Why does Trump not understand people

Why young people in the US are protesting against Donald Trump

"I feel angry and depressed at the same time. Clinton would certainly not have been perfect, but Trump is a sexist, a racist and not qualified to be the most powerful person on earth.

I'm out to demonstrate. I want my opinion to be heard on the election. I was doing very well. Venting my mood opened up a whole new perspective for me.

It was strange: the people there didn't know each other, and yet we all marched together. I hope it really changes something in the country, but I can't really believe it. But I hope that Donald Trump sees it and realizes that he has to improve. He is the President of the United States, whether we, who are demonstrating against him, like it or not.

It's crazy what's going on in the streets. I demonstrated in the streets around Trump Towers over the weekend. There were about 10,000 people there. It's sad to see everyone so disappointed. But I hope something will change for you when you realize you are not alone. Most of the protests are peaceful. If so, then arguments emanated from Trump supporters. I don't understand what they're doing at our event anyway ?! They haven't lost anything, we want to make room for our displeasure, and they come and cause trouble.

It's extremely difficult for me to talk to Trump supporters. I respect that when people like Trump for his economic beliefs. Some voted for him because they didn't want to pay taxes for 'lazy' people. But what about the minorities, what about the women who work their asses and still earn very little? I can understand when you don't like it that Democrats are in power. I can also understand if you don't like certain ideologies, such as socialism. But I absolutely cannot understand why someone who is so full of hatred, racism, sexism and ignorance like Trump is supported.

I therefore ask Donald Trump to reflect on his comments. Some of them brought out the worst in people. Trump should treat all people equally. It's sad to see that he doesn't seem to understand that every person is different and straight the the beauty of it is. But I doubt whether he really understands that. Especially when he says, for example, that only beautiful women can be successful. I ask Trump to be smarter than that and do some research. Climate change, for example, is serious business and will hit our economy very hard at some point.

I will demonstrate until he addresses all of these issues. He needs to understand that his comments have caused a lot of damage and hurt a lot of people. "

And what do Trump supporters say?