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Nara - The 6 best sights

Beautiful temples, free-range sika deer and large gardens - Nara has that and much more to offer. Here's an overview of the 6 best sights.

Due to its ancient and well-preserved sanctuaries, Nara is one of the major tourist destinations in Japan. From 710 to 784 Nara was the seat of the imperial family and the first permanent capital of the island empire. Most of the main attractions are all close together so you can easily visit them in a day. I also visited Nara on a day tour from Kyoto and had enough time to discover the most important districts and sights of Nara. You should definitely not miss the following sights.


Todai-ji, one of the most famous temples in Japan, was built in 752 on the orders of Emperor Shomu. Daibutsuden, the Great Buddha Hall, is 50 meters wide and 49 meters high, making it the largest wooden building in the world.

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Nigatsu-do & Sangatsu-do

These two wonderful temples are two sub-temples of Todai-ji and can be reached via a stone staircase right next to the Great Buddha Hall.

Kasuga Taisha

The Kasuga Taisha Shrine was built in 712 to protect the capital. The numerous stone and metal lanterns hanging in the building are donated by the faithful and illuminated during the important Obon dance festival.


The Isui-en garden, which was laid out in the Meiji era, is definitely the most beautiful garden in Nara. The most fun is to walk over the stepping stones to get to the smaller islands.


This Buddhist temple has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is known for the second tallest pagoda in Japan.

Sika deer

You will come across cute sika deer all over Nara. More than a hundred sika deer are allowed to roam free in Nara, as they are considered holy messengers of gods in Shintoism.

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