How can compression garments benefit your health?

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Over 90 years of passion for health. Ofa Bamberg is a leading German manufacturer of medical compression stockings and bandages.

Since the company was founded in 1928, Ofa Bamberg has had a clear claim: maximum comfort and an attractive appearance with optimum effectiveness. In addition to a large selection of modern compression stockings, Ofa Bamberg offers a comprehensive range of orthopedic bandages and orthotics. Preventive health products, including vitality and travel stockings as well as soothing warming pillows, round off the product portfolio.

Know-how and innovative strength have been the company's recipe for success for 90 years. The Ofa developers are constantly working to set new standards for effectiveness, comfort and design. As a pioneer in the use of modern materials such as microfiber, Ofa Bamberg heralded the end of the classic "rubber stocking". And the first medical compression stocking with fashionable lace tape was also an Ofa innovation.

That, for Ofa Bamberg, medical efficacy and good looks are not a contradiction in terms is confirmed not only by satisfied users. The company's products have also received several prestigious design awards.

"Everything began with a boy's dream" (from the book "The Genius of the Stockings" by Enzo Pinelli)

The ingenious intuition of the founder Enzo Pinelli was able to use the manufacturing tradition of the stocking manufacturer in the area around Castel Goffredo in the province of Mantua, where he acquired his know-how.

SOLIDEA has revolutionized the concept of elastic stockings with its collections of fashionable stockings and tights with graduated compression that combine several characteristics:

• the well-being of the legs and the effective prevention of circulatory diseases
• the elegance, suppleness and perfect fit of elegant and exquisite garments
• the sophistication of the wide range of models, patterns and colors.

The quality is also confirmed by the ISO 9001 (2003) and ISO 13485 (2015) certifications.

Calzificio Pinelli S.r.l. is founded in 1976. From 1981 to 1990 stockings and tights were made for some of the most important international designers and luxury brands of Italian fashion. In 1997, Enzo Pinelli created the SOLIDEA brand. He patents and manufactures products with a technological pioneering role, such as shorts with micromassage waves.

since 2001 SOLIDEA also enters the European and overseas markets, with an ever increasing presence, so that the brand is now present in 70 countries around the world, with 15,000 sales outlets only in Europe. In 2004 an innovative system with robots for automatic order processing is put into operation.

2010 a new marketing and communication strategy is beginning that will help SOLIDEA to gain a new market position, with a confirmation of the philosophy of the brand The Charm of Wellbeing, which affirms the combination of health / fashion - the company's core business - and it hit the catwalks of 2014 Milan fashion debuts.

At the same time, SOLIDEA begins a process of approaching art and culture with events, lectures and sponsorship of exhibitions. In 2016, the company celebrates 40 years of activity with a significant presence at the most important event in its region, Mantua City of Culture 2016, and a photo exhibition in the Santa Radegonda Gallery in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

medi - I feel better. For the company medi, around 2,700 employees worldwide make a significant contribution to making people feel better. The aim is to enable users and patients to achieve maximum therapeutic success in the medical field (medi Medical) and, moreover, a unique body feeling in the sports and fashion segment (CEP and ITEM m6).

Medi Medical's range of services includes medical compression stockings, adaptive compression supplies, bandages, orthotics, thrombosis prophylaxis stockings, compression clothing and orthopedic insoles. In addition, the many years of experience in the field of compression technology also flow into the development of sports and fashion products.

The foundation stone for the internationally successful company was laid in Bayreuth in 1951. Today medi is one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids and delivers with a network of distributors and its own branches in over 90 countries around the world.

Your preferred problem solver and reliable partner in the fields of medicine, care and hygiene

Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading international supplier of first-class medical and hygiene products of the highest quality - from classic bandages to modern therapy and care systems. Established in 1998 from the two companies Lohmann (founded in 1851) and Rauscher (founded in 1899), L&R has more than 160 years of expertise as a reliable problem solver for its customers.

At the same time, tradition grows the demand for the future: With innovative strength and in exchange with customers, partners and various research institutions, L&R develops practice-oriented product ideas in four research and development departments. These are characterized by their high quality, functionality and their excellent therapeutic effectiveness.

With more than 5,200 employees, 49 group companies and holdings as well as more than 130 selected partners, L&R is represented in all important markets of the world and achieved a sales volume of more than 650 million euros in 2018. L&R locations with headquarters are in Rengsdorf (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).

