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Determine jeans sizes - your online shop for branded jeans shows you how

Determine jeans sizes

- a book with seven seals for you? Don't worry, finding the right pants is easier than you think. You just have to measure in the right places, convert your result correctly and then take a look at the size chart. Sounds complicated? It is not - oursmanual guides you through the jungle of sizes with ease. Before you start, one more tip: Another helping hand is an advantage.

You need:

  • a tape measure
  • a calculator
  • Pen and paper
  • the size chart (see below)


Waist / size of the jeans

To your Determine the right jeans size First of all, determine yours Waistband width. To do this, measure yoursWaist circumference on the narrowth place. Attention: Do not confuse it with the hip measurement, the waist is higher up! Stand loosely and relaxed and measure as directly as possible on your skin. Waist sizes are often ininch specified. To convert your result from inches to inches, divide it in by2,54.

Inseam / length of the jeans

You've done the first part and you'll know yours right awaypersonal pants size - now it's up to themStride length. Stand barefoot on the floor and stand straight and relaxed. Your feet are set slightly apart, the optimal distance between your ankles is about 10 cm. So that you get an accurate result, someone else should take the measurement. The is measuredInside leg length from the floor to the end of the leg in the crotch. Again divide the result in cm by 2.54 and you get the inseam length in inches. Alternatively, you can also use the followingRule of thumb Action:

  • Ladies with short legs wear length 28 or 30
  • Women with normal clothing sizes wear length 32
  • Ladies with long legs wear length 34 to 36