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Champions League - Semi-Final Second Leg

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The next all-English premier class final is perfect! Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea FC beat Real Madrid 2-0 after the 1-1 first leg at home and played for the handle pot in Istanbul at the end of May against Manchester City! The Blues were the better team in the first half and earned Timo Werner's brief break. Real had at least two options through Benzema, after the change nothing came from the guests at all. In a completely insecure team, nobody seemed to really know what to do today and so the home side had an easy time of it for long stretches. If the Londoners had used their great chances just a little more consistently, the game would have been decided early and Real would have received five things here. So Mount made the decision shortly before the end. Both teams will continue with the next cracker at the weekend. Chelsea play the Premier League top game at Manchester City, Real host Sevilla FC. Bye from London and see you soon!
Substitution at Chelsea FC: Olivier Giroud
Substitution at Chelsea FC: Kai Havertz
Luka Modrić crosses again from 30 meters into the arms of Edouard Mendy. This is nothing! Real has given up.
There are four minutes on top. Really, however, does not give the impression that they want to throw everything forward again here. Chelsea confidently defends every tentative advance of the guests.
Official injury time (minutes): 4
Yellow card for Federico Valverde (Real Madrid)
This is pure frustration! Valverde runs up Pulišić over the heap.
Substitution for Real Madrid: Mariano
Substitution at Real Madrid: Eden Hazard
Substitution at Chelsea FC: Hakim Ziyech
Substitution at Chelsea FC: Mason Mount
Substitution for Chelsea FC: Reece James
Substitution at Chelsea FC: Azpilicueta
Mason Mount (Chelsea FC) is shown a yellow card
Mount quickly picks up a card before he's about to go downstairs.
Goal for Chelsea FC, 2-0 through Mason Mount
Just as Real seems to be getting a little stronger, Chelsea finally strikes and probably puts the lid on here! N'Golo Kanté wins the ball carefully deep in the opposing half and takes Christian Pulišić with him in the penalty area on the right. The goalscorer from the first leg seems to hesitate too long at first, but then finds Mount in the middle with his cross pass, who maneuvers the leather from four meters over the line.
The guests hit at least a halfway decent cross into the London penalty area, where Rüdiger rises and clears the highest.
The Blues can combine to their heart's content in the Real penalty area and are hardly attacked. Havertz finds Kanté, who slips right into the box in Pulišić's barrel. The American shoots clearly past the far corner from the turn.
Benzema claims the ball well and has a bit of space 35 meters in front of the goal. But since nobody participates and there is no deal, Jorginho can steal the ball from the French. Strong!
Now Zidane sets the tone from the outside and brings the offensive Rodrygo for midfielder Casemiro. But the next opportunity has again Chelsea. The low cross from Pulišić missed two Londoners in the middle.
Substitution for Real Madrid: Rodrygo
Substitution at Real Madrid: Casemiro
When is Real Madrid increasing the risk? The Spanish record champions are still barely able to come forward in a structured manner and only create chances by chance.
That thing doesn't want to go in! After a corner from the right, Thiago Silva comes to the header on the five, but lets the ball slip over the top and misses the far corner.
Yellow card for Toni Kroos (Real Madrid)
Was that just a bad duel or was it already frustration? Kroos slides away from Pulišić on the sideline and is cautioned.
Pulišić, who has just been substituted for Werner, fits in equally well and makes steam on the right side. The flank of the former Dortmunder lands in the arms of Courtois.
If Real Madrid should somehow equalize here, the home side can only be blamed for it. Chelsea could be in the lead here by three to four goals for a long time.
Substitution for Chelsea FC: Christian Pulišić
Substitution at Chelsea FC: Timo Werner
It's amazing what Chelsea is leaving here! Werner gets the ball in his own half, ignites the turbo and drives. In front of the penalty area, the cross pass comes out to Kanté, who actually has a free run, but waits until Valverde can still block.
Zidane brings fresh staff! The way Real has performed here so far is also urgently needed. However, it is not just individual player performance that is lacking. Overall, Madrid is acting without a plan or concept.
Substitution for Real Madrid: Marco Asensio
Substitution at Real Madrid: Vinicius Júnior
Substitution for Real Madrid: Federico Valverde
Substitution at Real Madrid: Ferland Mendy
Nacho (Real Madrid) yellow card
Nacho first rushes Havertz around in midfield and then grabs him by the collar while lying on the ground. Clear yellow card!
Havertz has to make it 2-0! Madrid gave the ball lightly at headquarters and Chelsea switched over immediately. Suddenly two Londoners, Havertz and Werner, approach Courtois all alone! Havertz leads the ball and does it himself, but fails from 16 meters on the long leg of the real keeper. It has to go in!
