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Internet speed overview

Internet speed can be measured from different perspectives. Most people are familiar with the general Internet speed of various connection types. A dial-up connection is the slowest, while a T1 cable connection is the fastest. Most consumers today rely on some form of broadband connection.

Broadband connections are typically provided as DSL, telephone line, or cable along with the cable television service. Broadband is much faster than a dial-up connection, but nowhere near as fast as a T1 connection. However, it is significantly cheaper than T1. T1 connections are typically only made available to large corporations and government agencies.

The other way to measure internet speed is to visit a website that tests a user's connection speed. These tests assess how quickly information is downloaded from a site to your computer and how quickly information is uploaded from your computer to the same site. The speed is measured in bytes per second. This information is often presented in megabytes (Mbit / s) and kilobytes (Kbit / s). 1000 Kbit / s correspond to 1 Mbit / s.

What are the Internet speed issues?

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest pages test the upload and download speeds of the connection. If speeds are within about 15% of the ISP's promised speeds, then the connection and internet speed are likely to be fine. If the results are much slower, there may be an internet connection problem.

One thing to be aware of is the fact that many of these websites have agreements with various computer tuning software companies and the reported speed may be a little slower to encourage the user to purchase tuning software. By testing internet speed on different websites and comparing the results, you can find out if there really is an internet speed problem much easier.

If the speed is slow then a number of factors can cause it. The Internet service provider may have technical problems that limit Internet speed. If the computer is running more than one program while you run the test, the reported speed may be slower because many of the required resources are occupied with other tasks.

Viruses, malware, and registry errors are also possible causes of slow internet speeds. Often times, special software is required to correct these problems.