What is a basic essay

At the Basal metabolic rate it is the daily calorie consumption that is necessary to maintain the vital functions of the body. This value relates to the absolute resting state, i.e. in a relaxed lying position and at a constant, comfortable room temperature.

The human body constantly consumes energy to maintain bodily functions such as thermoregulation of body temperature, heartbeat (muscle contraction), breathing (lungs), digestion (intestines, liver, kidneys) and, last but not least, the brain. The brain uses 20% of the daily consumption of glucose alone.
The state of equilibrium under which all organs work optimally is used in biology Homeostasis called. The body constantly tries to maintain this state while consuming energy.

The basal metabolic rate is heavily dependent on gender, size, Age and Body constitution. Women consume less energy when resting, as the ratio of muscle to fat is slightly higher in favor of the latter than men. Men have more muscle mass, which means that more energy is used up. Age also plays an important role. With increasing age, the activity of the metabolism decreases somewhat.
The average basal metabolic rate is approx. 1400 kcal for women and approx. 1800 kcal for men. It should not be forgotten, however, that this is the turnover that is only required when there is absolute rest, and not the work turnover with normal daily exercise, because this is significantly higher depending on the activity. For this reason, the basal metabolic rate does not correspond to the daily recommended calorie requirement, as very few people lie motionless for 24 hours.