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1 With audio sample DVD Business success with voice computers Advisor for companies Content Areas of application, best practice & expert advice Topics Self service, information services, help desk, track & trace, automated switchboard, authentication service, marketing, outbound, value-added services, ordering systems Language is important. All over.

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3 Imprint Publisher (V.i.S.d.P.): Bernhard Steimel Inititative VOICE BUSINESS STRATECO GmbH & Co. KG Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade Bad Homburg v. d. Height of imprint Author: Alfred Preuß editorial office for print and internet Am Beethovenpark Cologne Production & layout: STRATECO GmbH & Co. KG Responsible: Marc C. Höfling Layout and typesetting: Laura Geisler Final editing: Sebastian Paulke Protective fee: 25, - 2006: Initiative VOICE BUSINESS An initiative by: mind Business Consultants STRATECO telepublic Verlag 3

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5 Guide for Companies Business Success with Voice Computers With well-designed voice applications, smart companies can cut costs, attract more orders and develop lucrative sources of income. A multimedia guide from the VOICE BUSINESS initiative shows companies where voice computers are worthwhile and what they should pay attention to when introducing them. Editorial I invite you to discover the exciting world of voice with this brochure. It is worth it .. Professor Wolfgang Wahlster, head of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and patron of the VOICE Business initiative, good times begin for companies: They can increase their sales with voice-based ordering systems and marketing campaigns. Innovative value-added services open up completely new business opportunities for them. Automated telephone exchanges, information and information services or self-service portals improve the effectiveness of customer care and reduce costs. The time to get started with speech technology is good: speech applications have developed rapidly over the past two years. Today companies can implement voice automation without large investments, the follow-up costs are low and the technology now really works. The new possibility of realizing voice applications inexpensively on a rental basis also gives medium-sized companies access to this technology. A new guide from the VOICE BUSINESS initiative offers useful decision-making assistance. It is particularly aimed at company bosses, IT managers and marketing specialists in companies of all sizes, and the managers of call centers. You will all find pure best practice in it: Companies report on their experiences with the use of speech dialogue systems. Eperten explain what companies should pay attention to during planning, implementation and implementation. The accompanying DVD presents audio samples of language applications that have already been implemented and which have been particularly successful, and contains a wide range of additional information material. 5

6 Contents This is what the brochure Fields of Application, Best Practice and Expert Advice offers you. These guidelines use company examples to describe worthwhile application options for voice services. Experts tell you what to look for when introducing. Start story Now a speech dialog system is also worthwhile for your company ... Page 08 With well-designed speech applications, clever companies can reduce costs, attract more orders and develop lucrative sources of income. Self-service customer service as a source of revenue ... Page 12 Instead of constantly answering standard questions, expensive employees can now concentrate on new business. Information and information services Get to the customer faster ... Page 16 Companies that always want to provide their customers with the latest information can now do it cheaper, faster and up-to-date. Ordering systems Complete more orders ... page 20 With a voice-controlled ordering system, companies have their order acceptance open all week and around the clock. Track & Trace Offering more service ... Page 23 With new service offers, companies give their products added value and thus remain the winners in competition with low-cost providers. Automated telephone switchboard Always available ... Page 26 Now companies no longer have to fear that a useful business contact will be lost because the employee is not at his place when a call is made. 6th

7 Authentication service Security on demand ... Page 30 By using a voice computer, companies can offer their customers absolute discretion and their employees more security when assigning passwords. Contents Product Support Help Desk Help for self-help ... Page 34 With intelligent operating instructions, even complicated devices and machines can now be sold more easily. Marketing Advertising with eloquence ... Page 38 Speech dialog systems make appealing competitions possible, bind customers more closely to the company and provide everyday products with the celebrity bonus. Outbound applications Successfully acquire new customers ... page 42 Voice systems help companies to contact a huge number of new customers, to make appointments quickly and to conduct interviews and market surveys. Value-added services Earning money with speech dialogue systems ... Page 46 Today, good business can be done with communities, infotainment offers or advisors in all situations. Planning guide The quick way to the optimal speech dialogue system ... Page 51 In a few months companies can install their own speech dialogue system. Important: structured planning, optimal dialogue and a suitable investment model. You can find it on the DVD and on the web ... Page 56 A wide range of additional information material awaits you on the enclosed DVD. Tools on the Internet help with the practical implementation. Both offers are an excellent complement to this guide. Directory of providers ... Page 60 7

8 Startstory Startstory Now a speech dialog system is also worthwhile for your company Well-designed speech applications help companies to reduce costs, attract more orders and secure lucrative sources of income. The new solutions can be implemented quickly and usually pay for themselves within a few months. 8th