L & R's entrepreneurial attitude is reflected in the claim People.Health.Care. against: the human being, his health and the care for both.

The Bauerfeind AG, manufacturer of medical aids such as compression stockings, bandages, orthotics, orthopedic insoles and prostheses, makes an important contribution to maintaining and restoring health. Multiple awards for design and material confirm the high quality of the product innovations. Today the family company, founded in Zeulenroda in 1929, is one of the market leaders in the industry and employs more than 1,800 people worldwide.

A symptom-free, active life into old age - that's what everyone wants. Our bandages, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic insoles serve to maintain and restore health. They increase well-being and ensure a better quality of life!

Our products are made by people for people. From the first draft through product development to the manufacturing process with extensive controls, Bauerfeind relies on quality "Made in Germany".

Relieves since 1950 JOBST the symptoms of venous insufficiency. Improving the quality of life of patients with venous and lymphatic diseases is a top priority at JOBST. In order to be able to guarantee this, JOBST has attached importance to the research and development of the products for many decades. For this purpose, doctors, specialist dealers and patients are involved in the development process.

As a state-of-the-art production company around the world, JOBST develops medically effective products and ensures a high standard with new innovations, such as the 3D knitting process. This is how JOBST manages to make progress that benefits patients and their quality of life.

Selenium is an essential trace element for humans. And biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH one of the leading suppliers of selenium products. The pharmaceutical and biotech company based in Fellbach not far from Stuttgart specializes in trace elements, world market leader in high-dose selenium injections, developer and operator of two globally unique GMP drug production facilities and also active in the biotech sector with a glycoprotein, isolated from Megathura crenulata, a sea snail found in California.

70 percent of sales are achieved outside of Germany - in almost 30 countries worldwide. Active in the areas of intensive medicine, oncology and endocrinology, biosyn and its products are a partner for clinics and resident doctors, as well as for doctors specializing in naturopathy and alternative practitioners.
Research and development are also part of the employees' areas of responsibility, as is the processing of current medical-scientific literature and modern online marketing. The medium-sized family company attaches great importance to an open, committed and customer-oriented corporate culture.
For almost four decades, biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH has been initiating and financing medical research, primarily on the importance of selenium in intensive care medicine, oncology and in thyroid diseases.

BELSANA is a renowned manufacturer of modern compression stockings. Compression has a lasting effect against complaints such as swollen legs and varicose veins, as well as a preventative against thrombosis. Medical compression stockings support the therapy of venous disorders of all kinds. The company in Bamberg has been producing stockings for Germany and the world for over 25 years.

The latest innovation for edema therapy is called BELSANA impuls. The flat-knitted compression stocking especially for lymph and lipedema combines the natural properties of merino wool with the proven advantages of high-tech microfiber. Whoever wears it can rely on medically effective compression with the highest level of comfort, climate and heat regulating properties and excellent dimensional stability.

The experience of the compression expert guarantees consistently high quality and reliable effect. The matching BELSANA stockings are only available in pharmacies.

The Villa Sana GmbH & Co. Medizin Produkte KG sells the IPK device systems (intermittent compression) Lympha Press, Phlebo Press and Angio Press in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with nationwide sales representatives, sales partners abroad and a young team at the headquarters.

Lympha Press and Phlebo Press have been used successfully around the world for many years. At Villa Sana GmbH & Co., competence, quality and service complement each other to create concepts for decongestion therapy.

All of our devices and cuffs are produced by: Mego Afec AC Ltd Kibbutz Afek, 3004200, Israel

We work closely with the important specialist clinics for phlebology / lymphology, the well-known doctors in these specialist areas and our partners in Europe and Israel with the aim of continuously improving the quality of our devices and perfecting our concept for decongestion therapy.

We are prequalified as a service provider for IPK by TÜV SÜD Product Service.

Our company is certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH, Munich according to EN ISO 13485: 2016, all of our devices carry the CE mark.

As a production, sales and service company in the fields of orthopedics, rehabilitation and medical technology as well as a supplier of medical articles, the Striped leather Group of companies to the largest suppliers and specialist dealers in their branch. As a global player, the company is active in around 100 countries and has more than 700 employees at various locations in Germany and abroad.

The traditional company is characterized by a high level of service orientation and product quality as well as individual support.

