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Nico di Angelo is a son of Hades and the mortal Maria di Angelo. He is also the brother of Bianca di Angelo and the half-brother of Hazel Levesque. At the end of the book series "HeldendesOlymp", Nico di Angelo is 15 years old.

In the book "HeldendesOlymp: Das HausdesHades" it became known that Nico is homosexual and that he had to struggle a lot with it. He also had to admit that he was in love with PercyJackson. In "Apollo: DasverborgeneOrakel" it became known that Nico is now in love with WillSolace, the elder of the Apollo hut.

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Prehistory Edit source]

Nico and his sister Bianca were born in the 30s by Mariadi Angelo. Since, according to the new prophecy of the oracle of Delphi, the next child of the Big Three, who turns 16, will either save or destroy Olympus, Zeus demands that none of the big three be allowed to father more demigod children. Hades, concerned for the safety of his children and his mortal wife, refused to give Zeus' orders and to keep his children safe, he wanted to take them with him to the underworld, which Maria did not agree to. Just as she was about to agree, the hotel they were in at the time was destroyed by Zeus' lightning bolt. Maria died, but her children survived through a protective shield from Hades who understood a split second before what was going to happen. Hades finally decided against his plan to take Nico and Bianca to the underworld. With the help of Alecto, one of the three Furies in the form of a lawyer, the memory of the two in the Lethe River was erased and eventually they were taken to the Lotus Hotel.

The two siblings stayed in the hotel for 70 years, believing they only spent 1 month in it. Finally, a supposed lawyer shows up again and took her to a military school, Westhover Hall, where she finally found Grover Underwood, a satyr whose job it is to look out for demigods. With the help of his friends Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Thalia Grace, he manages to bring the children of Hades safely to Camp Halfblood, where Annabeth is kidnapped.

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The Titan's Curse [edit | Edit source]

Nico and his sister Bianca are called by Percy, Thalia, Annabeth, Grover and the hunters of Artemis before the manticore, called Dr. Thorn, saved, but Annabeth is kidnapped. Nico is thrilled when he learns that the gods really exist. After a brief deliberation, Bianca joins the Artemis hunters, which offends Nico very much. He is flown with the others in Apollo's sun chariot to Camp Half-Blood and has to stay there while Percy, Bianca, Zoë, Thalia and Grover pursue on their mission to save Annabeth. Percy has to promise Nico to take care of Bianca. At the time, Nico is still one Mythomagicfan.

After Percy told Nico at the end of the book that Bianca is dead, Nico is very sad and hurt because he trusted Percy and he had abused this trust. He runs away after sending a group of skeletal warriors who chase Percy into the underworld by creating a large crack in the ground. As a result, Percy, along with Annabeth and Grover, is the only one who knows that Nico is a son of Hades. Percy doesn't tell anyone, not even Chiron, because he wants to protect Nico.

The battle for the labyrinth Edit source]

When Percy is back at the camp at the beginning of the book, someone unknown (Bianca di Angelo) sends him an Iris message to the Poseidon hut. It shows how Nico camps on the bank of the Styx and the spirit of Minos suggests how to save Bianca. The night before they go into the labyrinth, Percy receives a message in which he sees how Nico conjures up the dead with the spirit of Minos to get a second opinion. It is Theseus who tells him that Minos' plan "one soul against one soul" can work. Annabeth, Percy, Grover, and Tyson meet Nico at Geryon's ranch. Nico is angry with Percy and wants to fight him, which Geryon does not allow because of the truce on his ranch. Percy overhears Geryon trying to convince Nico to join Kronos. When Percy wants to contradict, Nico yells at him that he had let Bianca die and now wants to kill him too. But neither does he want to join Kronos. After Percy kills Geryon, Percy and Annabeth want to speak to Bianca to see what she has to say. Nico sadly asserts that he has tried many times, but she never answered. However, Percy believes that Bianca will show herself to him and so they make an attempt in which she actually takes shape. Bianca's ghost asks Nico to stop holding grudges and tells him that it is her who is angry at Nico and not Percy. After the conversation, Nico is confused and is offered to stay at the ranch for the time being, which he gratefully accepts, but still doesn't want to talk to Percy. He takes part in the battle for the labyrinth. He was the half-blood who should have defected to Kronos instead of Ethan Nakamura. He also realizes that Pan is dying and that he is more of a memory and must die. Nico redeems Daedalus and campaigns for a lesser punishment for him. Percy watches Nico as he first loitered in the shade of the dining pavilion without anything to eat. He follows him as he walks into the forest. At first Percy thinks that Nico has switched on a flashlight, but it is Bianca's ghost that he talks to before she disappears. "A farewell", as Nico calls it and apologizes to Percy again and has now completely forgiven him. The two separate in peace and want to keep in touch. Nico leaves the camp looking for clues about his mother and his past life. Shortly after the summer break at Percy's birthday party, he appears on the fire escape and tells Percy that he has an idea how to stop Kronos, which he knows is the only one. He invites him to his apartment for a piece of blue birthday cake, where they want to discuss everything.

