Brother twins can have different fathers

Can a woman give birth to twins with different fathers?

A search on Google reveals that there have been documented cases of twins having different fathers, including at least one case where a paternity lawsuit ensued and the mother admitted to her husband that she was having an affair.

There are also cases when twins look very different even though they have the same parents. Including cases where a twin looks white and a twin looks black. This can happen when you have a white parent and a black parent, the kids may be all white or all black, and twins may look different. And it can happen when both parents are mixed races; You can have children who are lighter or darker than both parents, and twins can be one lighter and one darker.

Twins who happen to look different are much more common than twins with different fathers. As mentioned earlier, in cases where there was a paternity suit, only 2.4% turned out to be different fathers. This number, of course, depends on people's behavior.

A newspaper article describes a case with two days between sex with the two fathers that is more than I am for kept possible. An example of different twins can be found at, which shows a family that actually does two Pairs of twins with one has pretty light and one has pretty dark.


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