What is it about human behavior that confuses you?

This typical human behavior confuses your dog

You get on blindly with your dog - you think. Because a lot of what you do is actually difficult for your four-legged friend to understand. What really confuses your dog and how you can behave in a more animal-friendly manner? You read that here.

Even if some tend to humanize their dog: dogs stay animals. And they sometimes have problems understanding us humans. Our words, our behavior, and even our looks and smells - all of these can confuse your dog more than you might think.

Here you can find out what you are irritating your dog with - and how you can prevent confusion:

Your own name can confuse dogs

You can already cause confusion for your dog when giving it a name. What to look for when choosing the right dog name? "It should be easy to call and understandable for the dog," advises Petra Caspelherr from the "Association for the German Dog System" (VDH). Two-syllable dog names are best.

The magazine “Insider” also recommends names that begin with D, T or K: These are easier for dogs to learn. On the other hand, names that begin with gentle letters like S or F are more difficult to understand.

Also important: avoid misunderstandings. Your dog's name should not resemble any other name or word that you use frequently. This can be, for example, the names of family members or names that remind of the sound of the basic terms such as "seat" and "place".

Also confuse synonyms

In addition, your words can cause confusion in other situations. If, for example, you suddenly say “Stop it!” Instead of “Off!” Or when you go for a walk, “Take a walk”. Your dog associates a certain sound with a certain action or expectation. No wonder your dog is confused when you suddenly call things differently.

We leave our dog alone

Dogs are social creatures by nature and like to be with their "pack". The pack of your dog? Are you! This is why many dogs feel very lonely when we leave them alone. Mainly because they can never be sure that we will actually come back this time.

Some dogs go crazy when alone, chewing on furniture, shredding pillows, or relieving themselves around the home. They don't want to annoy us with this - they just show the pain of separation.

We change our smell and our appearance

Our clothes, hairstyles and smells change every day. We probably don't even notice it ourselves. Our dogs for it all the more! Dogs find their way around their surroundings, especially through smells.

So it is not surprising if she suddenly confuses your new perfume or the smell of the new office dog on your clothes. Especially because dogs use their scent to distinguish acquaintances from intruders, as animal behavior researchers Melissa Starling and Paul McGreevy explain in The Conversation magazine.

Punish dogs for not behaving like humans

"Animals are not people with fur," says veterinarian Sara Ochoa to the "Insider". So we shouldn't expect them to behave like us. "They'll roll around in the mud and do things that normal dogs do." Owners and mistresses should never punish their dogs for behaving like dogs.

Your dog may not always want your dog to sniff at people, bark from time to time or eat strange things, but it is normal. You can work on training your four-legged friend to behave like this. But you shouldn't punish him for it. Your dog will then not understand that he did something wrong. For him, his behavior is one thing above all else: completely natural.