The last goddess Edit source]

Percy is surprised by Nico when he tries to go for a walk with Mrs O'Leary. Nico is in the middle of the confrontation between Silenus and Wacholder. While Percy is talking to the two of them, Nico is waiting for him with the hellhound. When Silenus has disappeared, Nico returns and, at Wacholder's request, promises to see where Grover is and to look out for him. Juniper dissolves in green mist and Nico tells Percy that he was talking to Beckendorf's ghost. After a year, Percy finally agrees to the idea of ​​bathing in the Styx and becoming almost inviolable. Nico has the inkling that the blessing is needed from the person's mother, but does not know this for sure and wants to talk to MayCastellan, Luke's mom. At Percy's suggestion to fly to Connecticut on Pegasus, Nico replies that the children of the underworld do not like flying horses, which is mutual. Percy rides Mrs. O'Leary. When they come out of the shadows and Percy is still trying to find their way around, Nico also joins them via shadow travel. The two go to MayCastellan's house and are taken by surprise by her, who mistakenly mistake the two boys for Luke, their son. May seems to be out of her mind and has a seizure during her visit in which her eyes light up green, she clings to Nico's shoulders and shouts incoherent sentences about her son. Afterwards, frightened, they can pull away from her and leave the property head over heels. In the forest they meet the goddess Hestia, who offers them a hot meal and talks to them. Then she teleports Nico and Percy to New York to the apartment of Percy's mom. She wants to get them to give Percy her blessing too, so that he can bathe in the Styx and thus take on Kronos / Luke. First it contradicts, but then it gives in.

Nico and Percy use the door of the Orpheus to get into the underworld. Once there, he lies to Percy and says that he has to get something without him being able to bathe in the Styx. Hades promised Nico information about his mother in return for a conversation with Percy. But Hades only wants to get Percy out of the way so that HIS son saves the world and not the son of Poseidon. He locks Percy up, but Nico frees him and the two flee to the banks of the Styx. After Percy bathed there, the army of Hades caught up with the two refugees. Percy attacks them with his own hands, killing everyone and threatening Hades. Nico then wants to fight Percy for New York, but Percy refuses the offer and says that Nico should try better to bring his father to his senses. After the first night of battle, Percy falls asleep exhausted and has a vision of Nico digging a hole in Persephone's garden and trying to conjure up his mother's ghost. Instead, Bianca appears and admonishes him that her mother is the only ghost he is not allowed to see. Nico ignores them, lets them vanish into thin air and repeats his chanting. A picture takes shape, it is the last minute before MariadiAngelo's death. The vision ends when Nico is caught by Hades and Percy wakes up. Later, however, Percy calls Nico, who follows this call for help together with his father and an army of the dead, and Nico fights at Percy's side against Kronos' army. Nico is now welcomed like a hero in CampHalf-Blood and is allowed to live in the Hadeshütte, which he refuses because the people in the camp are still uncomfortable when he is around.

The Heroes of Olympus series[Edit | Edit source]

Hades shows Nico the CampJupiter, to whom he is supposed to introduce himself as the ambassador of Pluto, but is not allowed to say anything about the Greek gods.

Nico realizes that more and more dead do not stay dead and suspects that Thanatos has been captured. He would like to use this chance to bring his sister Bianca back to life. Bianca, however, has decided on a rebirth and lives somewhere unrecognizable as a baby on earth. He sees the dead Hazel in the Asphodeliengrund, the daughter of Pluto and instead brings her back into the world of the living. He brings her to CampJupiter, where she is accepted.

The son of Neptune[Edit | Edit source]

Nico pretends not to know Percy when Hazel introduces him to Percy. Percy is sure that he knows Nico from somewhere, but Nico evades his questions.

When he is looking for the exits for the fleeing souls in the underworld, he is captured by Gaia's troops.

The sign of Athena[Edit | Edit source]

In 'The Sign of Athena', Nico is used by the giants Otis and Ephialtes as bait for the 7 demigods. With his pomegranate seeds he managed to survive in an airtight container. However, he only has a limited number of pomegranate seeds (from Persephone's garden -> one core for a day), which is why the seven have to hurry to save him.

The house of Hades[Edit | Edit source]

In The house of Hades Nico is on board the Argo II as part of the crew.

In Venice he is turned into a corn tree by Triptolemos, Frank can persuade the god to turn Nico back.

When he is alone with Jason Grace and meets Cupid, he has to admit that he is gay and in love with Percy. At the end of the book, he goes back to America with Reyna and trainer Hedge to bring the Athena Parthenos to CampHalf-Blood and thus establish peace between the two camps.