Gradually, the guests seem to have recognized the seriousness of the situation and are playing a little more purposefully forward. Casemiro's cross from the right corner of the box lands exactly in Mendy's arms.
The Blues could have made a preliminary decision here long ago, but continue to lead only 1-0. Will that take revenge later? If a team knows how to suddenly strike in such important games despite an average performance, then it is definitely Real Madrid.
Now it is slowly becoming negligent! Werner and Havertz maneuver the ball to Mount, who storms half right into the penalty area without an opponent. The 22-year-old then gets the ball past Courtois, but does not hit the housing. Over it!
Next chance! After a free-kick from Chilwell from the left half-field, Thiago Silva comes from seven meters to the header and nods just over it. The Blues are very close to the second goal, there is nothing to be seen from Real.
If you didn't know better, you might think that it's not the whites who really need a goal here, but the blues. Chelsea continue to play actively forward, always have space and become dangerous. Havertz missed Chilwell's flank from the left by just inches.
And it goes on just like before the break! Chelsea runs right back and after a cross from the right Havertz comes on the penalty for a header. Set against the direction of Courtois, the leather claps to the crossbeam!
Without any personnel changes, it goes into the second round.
Half-time conclusion:
Chelsea FC lead 1-0 at the break of the semi-final second leg against Real Madrid! If this result is retained, the blues would be in the final. However, the guests are only missing a single hit to at least force an extension. So far, however, Los Blancos are far from a goal. Only Karim Benzema had two chances, which keeper Edouard Mendy defused both. Otherwise, the game of the guests was sluggish and uncoordinated for a long time. Meanwhile, Chelsea conquered a lot of balls and can always turn on the turbo. If the home side had played it a little more consistently in the last third, they could have led higher here. See you soon!
Next switching option for the blues! This time it is Havertz who enters the box from the right with the ball at his foot. Ex-Leverkusen-based Sergio Ramos wants to eat with a climber, but he stays tuned and clears the corner. However, this is no longer carried out.
Against the ball, the Tuchel team are still very committed and put Real under pressure early on. After winning the ball in the opposing half, Werner lets through for Mount, who goes into the penalty area from the left, lets two Madrilenians get out and pulls from ten meters. At the last moment a foot is in between and prevents the impact.
With possession of the ball, the Blues now take it easy. From the left lane, the ball moves over a few stations to the right and then back again.
Yellow card for Andreas Christensen (Chelsea FC)
Christensen comes too late on the sidelines against Mendy and slips the Frenchman on the slipper.
Yellow card for Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
Ramos has moved up with a standard and gets rid of his guard Azpilicueta in the penalty area with a rough push. Red would certainly be too hard, but the yellow is well deserved.
Now Real is back in the front and it will be dangerous soon. At first, Los Blancos don't seem to find a gap and let the ball circulate around the penalty area. But then Modrić crosses perfectly from a standing start to Benzema, who heads onto the box from six meters. Mendy reacts strongly again and steers the ball over the bar with his fingertips.
Not much has changed for Real Madrid at first. The Spaniards still have to score a goal to force at least extra time. Nevertheless, the guests seem knocked out and Chelsea are pushing for the second goal.
Next good chance for the home side! With their speed, the Blauen Real make it look old again and this time Werner wants to serve from the left for the Rüdiger who ran along with them. If the pass had come a little closer at the height of the penalty spot, it could have been the second hit.
Goal for Chelsea FC, 1-0 through Timo Werner
In return, Chelsea go in front! N'Golo Kanté played a one-two with Timo Werner 25 meters from the goal and then sent Kai Havertz into the box on the left. The 21-year-old lifts the ball strongly over the falling Thibaut Courtois, but only hits the bar. But Werner followed up attentively and nodded easily from a meter.
A huge feat by Edouard Mendy! Suddenly Real has pace in the passing game and through Casemiro and Kroos the leather ends up at Karim Benzema. The Frenchman takes the ball with his back to the goal, spins at lightning speed and fires placed on the right corner. Mendy reacts brilliantly, stretches out and turns the thing around the post.
The Blues try again and again to bring Timo Werner into play with balls behind the defensive chain. So far this is mostly too transparent and Real's experienced defenders defend everything away.
Now the Madridistas combine for the first time in the home side's box and indicate their potential. Vinicius Júnior dances two Londoners on the beer mat and crosses from the right to the second post, where Benzema is in good hands with two defenders.
Zinédine Zidane's plan was certainly not to make little progress and still end up in danger at the back. Real Madrid still do not have proper access to this game.
The ball is in the goal! But before anyone really cheers, raise the flag on the sidelines! Previously, Chelsea had shifted the game sharply to the left and Ben Chilwell had found Timo Werner with his low cross in the middle. The ex-Leipzig resident was half a meter offside when he was passed and was therefore not allowed to celebrate his cool end for long.