9 Voice computers bring the greatest benefit to a company wherever the voice application offers users additional added value or business transactions cannot be automated in any other way, advises Jens Klemann, managing director of the management consultancy Strateco GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Homburg and spokesman for the VOICE initiative BUSINESS. Especially when Web Self Service is already in use or the processes in the call center are completely mapped in the EDP system, it is only a comparatively small step to at least automate the simple processes by voice! Startstory The nimble helpers are at work around the clock: voice computers provide precise information about train connections, give cinema tips, take orders, advise customers competently on the installation of technical devices, record meter readings, reserve tickets, issue secure passwords, remind debtors of outstanding payments and they do countless more tasks in companies. Speech dialog systems have now become an integral part of our everyday life, knows Bernhard Steimel, owner of the consulting company mind Business Consultants in Düsseldorf and initiator of the VOICE BUSINESS initiative, and are increasingly conquering new fields of communication. This is the beginning of good times for companies: They can use voice-based ordering systems and marketing campaigns to increase their sales. Innovative value-added services open up completely new business opportunities for them. Voice applications such as track & trace or password authentication increase customer satisfaction. Automated switchboards, information and inquiry services or self-service portals improve the performance of your employees and reduce costs. Steimel: Every company should now think about the areas of the company in which the use of a speech dialog system is worthwhile for them. This guide from the VOICE BUSINESS initiative will help you with this. According to his experience, the four most important success factors for a speech application are: 1. Analyze application scenarios in advance and allow for sufficient time for planning. 2. Set great store by a good, user-centered dialog design - that increases customer acceptance. 3. Not only staff project teams with engineers, but also involve marketers. 4. Do not practice technology fetishism. Klemann also sees a wide field for voice applications within companies: for example, field staff can use the voice dialog system to quickly clarify at any time whether a product desired by the customer can be delivered immediately. Or: After completing the work, fitters pass their time sheets to a voice computer and the company issues the invoice on the same day. The time to deal with speech dialog systems now is also good for another reason: Speech applications have developed rapidly in the last two years, reports Bernhard Steimel, today companies can implement speech automation without large investments, the follow-up costs are low and the Technology really works now. 9

10 Start story Good reasons for a speech dialogue system A speech dialogue system pays off wherever there is a large number of customer contacts every day, "advises Jens Klemann, Managing Director of the management consultancy STRATECO GmbH & Co. KG (there are three convincing arguments for this: 1. Customers have become more demanding . Buyers are increasingly demanding more service and greater accessibility from companies. Consulting services are becoming more and more complex and companies have to calculate more and more time for the service. Voice dialog systems process calls with standard questions independently and thus leave employees more time for consultation-intensive discussions or processes that affect the company 2. Customer service has to pay off. Companies now spend between 5 and 20 euros for each individual customer consultation via a call center. In the past, companies have often tried to reduce costs by outsourcing to low-wage countries such as the Os tblock to reduce Turkey or even countries like India. More and more companies, however, are discovering the use of voice dialog systems as a new alternative: With the right mix of agents for complex business transactions, you are able to offer customer service at competitive costs even in the expensive location of Germany. 3. The technology has become cheaper. In the past, companies often had to spend more than euros on hardware alone and also had to train their technicians. So-called managed services are now available at low cost. With these hosting solutions, billing is often only based on the minutes used or the transaction volume. This means that companies no longer take any financial risk and are more flexible. In addition, offers with ready-made applications are increasingly coming onto the market, for example for a company telephone directory or a branch finder. Where in the past weeks of development time were often necessary, medium-sized companies in particular can put their own voice applications into operation with little adjustment effort and save costs. 10

11 Learning from the experiences of others Voice dialog systems have become suitable for everyday use, says Bernhard Steimel, owner of the consulting company mind Business Consultants in Düsseldorf (and initiator of the VOICE BUSINESS initiative. He has worked with over 130 voice-controlled services that competed for the VOICE Awards 2004 and 2005 , examines the experiences of users. Start story 1. Voice computers are conquering everyday life. It is highly likely that every German citizen has had at least one experience with a voice dialogue system. Almost half of the applications submitted show unique user numbers, more than voice applications are used more and more frequently . Millions of callers use voice applications every day: Almost 80 percent of the participants in the VOICE Award stated that more than 90 percent of their customer contacts take place in interaction with the voice application. 3. The caller arrives at their destination in an average of 90 seconds. With Self Services, it can Voice dialo gsystems with every call center agent: 72 percent of the applications submitted for the VOICE Award could be completed in less than two minutes. 4. Almost every call leads to success. Most voice applications are now so well equipped that they actually handle the calls of the callers: A good every second participant in the VOICE Award stated that their application handled the process to the end in 90 percent of the calls. 5. Voice applications are implemented quickly. Companies can react quickly to market needs: the applicants for the VOICE Award took an average of less than four months from the decision to commissioning. 6. The investment costs have fallen sharply. Voice applications are now also affordable for medium-sized businesses: 54 percent of the systems presented for the VOICE Award were implemented for less than euros. Two years earlier, the average cost was around euros. 7. Investments pay for themselves in an average of 9.5 months. Over a third of all speech dialogue systems presented at the competition paid for themselves within six months, and a good third paid for itself after eleven months at the latest. 8. The follow-up costs are low. Compared to the initial investment, the maintenance costs have hardly any impact on speech dialog systems: the average update effort for the submitted applications is only 530 euros per month. 9. Customer communication is more cost-effective than ever before. When comparing costs with call centers, voice dialog systems come off very well: the average transaction costs per call are around 20 cents. 10. Companies save euros annually. Voice dialog systems have the better cards than call centers: More than half of all the applications tested at the VOICE Award resulted in savings of over euros per year. 11

12 Self-service Self-service customer service with convenience Companies benefit in three ways from a self-service portal: they save costs, increase customer satisfaction and generate more sales. Instead of constantly answering standard questions, expensive employees can now concentrate on new business. 12

