That means you don't play the role as a kind of spectator but you are the role (the character!)
  • Skito

    I pixelated myself

    I don't understand what you got with the story. I found the story and the quests in their staging awesome. Well, I didn't play the title you mentioned and probably won't but if you compare this with Oblivion where the quests were just a change between dialogue and action, there is now something in Skyrim that I can call a real scene. I have e.g. The thieves 'guild quest played to the end (it was pretty short because they separated the normal thieves' orders from the main story of the guild this time) because there was a place that took my breath away so as not to reveal too much. And in general I hardly found quests that were "normal" for bilsang. ;)

    Well, that with the humor is such a thing, I always do my jokes with the game world myself. the storm coats are talking about showing the imperial what the north is and then I switch to the 3rd person to look at my kahjiit. XD

    But I can only agree with you on the soundtrack, sometimes I catch myself wanting to sing an epic song along with it.

    Oh, this game is so much fun for me ^^
  • But you're missing out on something, especially with Witcher 2 - which in my opinion competes with Skyrim ...

    I don't know what you mean by staging, but Skyrim can't do anything (except for the intro). You should really try other games (the Witcher 2 is the best example). That's what I call good production. Everything was ready for a film because it was so well staged. Cutscenes and other things are not found in SKyrim. Since the main character also has no personality, it is only too understandable that it is not possible.

    But that's not really a sense of humor either. I can fool around in a serious game (let's take GTA). That doesn't mean that the game really has a sense of humor.

    To the soundtrack. What I also find absolutely brilliant is when you go to a tavern and the bards suddenly play or sing the flute or lull. It has such a great flair.

    FInd I yeah, I don't deny it either. With my text I just wanted to say that TES is not yet the copy it could be, but at least it is much better than its predecessor.
  • Original from LightningYu
    To the story: [...]

    ... Like right now? A story is only good for you if cut scenes are built in? Well Cut scenes may be very nice in and of themselves, and have their place in games like C&C, The Witcher and others. BUT: Skyrim lives from the fact that the character / player can do what he wants. I don't want to have cut-scenes in which my character does something that I don't want to do. I don't want a stupid video that interrupts my wonderful flow of games. The scripted events that appear may not be cut-scenes and certainly not conjure up that certain cinema atmosphere as we know it from the C&C series. But that's exactly why Skyrim seems so much more alive, so much more personable, and the character so much more like myself. And that should actually be the goal of most RPGs - to create a connection between the player and the character.
    The only complaint I've heard about the story so far is that the main story is (again) too short.

    Original from LightningYu
    Atmosphere: The great strength of the game in addition to the open gameplay is also the great weakness. Unlike other RPGs, you leave a lot to the player, so Bethesda can make things a little easy for themselves and, for example, don't even have to stage a great story. If the player allows it, he can be devoured by the game world and thus he perceives it himself and in his own way. Some questions, for example - which from a purely technical point of view would really be story relevant, are not even addressed in a great way and staged accordingly. The player has to come across these questions himself, which in my opinion belongs neither to the pro nor to the con, but is simply a double-edged sword! But it is far from PERFECT!

    Again, I don't understand your reasoning. If you want to know something, you ask or research. You do the same thing in Skyrim - pure realism. That alone, in my opinion, puts Skyrim above many, many other RPGs that I know so well. It's a lot of fun figuring out something that interests you and is "story-relevant". And why often unsuitable-looking productions, when a guy (or woman) who has run along bursts in with a hail of information and you only wonder where this person is actually from or why the hell is they giving out the information right now?
    And the accusation that Bethesda doesn't have to stage the story in a great way is nonsense. It is much, much more difficult to convey open questions to the player and get him to answer them instead of simply giving him everything in perfect bites (e.g. via annoying cut-scenes ). Without a doubt, Bethesda has put a lot of effort and work into this and, after everything I've seen gaming so far, also done a very good job. [/ Quote]

    Original from LightningYu
    Life in the cities has improved drastically, but it is still not absolute top, as one would expect, they have only increased the measurement rate. Too often I find NPCs when I meet them several times, which follow the usual course of the game, what looks great at first glance and in the overall impression can be a bit annoying when you look closely.

    Um ... regular daily routine? I don't know about you, but I do pretty much the same thing every day. And earlier (i.e. in the Middle Ages) it was much more blatant, much more structured.So it's not surprising to see NPCs doing the same thing over and over again. You have to explain to me what should be annoying about it.

    I like to see that not everyone will like the game. But I really can't understand the arguments you brought up.

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  • Well, I'm currently under a lot of stress and have therefore barely had time to deal with Skyrim in great detail. So far I've only played the beginning ...
    where I just escaped the dragon and now have to fight my way through a kind of dungeon.

