Have you ever drank and cheated on someone

Cheating: These types of men do it again and again

Can a man who has cheated before be faithful in the future? Often not, believes psychologist and book author Wolfgang Krüger. The decisive factor is which type of man you are dealing with. For example, some men needed the affair to compensate for their battered self-esteem. Women should beware of these three types of men.

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Narcissistic men need self-affirmation

The new partner left his girlfriend for himself. Does that mean that you could end up like your ex-girlfriend at some point? Yes - at least for the narcissistic male type. The reason for the infidelity is usually not an unhappy relationship, but can be a personal crisis - such as a failure at work. "With the narcissistic type, the risk is very high that he will do that again and again," says Krüger.

Beware of men who are unable to commit

The same fate blooms women who meet a man with a great fear of closeness. Often these people had a separation experience in their childhood that they never got over, said Krüger. They perceive love as a dependency. In the long term, the incapacitated man will keep distancing himself from his partner by making contact with other women.

How to Spot Narcissists

If you look closely, you can quickly feel whether you are dealing with a narcissist or a character incapable of attachment. "You always run after a narcissist. He never answers and only talks about himself," says Krüger. On the other hand, if someone is poorly able to bond, they will avoid too much closeness. You can tell that, for example, by the fact that he does not make plans for the future together and avoids introducing friends or family to you.

Sex-addicted men often cheat

If a man cheats again and again, there can also be a serious disorder behind it. Doctors then speak of hypersexuality or sex addiction. Typical signs - in addition to cheating - are that the man consumes pornography on a daily basis and often pleasures himself. In this case, only a therapist can help solve the problem.