Why attractive girls are single

“Why am I single?” 7 reasons why attractive women stay single

Attractive women don't always have it easy either ...

What a controversial statement, but totally accurate in one area.

In the dating jungle and the search for partners, attractive women often have disadvantages and remain single for years.

So that you can finally get out of this downward spiral, here are 7 reasons why attractive women remain singles.

Be honest with yourself to see if you have any of these traits and try to improve in that area. So the dream man is no longer just a dream!

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1. Because you just seem too manly to guys

Most men like real women because they already have enough buddies.

The phrase, 'You can really be used to steal horses ‘‘ is not exactly an advantage in dating.

With these tips you present yourself as a true lady:

  1. Clear out your closet! Men's sweaters or trousers are absolutely impossible. This means that you only remain the casual colleague from the office and, in this case, casual stands for Friendzone...
  2. Men like it when you dress up for them. You shouldn't overdo it with your make-up, but try to present your advantages in the best possible way.
  3. Tender touch is an absolute must. No man likes a brofist as a greeting.
  4. Work on your smile. Your smile can wrap any guy's fingers.

2. Because you are too busy getting on with your own life

Focusing on your own life can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

You get over many emotional phases in your life by focusing on your own life and trying to create the best version of yourself.

On the other hand, it is often difficult for independent, successful and attractive women to direct the focus from their career to their private life.

Try to strike a healthy balance and put aside all worries from work and take care of your love life for at least one weekend day.

This day should be about finding your dream man ... Whether you go out with your girls in the evening or use a dating platform.

3. Because you do not properly stage your physical stimuli

Point three ties in with the first point. Men are superficial and first of all pay attention to the exterior.

If you don't catch his eye directly, you often don't have a chance afterwards.

Try to put your feminine curves in the limelight by choosing your clothes.

Get inspiration from fashion bloggers and stay tuned to the latest fashion.

But the way you sit or move can also influence the perception of men and your feminine aura.

4. Because you have too little self-confidence

Men don't find shy little women sexy. They want women who can stand up to them and who they have to conquer.

At least now you should put the nice girl next door off.

A woman has to be a lady in public and a little devil in the bedroom.

Self-confident, strong women can wrap the men around their fingers in no time at all.

5. Because you seem too desperate

Desperate women who immediately throw themselves around the necks of every man absolutely do not go at all!

Men are looking for a challenge and want to conquer you.

You don't want to be an annoying old man that he can make fun of with his buddies and will only be kidding in the future.

If he knows that you are desperate and will do everything for him, then he will use you at every opportunity ... He will not contact you for days and then you will be good enough to pick him up from the party in the evening and fill in the gap serve...

Not with you!

6. Because you don't notice when a guy is into you

Yes, women can sometimes stand on the hose too.

Perhaps you've already had a man around you who is madly in love with you and doesn't even notice it.

One or the other man, especially at work, finds it terribly difficult to show his feelings openly and to talk to you about his feelings.

Many men are shy and only show very subliminally what they are actually feeling.

If you have the feeling that you have just such a man in your environment, whom you also find attractive, then just talk to him and ask him if you only want to do something for two.

If you take the first step, you'll find out what his true feelings are super quickly.

7. Because you have been hurt in the past

Many women have been hurt in the past by men in a relationship.

Are you one of them?

After a bad relationship, many women build a kind of wall around themselves and their feelings and become ice princesses.

Men feel this and immediately lose interest.

Learn from the past, but don't close yourself off to new opportunities.

Falling in love takes strength, but on the other hand it is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

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