13 Sparda-Bank Hamburg: More than 60 services via voice computer One of the most agile employees at Sparda-Bank Hamburg is a machine. Our voice computer often realizes a customer call faster than a human when a new business opportunity is emerging, reports Jürgen Mehring, Head of Inhouse Consulting and Organization. Because: During a conversation, the speech dialogue system instantly recognizes key words that indicate a possible sales situation. Example: If the customer says: give me the latest conditions, the voice computer will be wide awake to the terms latest and conditions and immediately follow up: If you would like more information, I will put you through to an advisor. Self-Service The Success Strategy for the Self-Service Portal Companies are now evaluating the benefits of a self-service portal from a completely new perspective, says Christian Pereira, while in the past the focus was on clumsy cost-cutting, they now have the marketing advantages in their sights. The managing director of dtms Solutions GmbH (advises companies to pay attention to three points so that the offer is well received by the customers and companies benefit from the use of speech: 1. Open an additional communication channel for the customer. The introduction of a self-service portal is difficult to communicate when the customer gets the impression that something is being taken away from him, for example a communication channel he has previously preferred. Modern strategies look different: Companies offer the customer all communication channels from agents, via the Internet and on top also the voice application it is up to your customers to decide which way they want to go. Companies should therefore present their advisory and information program via all communication channels. 2. Offer service for special life situations. The customer will always choose the communication path that suits him in a certain Situation the best, most comfortable and inexpensive tigest is. Companies are particularly successful with a voice-based self-service portal if they offer their customers additional benefits. Such an offer is, for example, the check-in option for the typhoon trip to the airport. The system recognizes the caller, asks him which seat he prefers on the plane and confirms the booking. Or: Repeatedly checking the account balance at the bank. Such a request can sometimes be embarrassing for a customer 13

14 Self-Service A so-called self-service portal is a great solution for many companies, says Christian Pereira, managing director of dtms Solutions GmbH in Cologne, because it allows them to offer their customers more support, generate more sales and save costs. The only technical requirement: the company links its existing IT processes and knowledge databases with the speech dialogue system. Pereira sees good application possibilities for voice-based self-service applications, for example, in banks, telecommunications companies, energy providers and companies in the transport and tourism industries. Pereira: A self-service portal is particularly worthwhile for a company if the users have an ever greater need for advice, but the return on sales is lower because less and less profit is generated per unit sold. Another new field of application with immense potential benefits is, for example, health-related applications.Sparda-Bank offers its customers around 60 services via a voice dialogue system: from checking the account balance to information on where to find the nearest ATM to making transfers or blocking a just lost success for Sparda-Bank Hamburg + round calls in Month + More than 85 percent of inquiries are successfully completed + Costs of max. 50 cents per EC card sent. Mehring: No employee touches the process anymore. The big advantage of the system: It has brought a clear structure to the processing of telephone customer inquiries. Everyday business runs on the machine. Telephone time in the branches has fallen to less than five percent of the total sales time, reports Mehring, our employees can now concentrate on the essentials, namely on advising and selling products. The bank customers seem to particularly like the contact with the voice computer, Mehring found out in a survey. The dialogue with a voice computer relaxes the situation. 3. Keep the investment risk low. Today companies no longer have to invest millions in setting up a self-service portal, but can use the high-performance infrastructure of a hosting provider for the entire voice dialog. Costs only arise if the portal is actually used by the customer. At dtms Solutions, one minute of usage costs ten cents. In the case of a billing agreement based on price per process, for example, a ticket booking or account query costs around 25 to 30 cents. Alternatively, a so-called port is charged as a basic fee of EUR 200 per month for each channel. The money that a company saves on investment in technology is then available for setting up and optimizing the speech application. 14th

15 den: Some callers even attribute something like humanity to the system and give it a high level of competence. However, the machine must not become too human. In the initial phase, the voice computer called Michaela Mei. Mehring: The customers didn't accept that; they want a clear distinction between man and machine. Self-service audio samples You can find these audio demos for self-service applications on the enclosed DVD: Sparda-Bank Hamburg The voice portal offers over 60 different services for transfers, account balance inquiries, ATM searches, opening times and locations, and blocking of credit and EC cards , Sending forms and product information. 1-1 Sparda Bank T-Mobile Sprachmanager Supports customers with a wide range of business transactions such as calling up product information and services, as well as changing tariffs. Provides brief and, if requested, more detailed information. A guided tour makes the information available to the customer. 1-2 T-Mobile Speech Manager T-Online Customer Service Offers a variety of services that are particularly valuable when the Internet connection is interrupted: tariff change information, DSL installation support, availability and billing, access difficulties, customer advisors. 1-3 T-Online Customer Service Citibank Citiphone Brokerage The Citibank system enables securities transactions to be carried out simply, quickly and in real time by voice. The system handles several thousand calls a day. It is already used by more than 1,000 customers. 1-4 Citibank Postbank The voice computer handles a variety of banking services. Daily via callers. Good dialog flow through topic-related menu navigation. The use of four characters enables adaptation to different types of customers. 1-5 Postbank 15

16 Information services Information and information services Getting to the customer faster Companies that always want to provide their customers with the latest information can now do it cheaper, faster and up-to-date: their customers are always well informed by calling the speech dialogue system. 16