    As far as the graphics are concerned, I also think that they are actually not that bad, considering the size of the world. When you are initially brought into this small, imperial settlement on this cart, the vastness of the whole area reveals itself to the player a little. The characters are also kind of nice to look at and match the rest of the game in terms of design.
    Nevertheless, the engine is still based on that of Oblivion and Fallout 3 and you can clearly see that in the game. As far as I have heard, it is different, but you can still clearly see the old trains. In short, everything just seems a little clumsy, if you want to put it that way. Anyone who has already played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will notice that the NPCs there simply move much more fluidly and realistically than those in Skyrim. I don't want to make any disproportionate comparisons now, as Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3 are already very different in structure, but what Skyrim delivers in terms of Ki and animations is a little poor even for its standards. But mind you, that only applies to humans. The dragon at the beginning was basically only scripted and not an actual NPC, but its movements seem fluid and realistic somewhere.
    But you probably get used to it after an hour or two of play. At least that's how it was with me in Fallout ...

    Regarding the content, I have to say that the beginning didn't meet my taste at all.
    Ok, you're trapped, just not in a cell like in Oblivion, but on a cart that will take you somewhere. That is still acceptable.
    But then. The first NPCs that were transported with you on the cart will be executed. One is shot trying to escape, the other is executed in front of your eyes. Then it's your turn ... although it shouldn't be. Nobody knows you and still you should die. It is clear that this is not possible. Something has to be done to save you. I've speculated about how that happened ever since I realized I was going to be executed too. Secretly I was hoping for some kind of Quicktime event. You somehow free your hands, the executioner strikes, you evade the blow and disarm the guy, whereupon you somehow fight your way free, or after this action the dragon finally shows up. Ok, I've played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 before, so I found myself in the exhilaration of action that this game gives you. Still, I feel like it goes wildly against the grain to have been rescued by the accidental presence of a dragon. Honestly, that's ridiculous. When you have death in front of your eyes, you don't just wait quietly until it's over. If you die one way or another, it doesn't matter what you do. Why didn't you fled together? Two archers were present, the rest wore armor and would therefore never have caught up with you. I might freak out thinking about it. The Imba lizard has never bowed to the commands of others lightly and will not begin to do so now.

    I tell you, I'll come back to this place later and beat them all to a pulp ...

    Still, in general I have a relatively good impression of Skyrim. Let's see how it comes down the line ...

    By the way, what else would interest me ... what kind of species do you play? As always, I play an Argonian. I just kind of like these reptiles and they look a lot cooler in Skyrim than in Oblivion. :heart:
    As before, I will probably specialize him primarily in ranged combat and sneaking.

    Reindeer are not profitable.
  • I haven't played the game myself to this day because my brother is on the Steam account - he doesn't like to give it away - and I don't see buying a game twice in the same household and therefore have to wait ... : |

    But at least I watched - with growing impatience - and my impression is completely positive (and my brother's assessment was no different), the game seems to be very successful.
    [SIZE = 7] And I finally want to play it myself, damn it. [/ SIZE]
    Although I've already noticed a few bizarre moments, some of them involuntarily. For example, my brother and I are looking at the surroundings with fascination when an eagle glides through the air ... and heads straight for a mountain and disappears into it; also tired hares regularly hop through the area and head for the next river, in which they sink (to continue hopping on the bottom or to reappear shortly afterwards on the other bank). With the traps in the underground facilities you can also do funny actions by hurling a draugr at your approaching comrade with the bars that snap out - or unfortunately just as against your own character.
    Despite everything, the best thing is the assassin spirit that can be conjured up. Especially when he (analogously) "Go ahead, I'll follow you!" expresses, then runs ahead in the moonwalk and you only hear a "What was that?" and then hears the clang of weapons and the dying sound of the ghost. The support of the dragons is not bad either: Your own dragon likes to ally itself with an enemy and together they first sizzle Horker or a mammoth. Uh yeah My brother laughed at a chaos squad there. xD

    In any case, I find the graphics very attractive (and my brother has improved them extremely with various mods) and the surroundings are picturesque. Although I know it to a large extent, I don't want to say anything about the story for the time being until I experience it myself while playing, especially since I find it very attractive to explore this world on my own.
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  • Meanwhile I have Skyrim several times through and through all the graphic mods but also improved NPCs and so on I always like to return to the game.
    Yes, of course Skyrim has its glitches and bugs like almost every other open world game. Actually, that cannot be avoided.
    You just can't expect every NPC to lead a complete life of its own (even if that would be really great) that is hardly possible in terms of programming and if so, which PC should handle it? : D Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer until the time comes.

    I think the story of Skyrim is, let's say solid, you could argue that Morrowind or Oblivion had a better story, but Skyrim definitely has its own charm, and that's what I like about it.
    For me personally, it was more that "I'm looking at the world" feeling that made Skyrim so great for me.
    The world just invites you to say "Piggy on the main quest, I'll look at what's up there on the hill" And mostly you will find a side quest even there! : D
    By the way, for all those who are in it there is a mod of 230 golden eggs hidden all over Skyrim that you have to find, then you can see almost every corner of the world: 3 (Golden Egg Treasure Hunt)

    But also just stop and look at the landscape, the aurora or what I don't know is great :)
    Because the world of Skyrim is just beautiful, and I think it has an extremely cool sound design.
    Ero recently showed me a video where someone simply filmed a Skyrim landscape, I thought it was great!
    If you want to take a look: youtube.com/watch?v=tSoFl0sYb0A