What are the qualifications for skydiving

Skydiving trial course

If you are not yet sure whether you want to be active in skydiving, The taster course offers you ideal insights into skydiving. In 2 days you will learn the different types of jump on the ground and perform an automatic jump.

The automatic jump

The Automatic jump includes a jump from approx. 1,500 m above our airfield area, which is very suitable for first-time jumpers. The jumper is there with his Parachute connected to the aircraft by a pull-up cord. When leaving the aircraft, the line stretches and pulls the parachute out of its packaging. The opening process of the umbrella is thus initiated. The connection between the jumper and the aircraft is disconnected as soon as the parachute begins to fill with air. The jumper then immediately hangs on the opened parachute canopy. The jumps with automatic release serve to learn a correct take-off posture and the conscious perception of the body position in the air flow.

Learning the jump variants

Of course, for both types of jump, the jump is prepared very carefully beforehand on the ground. For example, the Jump from a dummy aircraft practiced. The handling of the jumping equipment is also conveyed by a special training harness. The glider flight and landing are then carried out safely and easily by modern radio equipment together with the jumping instructor on the ground.

The entry into parachuting

With this The first jump course becomes the basis put to further decisions and the Entry into parachuting made much easier with his subsequent license training. The award of a certificate at the end of every first jump course is of course mandatory.

Basis for license training

All knowledge acquired from the taster course will be credited towards any subsequent license training!

Requirements for participation in the trial course

A medical certificate is required to participate in the course! Forms to download are available on our service page under Downloads. If the requirements for a parachute jump are met, you can register for the trial course here on our website.

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Skydiving training

We train you to become a professional skydiver. In a theoretical and practical training course, you will receive the globally recognized skydiving license.

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