17 Multiple cinema Cinecitta: film tips from the voice computer Times have changed: in the past, our cinema had a simple announcement from the tape, remembers Stefan Grundler, Marketing Manager at Nuremberg's multiple cinema Cinecitta, with more than 30 films in 21 cinema halls, the listener often had to wait longer than five minutes wait until the information about the film of your choice has been played. Today, Cinecitta visitors can quickly find out the movie highlights of the evening, the current starting times for the film, in which hall it is running when they call the most successful cinema complex in Germany. A voice computer helps them with this. On request, he can even tell the caller what awaits him in the film. Cinecitta has been using the speech dialogue system developed by Sympalog Voice Solutions GmbH for two years. There are information services every day The success factors for an information service The most important success criterion for an information and information service is the service quality from the caller's point of view, says Richard Breuer, Sales Engineer at the language technology provider Nuance Communications (Companies should pay particular attention to five points when developing an information service : 1. Correct voice. The greeting by the voice computer is the first contact between the caller and the machine. This is why the so-called persona is important: Does the voice fit the company? Does it have to be young? Serious? Friendliness is definitely required. Leave it Callers notice that they are talking to a machine and forget about it in the course of the conversation. 2. Good ergonomics. Short dialogues and a clear structure are important criteria for the design of an information service. The user must know where in the system he is Configure the speech dialogue system in such a way that it is available to the caller in the event of prob lemen provides targeted help. 3. High efficiency. Many people call a speech dialogue system because they expect a clear answer to their question in a short time. So don't let the caller stubbornly work through a menu tree. Better is a avoided initiative in which the caller can control the dialogue with his own statements, interrupt the machine at any point or skip passages (barge-in). 4. Perceived recognition rate. Do not give the caller the impression that he is talking to a stupid machine. This can easily happen if companies set their applications incorrectly - for example to a detection threshold of 90 percent. The voice computer recognizes 17

18 information services provide detailed information up to times and are extremely communicative. We want to deal with our customers as personally as possible, says Grundler, which is why it is crucial for us that our customers can speak correctly with the computer. The caller is not only free to ask specifically for the film title, date, time or cinema. The voice computer also understands everyday language. The system comes with What's going on at the Cinecitta tonight? just as rightly, as with: I would like to know when the movie Barefoot is showing in Manhattan. It asks if the caller only gives a vague time limit or does not really remember a film title and makes appropriate suggestions. Grundler: It is not the computer that controls the conversation, but the customer. With success: more than a third of the callers reserve a ticket straight away. Voice-based information services can be used by companies for a wide range of services, says Richard Breuer, Sales Engineer at the American language technology provider Nuance Communications, based in Aachen, from timetable information and the possibility of requesting product documents to consumer information as to whether a product is available. Breuer sees a broad business area in so-called location-based services: speech dialogue systems plus mobile phones are the ideal partners for everyone who is on the move and needs information on the move. Example: Where is the nearest petrol station, a good restaurant or a free parking space? Or: is there a traffic jam in my direction of travel? Personal contact does not have to be omitted when using a voice computer. To reserve cinema tickets, for example, the Cinecitta system connects the caller with an employee. The word would then be technical, but because of the setting, it still asks or even breaks off the dialogue for no reason. Enter the terms likely to be used by the caller, such as product names or foreign words, in different pronunciation variants in the system. This increases the recognition rate. 5. Price-performance ratio. Remember that there are many services available on the Internet for free. Key question: Does mobile use justify the service or telephone costs? Companies that use an information service for customer loyalty should consider offering it free of charge via an 0800 number. 18th

19 Success for Cinecitta + handles 90 percent of inquiries in a case-by-case manner + Realized in two months + Amortization after three months + Significantly better and faster customer service and connection to a reservation system is no problem, says Stefan Grundler: The question of a free seat in the cinema with a good view, however, a person can still answer better and faster than a machine. What actually means ... Audio samples You can find these audio demos for information and information services on the enclosed DVD: Cinecitta At the Nuremberg Multiple Cinema, visitors can quickly find out about the current program by phone. An intelligent speech dialogue system also provides short descriptions of the films. 2-1 Cinecitta cinema information Timetable information Hamburg The timetable information of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund informs callers about all connections in the metropolitan region and also provides information on the transport price. The vocabulary includes terms. 2-2 Timetable information services Persona "Character" or "Personality" of a voice application. Is achieved by voice. A consistent design is made possible by a description of the persona's social characteristics and lifestyle. Barge-in ability to respond before the prompt has finished playing. Dialog Design Should make the use of a speech engine easy, fast and pleasant for the caller. At mied Initiative, the dialogue process adapts dynamically to the needs of the caller. Viasuisse Infotraffic Trilingual traffic information about the state of the Swiss road network. Allows you to quickly determine the traffic situation on a specific motorway or the passability of Alpine passes. 2-3 Viasuisse-Infotraffic DB dialog train information The voice-controlled timetable information offers a simple possibility to inquire about train connections including transfer stations en route. The request is free of charge from the landline network. Phone number

20 Ordering systems Ordering systems Complete more orders With a voice-controlled ordering system, companies have their order acceptance open all week and around the clock: Your customers can now order goods or order services at any time. Cablecom: New business opportunities through movie on demand The decision was made quickly: When we wanted to set up the new ordering system for pay-per-view television, we were faced with the choice of spending francs per year for eight new call center employees or annually for a machine, recalls Markus Wenk, Operational Manager Technical Help Desk at the Swiss cable network operator Cablecom. Background: In addition to its main business of television, Internet and telephony, Cablecom saw lucrative business opportunities in movie on demand about two years ago: for six francs, digital tv customers can now download a selection of up to 40 feature films, updated monthly, to their digital boom via cable Have erotic strips sent for nine francs. How an ordering system brings worthwhile orders Ordering systems have to function well technically and be intuitive to use for customers, says Jan Siegmund, Project Manager at Telenet GmbH Kommunikationssysteme in Munich (He advises companies to pay particular attention to these points: 1. Choose the right channel A manageable range of goods is easy to implement as a voice dialog. Comprehensive catalogs of goods, on the other hand, are better off on the Internet. But: If the voice dialog is optimally designed for the target group and purpose, you will reach your goal faster with the medium of language than with a graphic system. 2. The target group Especially with end customer applications - such as ringtone downloads - the target group wants to be picked up with a specific Hear & Feel. In all cases, however, a voice user interface (VUI) must meet current best practice standards (see also 12 golden rules for a professional VUI design: 3. Use existing technology Ehenden Internet presence: The shop logic developed for the web is already available. A speech dialogue system can easily be connected via a corresponding interface so that companies can quickly offer their customers a speech dialogue variant in addition to the Internet. 4. Always keep the offer up to date. It is important to maintain the application. Current data must be entered. Professional application life cycle management is essential. Example of voice recognition tuning: Creation of exception dictionaries to recognize pronunciation variants of products, for example English or French names or street names at 20

