Who blacklisted websites


What is a blacklist?

A blacklist contains banned emails sent from specific email addresses and domains. They are used together with whitelists, i.e. e-mails sent from certain e-mail addresses and which are trustworthy, to block e-mail domains while certain other e-mail addresses of the same e-mail address are used. Domains are allowed.

If an email address or domain is found to be dangerous or dishonest, it can be blocked by an employee. It then blacklisted the email address or domain. Email addresses can be unblocked to whitelist or blacklist them. Typically, email addresses that attempt phishing, pharming, or sending spam are blacklisted.



What is a blacklist?

A blacklist is a list of people who have been identified as unacceptable by the person or organization that created the blacklist. A blacklisted person (or organization) is considered someone who has done something unreasonable. Therefore, this person could be rejected by customer support.

How can I blacklisted LiveAgent?

Any employee working on the panel has access to LiveAgent's blacklist. With this function you can view the e-mail and domain list.