Why is Tyrion such a great fighter

Why does Tyrion give this advice to his companion?

Warning: This entire answer contains spoilers of A dance with dragons .

There are several reasons this would be a great move for Aegon. Tyrion has proven that he is a strong political strategist and would see these things.

Tyrion sees that Aegon must show his strength and will to his subordinates in order to gain support for his cause.
Time and again, supporters have abandoned their leaders or been disaffected 1, because they discovered weakness.

Aegon won't have much support if the people of Westeros see him as a kid led by an old Griffon. He must clearly establish his dominance and prove his worth before people stand up for his cause.

Hold foot
Strategically, this is a good move as Aegon has the details of the plan to grab a lock or two before anyone notices, thereby giving them a strong foothold and a gateway to Westeros. it worked for Aegon the Conqueror!

Don't go to Dany, let her come to you
As mentioned in the same chapter you quoted:

Tyrion is convinced that Daenerys will fly by Aegon's side and instantly love him since he is the last of their line and above all she is a "savior" . 2

And not only that, but why go to your aunt and ask for help when you are the rightful king and need to show your strength and leadership by going your own way?

Don't make the same mistakes
Daenerys is kind of trapped in Meereen. It is far from Westeros and surrounded by enemies - or at least strangers. It would not be enough if Aegon were there; he will either:

  • Help Dany win their fights, and then what?
  • Lose with Dany

These aren't good options for Aegon, but rather distractions.

Aegon is the price and he's who it's about (at least that's what Tyrion says):

Tyrion had barely exhaled when Young Griff took his arm. "What do you mean? I am everything What did you mean by that? Why am i everything "
"Why," said Tyrion, "if the stone men had taken Yandry or Griff or our beautiful Lemore, we would have mourned them and gone on." Lose you and this whole operation is undone, and all those years of feverish conspiracy by the cheese merchant and the eunuch will have been in vain ... isn't that so? "
- A Song of Ice and Fire: A Dance with Dragons, Part One - Dreams and Dust (Tyrion).

What guarantee is there that it will help?
Tyrion is afraid Dany won't accept Aegon. He comes out of nowhere and lays claim to all of the things that she promised, worked hard and so much for 3 were sacrificed

1. Some examples of defectors
  • Freys and Boltons go to the Lannister site
  • Blackfyre Rebellion 1
  • Blackfyre Rebellion 2
  • Secret work of Prince Doran / Dorne


3. From a Dance with dragons :

How will this queen react when you show up with your begging bowl in hand and say, “Good morning, Auntie. I am your nephew, Aegon, who returned from the dead. I've been hiding on a pole boat all my life, but now I've washed the blue dye out of my hair and I'd like a kite, please ... and oh, did I mention, my claim to the Iron Throne is stronger than your own? ' ”

The giant from Lannister

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