21 Two ways lead to the film experience: On the one hand, customers can order the film with their remote control via the set-top board. But for this it must be connected to the telephone line. An alternative ordering option for those who no longer have a landline connection but only a mobile phone, or for whom the link between the cable connection and the telephone socket is too cumbersome: call the speech dialogue system. This records the film requests, notes the amount to be paid for it on the customer account and sends the film to the home office by cable. About 50 percent of all films ordered are broadcast via the voice channel, reports Wenk. The speech dialogue system has been in use for two years. During this time, customers have ordered more films than many from the erotic category. Wenk: Some customers obviously appreciate the anonymity of a machine. Ordering by voice dialogue system brings a Tai ordering system. The system must take into account all pronunciation variants. 5. Provide manpower. Particularly large companies with complex language dialogs that are frequently updated must ensure that appropriate human resources and competencies are available that guarantee professional application life cycle management. Support of this kind is part of the range of services offered by every provider of speech dialogue systems. For companies with large or multiple systems, it may be worthwhile to hire a special employee. He should have a linguistic background, a technical affinity and be familiar with voice user interfaces. Success for Cablecom customers use the offer + In two years more than films borrowed Francs per year in costs saved for a company great advantages, says Jan Siegmund, project manager at Telenet GmbH Kommunikationssysteme in Munich, it can use it to market services as well as tangible goods and software - for example ringtones. Order systems for services are well received by customers who are in a mobility phase and for whom the telephone may be the only available means of communication. Examples: Book or reserve cinema or concert tickets while out and about; rebook a flight on the way to the airport; Make a seat reservation in the tai to the train station. If it is technically possible to localize the caller, so-called location-based services can be used, which offer local services, recommends Siegmund. Examples are: restaurant finder and reservation services (where can I eat Italian at 8 p.m. tonight?), Cinema and film finder (where can I watch film XY near me tonight?). For the success of voice-controlled goods ordering systems, it is important that the offer is manageable. Jan Siegmund: Because the speech dialogue system has to function solely through listening, it cannot be used to display overly extensive product catalogs. In the case of large mail-order catalogs, however, a voice dialog can be used to simply take orders. Example: The customer identifies himself and places his order by specifying the ordering system 21

22 ordering systems product numbers. His shopping cart is read out to him via speech synthesis and he can confirm or modify the order. For example, Siegmund sees an automated voice dialog for placing orders in the catering sector as a compact and manageable scenario for an effective ordering system for professionals: the restaurant owner authenticates himself in the voice dialog system of his supplier and orders beer, wine or soft drinks there around the clock. Another important factor for the success of an order channel is how helpful the provider is to his customers. With us, the caller can switch to the call center at any stage of the conversation, reports Cablecom manager Wenk. And the What actually means ... Hear and Feel The acoustic analogy to the "Look and Feel", the appearance of an application. The voice computer even thinks for itself: if it recognizes in the course of the conversation that the caller needs help, it automatically forwards him to an employee in the call center. This is the case with around every tenth caller. A sure sign of the necessary human assistance: When the customer repeatedly gives an incomprehensible answer to the repetition of questions through the system. Audio samples You will find the following audio demos for ordering systems on the enclosed DVD: Cablecom ordering films Cablecom digital-tv customers can use the system to order films of their choice with voice control. The voice computer also understands information such as noon and evening and suggests appropriate film opening times.3-1 Movie-on-demand garden center Ahrens + Sieberz The plant mail order company from Siegburg enables you to order from an extensive catalog using a voice dialogue system. It takes into account price / quantity scales, graduated shipping costs, and savings sets from a certain order quantity. 3-2 Garden Center Borussia Dortmund: Automatic ticket reservation Fans can purchase tickets for the club's games by telephone. The system also supports fast transactions after entering credit card details or bank details. 3-3 Ticket Reservation Quellefon Allows Quelle customers to shop from the mail order catalog by phone in just 30 seconds. Quellefon handles up to 14 calls a day. Over customers have already used the voice computer. 3-4 Source WiHup: Taizentrale Evelyn is an intelligent speech dialogue system for handling Taiball telephone orders. It knows exactly about the fleet status, travel time and capacity utilization and is trained in the local Viennese dialect. 3-5 Tairuf 22

