Who would win Superman or Michael Myers?

Justice League Versus Horror Monster: That's What Happens When Batman Meets Freddy Krueger!

In a hurry, those responsible at Warner and DC hit us one superhero film after the other in order to establish enough characters for the upcoming "Justice League". Even if the dark heroes forge may be controversial with some fans of Batman and Co., the cash registers are ringing quite well and there are even fans who take the trouble to develop their own fan trailer. This specimen is especially worth seeing as it pitches Superman and his allies against three iconic villains of the horror film.

In "Batman v Superman" they competed against each other, but now the two DC icons should pull themselves together, because together with "Wonder Woman" their new mission is against no one less than a conglomerate of three of the meanest horror villains of all time , at least if the creators of the YouTube channel “Stryder HD” were in charge. You can find her mash-up trailer at the end of the article.

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Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers compete against Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman

To the threatening music of Really Slow Motion ("Answer The Call"), three of the most iconic slashers of the 1980s horror film take on the current superhero squad of DC and Warner. Classic material from milestones such as "Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Halloween - The Night of Horror" was used, which in turn was mixed with images from current fantasy films in the style of "Batman v Superman". Exciting business, isn't it? We're not so sure which side would win this battle, should such a duel really come about in a distant future ...

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Justice League Versus Horror Monster: Fan-Made Trailer

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