The blood of Olympus[Edit | Edit source]

Together with Reyna and GleesonHegde, Nico wants to bring AthenaParthenos to America with shadow journeys, but he can only make small jumps Edit source]

After the first shadow trip they land in Albania, but it is unclear what happened there, the three only hope that what happened in Albania will not be repeated. After the second shadow journey they are in free fall over Vesuvius, but Reyna gives Nico some of her strength, which means that he can travel in the shadow just in time. after that, however, Nico sleeps for a whole day. When Nico finally wakes up and is almost ready to go on, Gaia takes possession of trainer Hegde and attacks Reyna and Nico with dead people wrapped in earth. Nico wants to summon the dead with the scepter of Diocletian, but it explodes after a short time. Nico carries trainer Hegde while Reyna stops the ghosts and just in time before Nico shadow travels, holds on to him. After the shadow journey, Nico passes out and ends up in the Hypnos hut through Clovis' dreams, where Clovis tells him that the Greeks are besieged by the Romans and that they are planning an invasion. Nico asks Clovis to leave a message for Thalia. Nico is woken up by Gleeson after 36 hours and learns that they are in Portugal and that the statue is on the roof of a temple. They are also watched by a ghost, but this disappears as soon as one of them gets closer. Nico goes to him and the ghost leads him into the church, which is decorated with the bones of deceased monks, where his father waits for him and tells him that Orion and his pack are after them. After Hades disappears, Nico runs back to the statue to get ready for the next shadow journey, but they are surrounded by Lycaon and his pack. Lycaon tells them Orion will be here soon. Nico summons bones to briefly stop the werewolves while they try to reach the statue. When Lycaon is able to free himself and attacks Nico, he thrusts Reyna's silver knife into his chest and uses the remaining shadow to travel through the shadows. The three are captured by the hunters of Artemis and the Amazons as they landed in their area, but they support them when Orion's base is attacked. After Nico destroys Orion's bow, they continue their mission and leave Orion with the hunters and Amazons. When the trio lands in South Carolina and Hedge goes a long way to write letters, Reyna tells Nico how her father went mad and she accidentally killed him with an Imperial gold sword. Then Bryce Lawrence appears and summons dead British soldiers to hold Reyna and kill Nico and Hegde. Nico's anger and pain explodes when Bryce injures Reyna in the face with his gun. The dead soldiers crumble and Nico turns Bryce into a ghost and sends him into the underworld. Nico passes out because he has used up almost all of his strength, but coach Hegde can save him with his natural magic. Hegde tells him that a herd of Pegasi, led by the first Pegasus, the immortal master of horses, will carry Athena Parthenos the rest of the way to the camp. The pegasy land on a yacht. Nico wants to sabotage the siege weapons and meets Will, LouEllen and Cecil on the hill. Together they can sabotage three siege weapons before they are discovered. Nico tries to convince Octavian that Camp Half Blood must not be destroyed. When Gaia can take shape in the camp, Nico fights the enemy monsters until Will leads him to a slingshot where Octavian wants to destroy Gaia with a projectile made of imperial gold. However, his cloak got tangled in the projectile and when Octavian fired the slingshot, he was catapulted into the air with the projectile.

He confesses to Percy that he was once in love with him.

After the battle, Nico helps rebuild the camps and with the funeral rites. He finally decides to stay at Camp Half-blood because of Will Solace. It seems like the two are on their way to becoming a couple.

The hidden oracle

Nico is wearing a Ramones T-shirt and his Stygian iron sword hangs by his side. It is officially confirmed that Nico and Will are a couple. While eating, Nico sits at the Apollo table. He takes part in the fight against the colossus, but is passed out by traveling in the shadows twice in a row in broad daylight.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

  • He can turn people into ghosts and send them to the underworld (The Blood of Olympus)
  • He's good with his sword.
  • He can conjure up the dead and talk to them (Bianca, Beckendorf, etc.).
  • He can make black rocks appear out of nowhere (The Battle for the Labyrinth).
  • His sword is made of Stygian iron, which can soak up the essence of monsters.
  • Like hellhounds and other beings from shadow, he can undertake shadow travel (traveling through shadow from one place to another).
  • He has control over the dead, such as commanding skeletal warriors.
  • Nico can prevent the dead from speaking if he puts a finger to his lips.
  • Nico can bring people to sleep with one hand movement.
  • Nico can influence dreams (the blood of Olympus)

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Nico is a lively but very quiet boy who does not feel very comfortable in the camp, as everyone gives him a wide berth and there is no hut for Hades (now there is). He mourns his sister and tries to bring her back again and again . He also wants to know more about his past as he has spent 70 years at the Lotus Hotel & Casino. He develops into a sad, reserved boy who stays away from other people and feels comfortable with the dead.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • According to Rick Riordan, Nico's birthday is January 28, 1928.
  • His mother likely died in 1931.
  • He has his own zombie fire, which his father gave him as a present.