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Gifts for parents

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Original gifts for mom and dad with love

Original gifts for mom and dad with love

What can I give my parents as a present? When it comes to the subject Gifts for parents many people are often at a loss. Parents already have everything and want nothing, especially not from their own children. But of course you still want to give something. The times when homemade gifts and painted pictures are given away are over at some point. Even if mum or dad were always happy about the crocheted pot holders, window pictures made of cardboard or photos, many adults would prefer to buy something. Parents have more of that in the long run and the right gift doesn't end up in the closet or attic so quickly, where it is forgotten and gathering dust. Browse through us and you will surely discover some great ideas for birthday gifts, Easter gifts and Christmas gifts for parents!

Unusual gift ideas for parents

Vouchers are of course always popular gifts for both parents, because you can hardly go wrong with them as a child. But let's be honest, who is happy about a voucher every year? A tangible gift for parents that you can enjoy for a long time is the better alternative, regardless of whether it is birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or Easter gifts for parents! That's why there is monster stuff. At Monsterzeug there are serious, modern, classic, funny, noble and original gifts for everyone who wants to make their parents happy. Whether birthday presents, Christmas presents or just in between to show that you are thinking of them; Everyone will find something in the online shop. There are gifts for parents in different price ranges, so that there are also small gifts for the smaller budget. All parents look forward to a beautiful gift chosen with love. And whenever you look at it and pick it up again, think of your dear children, from whom you received this present. The right gift for parents can put a smile on your face and not only the recipients will be happy about it.

A special gift for parents - individually engraved

At Monsterzeug, we are constantly striving to gather the best gift ideas for parents in one category in order to bring together the funniest, the most creative and the most unusual Mother's Day gifts and gifts for fathers here. We should give a lot of thought to our dear parents, because we owe everything to them. Now is the time to give all of your love and affection back to you, not least with a suitable gift. Surprise your parents with individually engraved wine glasses for their wedding day, because you are not only giving away high-quality wine glasses, but also a wonderful memory of the most important day of their life, which is probably slowly being forgotten because it is simply too far back. Or you can make a change and give them our funny 3D photo dolls with their faces for Christmas. Even at Easter, more and more children are giving something extraordinary and for this we have created our Easter gift category for you. Your parents are sure to be delighted and you will have a clear conscience.

The most beautiful gift ideas for parents sorted by typology

Have you already thought about a few things, but you haven't had a real blast? Don't worry, our typology will make it easy. Check out which gift you can give mom and dad a treat with. Regardless of the occasion, even at Easter, you will find the right gift ideas with us. Your parents...
  • ... are creative and constantly doing handicrafts, decorating or DIY? DIY kings and queens look forward to new inspiration and material for the next project. For example Motif lampthat could be changed any number of times with atmospheric sample motifs.
  • ... have a sense of humor and often play tricks on you? Take the opportunity and return the favor to the Joke cookies with a funny gift that turns the tables and fools the fun canons. For example the USB stick USB stick is a pain in the ass, who secretly sabotages the PC or laptop - and makes everyone who sits in front of it white-hot.
  • ... are enterprising and real globetrotters? Globetrotter appreciate practical travel companions and love to plan the next trip. That's what it's for Travel diary with scratch off world maps in a practical travel format that you can use to plan and track your travels.
  • ... are sociable and often invite friends? Game fans are often on the lookout for new entertainment - and will be with Short circuit - quiz and board game Laughing tears! This quiz literally causes a short circuit in your head: You are asked a yes / no question and have to spontaneously give the opposite of the correct answer. Crazy!
  • ... are still very attached to the good old days? Design and retro fans impress with unusual gifts that have that certain something. Like that Pac Man lamp - ghostthat awakens memories in the original retro look - but works with modern technology.
  • ... are you always looking for goodies? At Gourmets Fine drinks as well as unusual dishes and tempting sweets are very popular. A special gift idea is that Popcorn machine - the unique scent will not only attract cinema fans.

What should I give my parents for Christmas? Creative gifts for parents

Giving presents to your parents should at least be easier than finding a present for your grandparents. Sure, it's twice as difficult to find something special, because you have to find gifts for mom and dad at the same time, but with our gift ideas for parents, it will be child's play for you. Our monster stuff team has made it their business to gather all creative, funny and unusual gift ideas for dear parents here in this category. Let yourself be inspired by our great products and unimaginative gifts are a thing of the past! You can also have many of our gift ideas provided with an individual engraving - just browse through our engraved gifts! For example, if your parents have their own garden, our tree grate, engraved with their name, would be a perfect showcase for their garden. Whatever you decide in the end, the shining eyes of your parents will convince you that you have found the right gift!

Find a personal Christmas present for parents

As is well known, Christmas is a family celebration and it ensures that all those who otherwise have no time for their families come together again. The joy of reunion is usually great, not least because of the long-awaited Christmas presents ... If you expect original Christmas presents from your family, then you should also make a great effort with the presents for your family, especially with the Christmas presents for Parents! We should give our dear parents a lot of thought, because we owe everything to them. Now is the time to give all your love and affection back to you, not least with a suitable Christmas present. Surprise your parents with our individually engraved wine glasses for the wedding, because with them you not only give away high-quality wine glasses, but also a wonderful memory of the most important day of their life, which is probably slowly being forgotten because it is simply too far back. If your parents don't like wine, you don't have to go without a personalized Christmas present. In our personalized gifts category you will find tons of other great products that your parents will surely enjoy too.

Christmas gift ideas for parents and in-laws: our top sellers!

Have you already taken a look at our top sellers? These are items that are particularly popular here in the online shop - these are our two favorites:
  • For mom - the everlasting rose: Flowers - the classics for mom. Unfortunately, they have one disadvantage: They fade again after a few days. But you want to say thank you to your mother in the long term, and you can do that with the everlasting rose, which smells nice and stays fresh for years. And can also be given a personal dedication directly.
  • For dad - the barbecue branding iron: Does your dad already have a top grill at home? Then make him happy with this special equipment, because with it he can put the names of the guests on all pieces of meat in no time at all.

Unusual gift ideas for the in-laws

It's not just your own parents who are really happy about their children's gifts, even if they are already grown up. If you marry your dream woman or man, then another couple will become part of your family. Finding the right gift for your mother-in-law or father-in-law is not always easy, but we at Monsterzeug can help you with our large selection of wonderful gift ideas for the in-laws. Just pay attention to what types your in-laws are. If your father-in-law is always up for a good joke, surprise him with a funny gift or a fancy gadget. Your mother-in-law will also be happy to receive similar gifts that you would give to your own mother. Giving presents to the in-laws as well as your own parents shows them that you have accepted them as your surrogate parents, that in itself is a great recognition and they will be very grateful and happy.
Find the best Christmas gifts at Monsterzeug and shop for gifts for parents for all occasions online. But not only Christmas is important, there are also many other occasions on which parents can be very happy. When spring is finally around the corner and Easter gifts are hidden for the little ones, parents will also be happy about gift ideas for Easter. Discover now! And don't forget - you will find what you are looking for with us, because we answer the question: What do you give your parents?

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