1979 Joachim Heymans brought the first mini trampoline to Germany. The name Trimilin is meanwhile in Europe and far beyond a term for outstanding quality and an unsurpassed price-performance ratio.

In a Trimilin, Heymans processes high-quality materials that have proven themselves over the long term. More than 35 years after the company founder brought the first mini trampoline to Europe, you can now benefit from the wealth of experience and development lead of the first supplier in Europe. And the outstanding price-performance ratio of the original.

History and philosophy. Heymans is an owner-managed family business and has been successful in sports equipment wholesale across Europe for over 35 years. We accompany our high-quality own brands from the idea and product development to the finished end product. Numerous trampoline models have already been created. The latest: The Trimilin VARIO system for mini trampolines.

Health through exercise

For decades, the topic of health care and exercise has been a special concern of ours. In 1979 the company founder brought the first mini trampoline to Germany. At a time when nobody knew such a device, it was initially ridiculed as a play device for children. However, in the following years it made its way across Europe. Not as a play device, but as a training device - ingeniously simple and at the same time highly effective.

Dr. DaphniaSchumann-Averkiou,Dr. Rene Schumann

Miss Dr. Schumann-Averkiou is aSurgeon with body and soul. As a co-founder of YUVEO CLINIC In Düsseldorf, the individual and specialist care of her patients is particularly important to her. Your personal aim is to offer your patients the best possible treatment and thus give them back a piece of quality of life.

Dr. Rene Schumann, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgeryAs part of his training, Dr. Schumann (* 1971) in addition to the specialist departments for plastic surgery, various stations in hand surgery, general and trauma surgery and cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery.

This broad wealth of experience has enriched his plastic surgery and hand surgery activities to this day. Since the end of 2006, Dr. Schumann worked as a plastic surgeon and hand surgery in the established practice and private clinic. The highlight in 2013 was the construction of the YUVEO KLINIK, in which the realization of own concepts was possible. You can find more information about the clinic at

The Lipedema Clinic on the Alster is a state-licensed private clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery. It is owner-managed and is therefore under medical supervision according to strictly controlled medical guidelines. Every surgical cosmetic treatment is carried out as a private medical service by the clinic's chief physician, PD Dr. Dr. Bernd Klesper, carried out personally.

The medical director and responsible head of the clinic Privatdozent PD Dr. Dr. Bernd Klesper As the former deputy director of a German university clinic, he has been an experienced surgeon in cosmetic and plastic surgery for more than 20 years. The doctors working at the Beauty Clinic are members of well-known national and international specialist societies for plastic and cosmetic surgery.

All prices are final prices, including all previously discussed and clarified operative and non-operative measures, whereby no additional costs can arise from anesthesia, accommodation, implants, insurance, aftercare and VAT. You will receive honest and comprehensive advice in the Beauty Clinic on the Alster. In the first consultation, you will receive an objective assessment from the experienced surgeon with regard to the realization of your surgery request, regardless of whether it is a liposuction or a facelift

Földi Clinic

In April 1979 in Feldberg-Altglashütten the Földi Clinic Founded as a specialist lymphology clinic. The Sommerberg house, a former health resort of a savings bank with 60 beds, was founded by the couple, Prof. Dr. med. Michael and Prof. Dr. med. Etelka Földi rented. After the appropriate renovation work, the clinic was approved for patient care in accordance with Section 30 GWO and, in accordance with Section 184 RVO, was occupied by the cost bearers as a specialist hospital. After a short time, the waiting time for a treatment for our patients increased up to 1 year, so that a hotel near the clinic with 22 beds (Haus Brunk) was rented.

Wittlinger Edema Clinic

In 1966 the Günther and Hildegard family moved Whiting with their two sons Dieter and Hans-Georg to Walchsee in Kaiserwinkl and bought the “Alpenbad” in the Tyrolean village. Equipped with the first indoor swimming pool in the Kufstein district, the Alpenbad was already designed as a small spa to treat various diseases.

The Lymphedema Clinic Wittlinger has been the competence center for lymphedema patients in Austria for 4 decades. The focus of the treatment is manual lymph drainage according to Dr. Vodder as part of the combined physical decongestive therapy.

Your stay at the Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic is a rehabilitation stay. In addition to rehab and the treatment of lymphedema, your physical and mental well-being is also very important to us.