23 Track & Trace Offering more service With new service offers, companies give their products added value and thus remain the winners in competition with low-cost providers. Voice-based track & trace systems help you to have your services ready at all times. With workflow systems you can capture data faster and reduce your personnel costs. Track & Trace Everyone likes to hear good news: DHL customers can use the phone to find out around the clock where their parcel is on the way from sender to recipient. For two years now, we have also been offering this service via a voice dialogue system, says Thomas Esch, Team Manager Business Relations at the parcel shipper DHL Epress Vertriebs GmbH & Co. OHG in Bonn. DHL customer service: Know where the shipment is at all times Access to the shipment status and direct contact with an employee is via the standard service number at DHL optimal Track & Trace shipment tracking is a major challenge for a voice dialogue system, says Murat Sögüt, Senior Account Executive at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories GmbH (The more services a transport company offers, the more complex the structure. Companies should pay attention to these points: 1. Processes When setting up a track & trace process, companies should involve employees and specialists who know the company processes. User interface and know-how must match, the developer must understand the processes in order to convert them into a customer-friendly interface is now very comfortable l and mature; automated speech reproduction works well but will continue to evolve. 2. Bringing together experts. Technology used to be a black box for IT staff. Today it can maintain and operate the voice application itself. The application development is carried out by a number of service providers. Companies should bring together a team of system integrators plus language application specialists. 3. Build the system. Communication should be done without any frills. She must be over 23

24 Track & Trace success for DHL calls monthly + 50 percent of all shipment tracking are fully processed + Tone dialing or a voice dialog system developed in 6 months. Every fifth caller decides on the language variant, reports Esch. All standard dialogs (please enter the identification code) plus all place and street names were recorded with professional speakers. The voice computer formulates the answer independently based on the information from the database (Tet-to-Speech). Press a button on his phone or by voice. Depending on which channel the caller uses to answer the first question, the dialog goes automatically either using Track & Trace, which is an important service area for many companies. Large transport companies are in competition with smaller, regional logisticians, reports Murat Sögüt, Senior Account Eecutive, who have clear instructions (prompts) to get the caller to give the Ident-Code. Then it is the job of the system to give the caller as much information as possible. Important: The voice computer should be able to recognize a wide variety of sequences of digits. Ident codes sometimes consist of 12-digit numbers that many callers pronounce differently. 4. Plan enough time. It usually takes seven to nine months for a Track & Trace system to work properly: The implementation time is around six months. The subsequent pilot phase lasts two to four months - fine-tuning, acceptance tests and use in a closed user group take place. The aim is to optimize the dialogue and find out if and when people break off. 5. Establish additional business. Companies should think about what else they can achieve with their Track & Trace system. You can try to sell on with additional language modules: I have read you the current transmission status, what else can I do for you? Do you need certain materials? Would you like to post another shipment? 24

25 Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories GmbH in Munich. With services such as mobile shipment tracking, they can offer their customers more service and thus gain competitive advantages. The transport companies pay a lot of money for this type of service. The agents are expensive specialists who not only deal with shipment tracking, but also have to be familiar with all other questions relating to transport, explains Sögüt, an interaction with the live agent costs around ten euros. When using a voice dialogue system, companies pay between 20 and 40 cents per process. Sögüt: You can use a machine to extract 50 to 55 percent of inquiries from people. Murat Sögüt sees further possible uses for such systems for many companies in the optimization of internal processes: Employees can quickly find out from anywhere in the world the production stage of the component planned for a particular project. This usually does not involve any major technical effort: If a query system has been set up on the Internet, companies can use the same interface, according to Sögüt, and the information is then displayed in the voice browser in the same way as the Internet world. As with DHL: After entering the ID number and the information whether you are calling as the sender or recipient, the system provides information on the current status of the shipment. If you want it in writing, you can have the information confirmed by SMS or Fa. However, if a peculiarity is noticed during the status determination, the system immediately forwards the caller to an agent. For individual processing, the employee has all the information provided by the customer up to then as well as the information about the shipment on his monitor. DHL Manager Esch: We prefer to talk to our customers personally about problems. What actually means ... Prompt spoken machine output that signals to the user that he can make his input. Tet to Speech speech synthesis software converts information requested from a database into speech and reads it to the caller. Audio samples You can find these audio demos for Track & Trace services and workflow applications on the enclosed DVD: DHL Parcel Service Info The automated shipment tracking provides recipients and senders with information on the shipping status of national deliveries as well as the sender and addressee. 4-1 DHL shipment tracking DFB media game results recording The aim is to record game results from German amateur football leagues so that they can be passed on to the press. The system is able to receive results in just a few hours. 4-2 DFB game results Track & Trace 25

26 Switchboard Automated switchboard Always available Now companies no longer have to fear that a useful business contact will be lost because the employee is not at his / her place when a call is made. An automated switchboard ensures the right contact. 26

27 T-Com telephone manager: everything under one Magnum number is on the phone. The distinctive voice of the US television hero greets and surprises the caller. Every company can now afford such an impressive entrance, says Klaus Winkel, product manager for freecall 0800 and 0180call at Deutsche Telekom AG T-Com. His area of ​​responsibility also includes the marketing of a new range of services from T-Com: Personal Call Management. With this, companies increase the availability of their employees, explains Klaus Winkel, customers and business partners only need to remember a single telephone number. Because: If the user cannot be reached during a call, a clever speech dialogue system will respond. To do this, a company first needs an or 0800 number. The call is sent to the switchboard How to successfully set up automated telephone systems Medium-sized companies often have it easier to set up an individual voice dialogue system for their switchboard than large companies, reports Klaus Dietz, Managing Director of INLOQ Voice Solutions e.k. (Because: A small car company can convert the system overnight, but corporations have an established organizational structure. How it works well for both user groups: 1. Commission a system house. Companies usually need support for planning and implementation a system house. The service provider implements your requirements in the optimal solution and is familiar with the provider scene. Important: The system house needs a sensitivity for what is done in the company and the vocabulary used by the voice computer must be tailored to the industry. Companies should therefore pay attention to industry experience when making a selection: The system house should know what is important when contacting a doctor or a car workshop, for example, through the specification of medical or technical terms. Basic modules are voice input and voice output, much more carefully than rigidly incorporated e formulations is the so-called speech synthesis. The speech computer sets the sentences individually from a multitude of 27

