What are the benefits of physical activity

Benefits of physical activity

Being physically active and eating healthy food can have a positive effect on health and wellbeing at any age. Regular physical activity has many health benefits, such as improving cardiorespiratory health and flexibility, improving cognitive function, strength and balance, and reducing the risk of falls and lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. In addition, it can reduce stress, depression and anxiety, which in turn improves general well-being and quality of life. This applies to both caregivers and those in need of care; This also applies to weak or already sick people. Establishing regular activity can help those in need of care to maintain their independence and thus to live independently longer. For caregivers, improved physical fitness means that physical activities at work / in everyday care life, such as lifting and supporting people in need of care, are easier to carry out, thus reducing the risk of injury and fatigue. Our combined exercise and nutrition program also ensures variety and diversity in everyday life and can enhance your time together through fun and interaction.

Our physical activity program focuses on maintaining and improving fitness, which will help older people cope with everyday activities and maintain / increase their independence. The following are the essential components of fitness that can be found in our program:

  • Cardiorespiratory fitness (heart and lungs) - important for walking and any physical activity that is done persistently.
  • Strength (muscles) - important for moving objects, climbing stairs or getting up from chairs.
  • Flexibility (muscles and joints) - important for attracting yourself and picking up or reaching things.
  • Balance and coordination (postural stability) - important in order not to fall over.

The simple exercises provided by the WHOLE program can be supplemented with other everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs, doing household chores, or gardening. It is not necessary to do vigorous or difficult exercises or sports to be fit. Just doing regular everyday activities and physical activity combined with a simple workout can make a big difference. A point of note is that even those who cannot stand alone or cannot stand at all can benefit from the program as the program provides customized exercises. Any physical activity is better than no movement at all! We recommend using the full range of exercises offered by the program for the best possible results.