If in your case there is a medical need for treatment at the Wittlinger lymphedema clinic, a 3-week inpatient stay will usually be approved by the specified health insurance companies without any problems.

Lympho Opt Clinic

The Lympho-Opt Clinic is one of the few specialist lymphology clinics in the world. It is a private hospital. On the basis of supply contracts with statutory health insurers in accordance with Section 111 of the Social Code Book V and occupancy contracts with pension insurance companies in accordance with Section 21 of the Book of the Social Code IX, it can admit patients to inpatient medical rehabilitation measures (cures).

Our customers can expect expertise, specialist knowledge and expertise from us. We guarantee high quality advice, which we optimize through regular training. In addition to professionalism, this also includes a certain amount of empathy and humanity, which we pass on to our customers, especially in sensitive areas. We advise people and we are happy to do so! Coframed. We take the time to monitor your health in bright rooms and a protected atmosphere. Contact our specialists with your questions. We are always up to date with the latest knowledge and continue to train for you in high-quality training! With us you can be sure that you are in good hands!

Branded products from Elastotex. Made in Germany.
Each of our sanitary towels is characterized by its high elasticity. They are ideal for compression bandages, support bandages, relief bandages as well as for sports bandages and surgical bandages. Depending on the areas of application and requirements, we have developed the ELASTOFLEX and SYLASTEX product lines together with specialist doctors. They differ in elasticity, fabric structure and tensile effect. Different weaves and materials ensure the best results in therapeutic and preventive treatments.

Many patients who suffer from lipedema, lymphedema, venous disease, sports injuries and other complaints have our products prescribed by a doctor and bill them with their health insurance.

The ELASTOFLEX product line is made from 100% natural raw materials such as cotton and natural rubber. In order to guarantee the long-lasting elasticity of the SYLASTEX product line, artificially produced rubber threads are used in production. Our dressing materials are dermatologically highly tolerated and ideally suited for professional medical care. The specialty: We take individual customer requests into account. With variable lengths and colors, we complement our range according to your needs. Each of our elastic long-stretch bandages and short-stretch bandages can be used in many ways. They have proven themselves on the market and with our customers for many years.
Prevention and treatment - Connect with our diversity.
Support, relieve and compress with Elastotex.

As Ultrana GmbH, we manufacture detergents, cleaning agents and disinfectants especially for the homecare sector in Bad Saulgau in Swabia. Our focus is primarily on odor reduction. Why? Because we want to make care more comfortable for both carers and patients. With the high-quality products from Ultrana, we make day-to-day care more beautiful because they make caring for people in need at home or in institutions easier and more pleasant. Together with you - our customers - we want to continue to work on adapting and expanding our range to your needs and requirements. We work continuously on our products and our range according to the principle “Always a little better!”. We are close to practice. Since 2011, our and our customers' experiences have been incorporated into Ultrana products so that they enrich your everyday care routine.

You can find our range in specialist retailers such as medical and orthopedic stores as well as established online retailers for aids and medical products and all leading medical wholesalers.

Innovative and high quality solutions that improve health and wellbeing

As the world's leading provider of solutions in medical compression, we at SIGVARIS GROUP can look back on more than 150 years of success. Our commitment for today and the future: Through continuous development and innovation, we offer solutions that help people feel good. Every day.

Compression therapy is the basis for the treatment of venous disorders and diseases of the lymphatic system. It is also used for the prophylaxis of thrombosis. SIGVARIS MEDICAL products, prescribed by a doctor and correctly adjusted, can have a positive effect on the health of the legs by noticeably alleviating the symptoms and promoting blood flow in the venous system.


Welcome toLIPOELASTIC, the leading brand for post-operative compression garments.

We are an establishedfamily owned companythat prides itself on being homemadehigh quality compression clothing to deliver. Our specialized, qualified employees enable us to innovatively develop and produce high-quality compression clothing that benefits our customers both aesthetically and medically. Our products become patientsfrom their doctors during postoperative treatmentrecommended.

Founded in 2002, the company is in over70 countries grown including the Middle East, Europe and America. In 2010 our product range was expanded to include the production of premium quality anti-embolism stockings. We sell our stockings in dozens of countries on five different continents. LIPOELASTIC a.s. is one of the todaylargest manufacturers of compression clothing and isleader in Europe.

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