28 telephone switchboard of a so-called Audiotet platform and forwarded to the telephone number of the person called after a database query. The settings for what should happen to a call when they are absent can be made by the user in advance on the web (or via the speech dialogue system. If the called party does not answer an incoming phone call, the procedure specified by him takes place: The caller is asked whether he wants to The representative wants to speak, leave a message on the mailbox or want to be connected to the mobile phone. If he leaves a message on the mailbox, the person called will receive information by SMS and the voice file as an attachment by. Voice-based telephone exchanges are worthwhile for all types of companies, says Klaus Dietz, managing director of INLOQ Voice Solutions ek in Tiefenbach. The plus points: 1. You ensure permanent availability for the company 2. You increase customer satisfaction and make a good impression 3. You are successful for T -Com + Developed in seven months + investment volume in euros + return on investment in 10 months save the company personnel costs. Dietz: Automated telephone exchanges usually paid for themselves after a few months. There are two ways to use the technology: For companies who are primarily interested in permanent availability, the system offered by T-Com is an inexpensive option. T-Com charges a monthly fee of 200 euros plus connection surcharges and costs for the or 0800 number. An announcement with a standard voice costs a one-time fee of 274 euros and just a little more if a star like Magnum answers the phone. number of single words together. The system can address the caller by name and even react emotionally: Reactions like Ah or Oh often loosen up a conversation. The basis is a phoneme list that was spoken by a professional speaker and generated with a comprehensive conversion program. Companies thus also have the option of generating their own voice (corporate voice) using speech synthesis and using it for marketing purposes. 3. Integrate databases. Companies that have already stored their customer information in a database can connect the switchboard to it. The system can be set up so that it recognizes the customer immediately based on the telephone number or the language. When connecting, the employee has the customer data at hand. 4. Provide an emergency exit. A good voice computer quickly notices whether the caller is blocked. He recognizes something like this, for example, by the timidity in the voice or the increased appearance of Ahs. The system can filter these out and then make the decision to connect the caller with a human contact person. 28

29 What actually means ... Port Technical resource that is required to process a call. A 30 port system can handle 30 simultaneous calls. NLU Natural Language Understanding enables you to speak in full sentences with the language application. Also recognizes different meanings depending on the sentence position. Audio samples You will find the following audio demos for automated telephone exchanges on the enclosed DVD: T-Com Personal Call Management users control their availability and the forwarding of calls to various connections via the Internet or voice input. The voice dialog with the caller only starts when the called party cannot be reached. 5-1 Personal Call Management Switchboard A worthwhile alternative for many companies can also be to invest in their own automatic switchboard. With the in-house solution, a connection to the company database is possible, explains Klaus Dietz, which makes the switchboard even more powerful. Networked solutions are particularly useful for companies with only a few administrative employees who also have to do a lot of tasks. Here the language engine can prepare the necessary work steps for processing the request. Take a construction company, for example: If the caller wants to speak to the accounting department, the voice computer asks for the customer number and the invoice details in advance. Dietz: This means that the clerk has the incident on his monitor and knows immediately what it is about. In the future, voice computers can even save employees from having to deal with customers who want to complain. Klaus Dietz: In laboratory development, speech dialog systems are used that recognize when someone is called based on their choice of words, speaking speed and tone of voice whether someone is angry and react correctly. Augsburg Citizens' Telephone The Augsburg Citizens' Telephone Office offers information on the citizens' offices, information on vehicle registration, ID applications, registration and de-registration, and the issuing of certificates of good conduct. If required, the system can also put the call through to a clerk. 5-2 Citizen's phone fly phone Connects people who need to talk together anonymously. E-TV presenter Pastor Fliege will give the introduction. The speech dialogue system is adaptable and freely scalable for other applications or customers. 5-3 Fly Phone European Travel Insurance Offers customers the opportunity to take out insurance and report damage. The system was developed in less than a month and paid for itself in three months. 5-4 Travel Insurance 29

30 Authentication Service Authentication Service Security on Demand In many business relationships, confidentiality is the most important basis for a successful collaboration. With a voice dialog system, companies can offer their customers absolute discretion and their employees more security when assigning passwords. 30th

31 Swisscom: Password assignment without stress Every Monday morning it was rush hour for us, remembers Markus Strebel, Service Manager at Swisscom IT Services: Colleagues called the help desk en masse to change their computer passwords. The reason for this was a new IT security guideline. At that time, the Swiss telecommunications company Swisscom introduced a new security standard that required all more than employees to regularly change their network passwords. For example, after the weekend or vacation, when many employees wanted to change their passwords at the same time, this led to real rush hours. Today the new week has started leisurely in Ostermundigen near Bern. Because all the work is now done by a voice-controlled password management system. The process can be completed in a minute and a half, reports Strebel. At Swisscom, the key to changing passwords is the voice of the employee: every computer user has to be registered by telephone with a voice profile, a so-called voiceprint. To do this, the system gives him a series of letters and numbers that he has to repeat. When renewing or changing his password, the employee first logs in with his personnel number. In order for the system to compare the voice with the stored template, the caller must also repeat six randomly composed letters or numbers. If the sound matches, the voice computer automatically gives him the new password, again a combination of letters and numbers. With this, the employee first comes into the operating system, explains Markus Strebel, and can then create a password that is easier to remember. More than 50 percent of employees forget their password at least once a year.It's an expensive thing for companies, says Martin Giebel, Director Alliances at the Softlab Group in Munich, because a password reset with a live agent costs between 8 and 15 euros. At only around 30 cents per process, the speech dialogue system is the unbeatable alternative. Giebel: The use is worthwhile for companies with employees who carry out the password reset via an internal call center and help desk. The investment usually pays for itself after one year. Such systems are currently offered mainly in the internal area. This enables 24/7 access to computers, says Martin Giebel. He sees biometric success in the use of Swisscom + already more than 20,000 users + costs reduced by more than 50 percent + In three months, technologies will also realize a large number of other areas of application and new business opportunities: a secure authentication offer via self-service voice portal can do a lot for a company in the consumer sector Offer competitive advantages. Secure authentication of people is possible with every telephone. Authentication Service 31