Thomas Tuchel's team is slowly becoming more courageous and more often settles in the guests' penalty area. Real switched quickly and booked the next distance deal through Modrić, which was also harmless.
Jorginho (Chelsea FC) is shown a yellow card
Jorginho prevents a possible counterattack by Los Blancos with a tactical foul on Hazard.
On the other hand, there is a double chance for Chelsea! First, Rüdiger, playing with a face mask, lets go of a long-range shot that Courtois can only fist to the side. Then Mason Mount refueled on the left and landed with his sharp cross at the Belgian keeper of the guests.
The first graduation of the guests comes from Toni Kroos! The 31-year-old chases the leather flat on the goal from almost 30 meters and forces Mendy to go to work for the first time.
Although, as here, you absolutely need a goal to have a chance at the final, Los Blancos continue to work very relaxed. The confidence in the individual on the offensive is so great that you see no reason to take risks early on.
Timo Werner refueled through the left into the box for the first time, but then Ramos boiled him robustly but fairly.
Havertz steps energetically on the front and climbs Nacho with full force on his foot. That wasn't a bad foul, but it obviously hurt a lot. At least when it comes to the screams of the Real actor.
A first Kroos free kick sails from the left half field into the London penalty area, but finds no taker.
The guests take it easy and first of all bring security into their own game. Captain Sergio Ramos directs the colleagues as if he had never been away.
The blues start right at the front with a full band and put pressure on the structure of the Madrilenians.
The ball is rolling! Both teams play in their traditional colors, Chelsea in blue, Real in white.
The game is led by an Italian team led by referee Daniele Orsato. The referees have already entered the lawn together with the 22 starting players and are listening to the Champions League anthem at this moment. This semi-final second leg between Chelsea FC and real Madrid can start right away.
This pairing does not have a long history. It is still noteworthy that Real Madrid have never won against Chelsea. In 1970/71 the English prevailed in the final of the Cup Winners' Cup, in 1998 they won the UEFA Supercup against Real and they were drawn in the first leg.
Real Madrid have shown all their critics once again this season that you can always be expected. Despite several crises and problems in the club, the Spanish record champions somehow managed to still be in the race for two big titles at the beginning of May. Los Blancos have now been unbeaten for three months. After the 2-0 win against Osasuna on Saturday, Madrid are only two points behind leaders Atlético in the league. And in the Champions League, the subscription winner of the 2010s can always be trusted to do anything. "We feel good, we are ready and we know what will bring us this far. We will do our best to reach the final," said coach Zinédine Zidane ahead of the game.
Chelsea's statistics under Thomas Tuchel are still impressive. The Blues lost only two of 23 competitive games, whereby the 1-0 defeat against Porto in the quarter-finals was insignificant. Above all, the defensive was safe recently. Since the slip against West Brom (2: 5), Chelsea have conceded only three goals in eight games. After the 2-0 win against Fulham at the weekend, in which Kai Havertz scored both goals, the league is still on course for the premier league. Tuchel expects a gripping duel against Real. "The challenge is to keep the intensity high over the entire 90 minutes," said the home team's German coach, who does not want to play 0-0: "There is no question that we play to win. This club always wants to win . "
On the other hand, Zinédine Zidane swaps three times compared to the 1-1 last week and also tactically switches to 4-3-3. Ferland Mendy and Sergio Ramos are back in the back four, with Eden Hazard in the lead. The Belgian’s nomination comes as a surprise after he only made his comeback at the weekend after a long injury break. Captain Ramos has also just recovered from a calf injury. Marcelo rotates out on the bench, Dani Carvajal and Raphaël Varane are absent.
A look at the staff: Both coaches spared part of the regular staff in the latest league appearances at the weekend. Compared to the first leg a week ago, there is only one change at Chelsea. Kai Havertz starts for Christian Pulišić (bank) and is the third German to start alongside Antonio Rüdiger and Timo Werner.
The first participant in the final has already been determined. Pep Guardiolas Citizens made it into the final of the premier class for the first time with a sovereign 2-0 against PSG. With Chelsea going into this second leg with the away goal behind them, the chances of the next all-English final after 2019 are not bad. For the Blues it would be the first CL final since the triumph against Bayern in 2012. Real Madrid, on the other hand, want to play for the pot again after two years of abstinence from the final (then 3-1 against Liverpool).
Hello and welcome to the UEFA Champions League! The final opponent of Manchester City is wanted this Wednesday evening. After a 1-1 draw in the first leg, Chelsea FC welcomes Real Madrid to a showdown at Stamford Bridge at 9 p.m.