At what age do guinea pigs breed

The age of the mother
by Claudia Gebhart

Guinea pigs reach sexual maturity very early. Lugs can already mate successfully with an age of 3 weeks and a weight of 200 g. Females enter heat for the first time at 3-6 weeks of age.

But that does not mean that the animals are then ready for breeding. Pregnancy too early is a major risk, especially for the little girls.

Female guinea pigs should be mated for the first time when they are 5-8 months old and weigh 700-750 g.

If the females are too young, small and light, difficulties can arise during childbirth. The babies may not fit through the still small birth canal and the death of the boy and the mother are the result.
In some cases, young females cannot nurse their babies sufficiently and they have to be fed.

Incidentally, it is different with wild guinea pigs. Wild guinea pigs only reach sexual maturity much later than domestic guinea pigs. The early sexual maturity of house guinea pigs is a consequence of domestication.

If a female guinea pig is older than 10 months and heavier than 1000 g, mating should not be used because pregnancy toxicity and birth problems are more common.

The females are taken out of breeding or sent to "breeding boarding" if:

  • they had 4 litters.
  • they have had difficulty giving birth and / or raising babies.
  • they take a long time after the babies are raised until they are fit again.
  • they had a stillbirth or two.
  • they are prone to cannibalism.
  • they tend to be weak in labor.
  • they tend to carry over.
  • they have not taken in and are over 1 year old.
  • have not picked them up and the pause from the previous litter has become too long.
  • the babies had deformities.