32 Authentication service How to successfully introduce a password voice computer Success is a question of organization, says Martin Giebel, Director Alliances at the Softlab Group in Munich, it works best when it is ordered by the responsible management. His advice: set up a tight project management system that precisely plans the introduction, give a project manager the appropriate authority for enforcement and issue a company policy that prescribes use. 1. Organize the process. Companies can go two ways: Each employee can save his or her voice profile over the phone. To do this, he identifies himself with a transaction number (TAN) that the company makes available to him beforehand. Or: The company sets up a specific position in-house in which every employee can store his or her voting profile by presenting his or her company or ID card. 2. Strengthen acceptance. When the employee is initialized, give them a brochure on how to communicate correctly with the system. The information leaflet can be published in printed form or as a PDF. It is also important to note data protection: the voice profile remains in-house and is only used for internal purposes. 3. Set up the system. In order to create the voice profile, a voice dialogue system can be used to ask specific questions so that enough information can be collected for a voice profile. The system can be set up in such a way that a certain number of terms are used that are randomly queried over and over again in new combinations. 4. Control usage. Possible acceptance problems among employees can be solved. If a user is not offered any other option, acceptance is quickly ensured, says Giebel. For him, the best example of this is the submission of fingerprints when entering the USA: Here, too, this measure was initially viewed critically. But when business commitments became urgent and no alternative was offered, nobody spoke of acceptance anymore. The systems set up in this way usually have a high usage rate after a short time due to their problem-free operation. Not least because, apart from a telephone, no additional equipment is required for authentication via a voice portal. Softlab has already successfully implemented several systems based on a software solution from VoiceTrust, including at Swiss Post and the Swiss Armed Forces, reports Giebel. There is hardly any better evidence for the security of voice authentication. 32

33 The system even works if the caller has a cold. The recognition rate is over 99 percent, says Giebel, and voice authentication is not a problem even when calling by mobile phone. A security level is always built in: In case of doubt, the system decides the request negatively. In addition, many other innovative areas of application can be opened up, such as: Authenticating yourself at Internet auctions and submitting bids, using online transactions for secure payment transactions, as access to ATMs, authenticating yourself in the car with voice, for IT security on PCs and Laptops; as well as in the military sector via fingerprint sensors: Weapons (signature guns) can only be used by assigned persons. Authentication service What actually means ... NLU Natural Language Understanding enables you to speak to the language application in full sentences. Also recognizes different meanings depending on the sentence position. Call Completion Rate Number of calls successfully completed through the system. Error handling Procedure with which speech dialog systems try to get the correct input after incorrect entries by asking questions and / or help information. Audio samples You will find these audio demos for authentication and security applications on the enclosed DVD: Swisscom Password Release The Swiss telecommunications company uses the system to help Swisscom employees issue new passwords. It works in four languages. 6-1 Password assignment Infoscore automated debt collection This information service of Südwestdeutsche Inkasso AG enables debtors to call up account balance data and to calculate the remaining claim. Identity verification by querying the date of birth

34 Help Desk Help Desk Product Support Help for self-help Companies can now sell even complicated devices and machines more easily with intelligent operating instructions: A voice-controlled computer supports the user when installing his new acquisition. 34

35 T-Online customer service: DSL installation without problems Conventional voice dialog systems are now a commodity in industry, says Thomas Berns, who is responsible for the Customer Care Technology department at T-Online International GmbH. Our customers even expect us to use a voice dialog system. Berns has his sights on: It is particularly important that we meet the requirements of the customers and that they do not experience any disadvantages through the use of the speech dialogue system. In this sense, T-Online is particularly progressive: voice computers provide customers with contract information, support agents with advice and T-Com product buyers with handling the technology. Help Desk The blueprint for a voice-controlled help desk Technical experts in help desks are particularly expensive for a company, says Dr. Joachim Stegmann, Head of the Advanced Voice Solutions department at T-Systems (for customer advice, companies often have to charge more than five euros per call. He advises companies to consider the following points when setting up a voice-based help desk: 1. Automate standardized processes . In many cases the customers always have the same questions. A voice computer can provide information just as well as an employee. Companies should specifically automate such standard queries. It is important that they do not overuse the advice provided by the machine, but always have the opportunity to keep a personal conversation open. When it comes to specific questions, the best speech dialogue system cannot yet replace the human advisor. 2. Set up pre-qualification. First, start an upstream query procedure. With this, the speech computer determines the subject area in which the client's request for advice falls (What does he a problem?) and erfr agt data that are necessary for processing (customer number, device type). With this pre-qualification, 35